Cleaning Up Teaser Showcases the Lead’s Fantastic Sweeping Skills

Cleaning Up Teaser Showcases the Lead’s Fantastic Sweeping Skills
Cleaning Up Teaser

Portraying the genres of comedy and crime, the upcoming JTBC drama ‘Cleaning Up’ teaser is finally out. All the fans out there are talking about the same as it has blasted like a wildfire on the entire social media. The buzz is everywhere and every viewer out there is pretty excited to see the cleaning trio working sneakily and spotlessly.

This upcoming drama series is going to narrate the story of three cleaning ladies working at a securities firm. Though after accidentally overhearing some significant information about insider trading, they team up together and decide to build up a new destiny for themselves.

In the show, Yum Jung Ah plays the role of a hardworking mother named Eo Young Mi of two young daughters. She is someone with a huge sense of responsibility on her shoulder being the only earning member of her small family.

Jun So Min portrays the role of Ahn In Kyung who is working day and night to save enough money to fulfill her dream of opening her own moving café with a food truck. Last, in the trio, Kim Jae Hwa plays the role of Meng Soo Ja whose key personality traits are being resourceful, deceptive, and charming. She is someone who is ready and capable of befriending anyone who might be of use to her in any way.

Cleaning Up Teaser: All About it

Cleaning up teaser is out on the internet and the buzz it has created is very impactful. This JTBC series has been one of the most anticipated releases of the year and now with this new release by the same has put everyone in their excited mode. It has dropped many hints and all the fans out there are using them to thread their own theories and concepts.

The latest teaser of ‘Cleaning Up’ showcases the cleaning trio as their secret plan begins to unfold. Portraying Ahn In Kyung dusting away the surface the clipboard reads, “Foreign documents was as easy as cleaning.” Next, Meng Soo can be seen sneaking behind a window to erase the text with her cleaning spray that read, “Spying was also as easy as cleaning.” At last, Eo Young Mi is seen putting a finger on her lips shushing everyone while vacuuming up the text that read, “Wiretapping was also as easy as cleaning.”


This concludes the first half of the teaser and by all of this one gets the idea about the entire concept of the show and its plot. In the next half of the teaser, the ladies can be seen armed with cleaning equipment and wearing stylish all-black outfits. They give out a look of spies on a secret mission and that definitely leaves everyone out there in complete awe. The text that comes up along with the clip read, “They sweep up stock information with their floor-sweeping skills.”

They can be seen marching outside a hallway holding their cleaning tools. Their aura is dominant and confident and it looks like models in striking powerful poses. However, the viewers are left blinking when the scene abruptly changes and Ahn In Kyung, Meng Soo Jaa, and Eo Young Mi are seen nonchalantly working clad in their regular cleaning uniforms.

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Cleaning Up: All Other Details

Directed by Yoon Sung Shik the upcoming JTBC drama series ‘Cleaning Up’ is a remake of the British television series with the same name. It is going to release its first episode on June 4, 2022, at 10:30 PM KST. If the original release schedule is followed then the final episode of the show will be released on July 24, 2022.

As per reports, the drama series has a total of 16 episodes and each of them has a running duration of 60 minutes. Moreover, new episodes of the show will be released every Saturday and Sunday. The weekends are going to be really interesting soon. Apart from the three cleaning ladies the show also stars, Lee Moo Saeng as Lee Young Shin, Na In Woo as Doo Yeong, and Gal So Won as Jin Yun Ah.

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