DAY6’s Net Worth In 2022: How Much Do These Multitalented Idols Earn?

DAY6 net worth
DAY6. cr: Otakukart

DAY6 is a South Korean pop-punk band, similar to My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. This boy idol group is managed by JYP Entertainment, and it has four members – Wonpil, Sungjin, Dowoon, and Young K. Back in December of 2021, Jae, another member of DAY6, left the group and JYP Entertainment. DAY6 was originally a six-member band, but another one of its members, Junhyeok, left the group in 2016. However, even down two members, DAY6 is a very popular idol band, and netizens are wondering what DAY6’s net worth is.

Before we tell you about DAY6’s net worth, it is also important to note that DAY6 is a very successful boy band in South Korea. Fan’s hearts broke when DAY6 went on a temporary hiatus. JYP Entertainment also was diligently giving My Day (DAY6’s fandom name) regular updates as to how they were doing. DAY6 produces music that is very much retro and vintage. But they add their own twist to it by providing the music videos with a lot of modern elements to it. This amalgamation of vintage beats with modern lyrics and style gives DAY6 a certain edge over other boy bands, and their fans know it as well.

DAY6's Net Worth
DAY6. cr: JYP Entertainment

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DAY6’s Early Career

Not many people know this, but JYP Entertainment originally planned for the debut of a five-member group called 5LIVE. 5LIVE actually started to do promotions in 2014, as they appeared on Mnet’s reality survival program, Who is Next: Win. 5LIVE had also released a new song in anticipation of their new album for a TV series, Bel Ami. However, in 2015, Dowoon joined 5LIVE as a drummer, effectively leading to a change in the name to 6DAY.

DAY6 released their debut EP “The Day,” with a single, “Congratulations,” and this song was a super hit. When these new songs were released, they charted number 2 on Billboard’s World Album Chart only a week after it was released. In March 2016, DAY6 were able to release their second EP, “Daydream,” and their lead single was “Letting Go.” They were also able to make a stage debut of the program M Countdown, and they held their second live concert at the Bangkok Thunder Dome.

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At the end of 2016, DAY6 planned a new venture, called Every Day6, where they would release two new songs monthly on the 6th and would also have scheduled V Live broadcast as well. However, fans had to wait until 2017 before DAY6 could release a full-length album titled “Sunrise.”

In February of 2021, JYP Entertainment released a statement saying that DAY6 would be gearing up for a group comeback in April of the same year. In December 2021, it was also revealed that Jae would be leaving JYP Entertainment due to personal reasons as well. In 2022, two of the other members of DAY6 – Dowoon and Wonpil enlisted in the mandatory military service.

DAY6 Net Worth
DAY6’s Wonpil, Dowoon, Young K get candid in an interview. cr: NME

What Is DAY6’s Net Worth?

DAY6 has been a fan favorite ever since they came out with their YouTube channel, and they are well-loved by the people of Korea too. DAY6’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. DAY6’s net worth can also be more than this range since they have also monetized their YouTube channel. Along with their tours and press conferences, DAY6 also has its YouTube channel, which will earn them a minimum of $50,000 – $70,000. This will also ultimately add to DAY6’s net worth. You can watch their music video for their new song here!

DAY6's Net Worth
DAY6. cr: JYP Entertainment

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