BTS Dropped A ‘PROOF’ Logo Trailer For Their June Comeback

Logo Trailer

BTS dropped the logo trailer of their most anticipated comeback after more than a year. Named ‘PROOF’, it is an anthology album that will consist of their previous tracks along with 3 new tracks. If the hints of the trailer are taken into consideration then there are possibilities that songs like I Need You, Fire, Run, Blood Sweat And Tears, Spring Day may be included in the album. 

A new era with a new comeback and we can’t wait to witness what more the history makers have to offer.

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BTS Dropped A ‘PROOF’ Logo Trailer For Their June Comeback

You heard that right!. A trailer has been dropped on BTS’s Youtube Channel BangtanTV, making everyone curious about what’s going on. The trailer showed their entire journey over the years ultimately, leading to ‘PROOF’. To end all doubts, Big Hit released a statement regarding the matter. ‘PROOF’ is an anthology album that will consist of BTS’s past discography along with 3 all-new tracks. The album will consist of three CDs and includes many different tracks, including three all-new tracks. Pre-order dates start from 11 am, May 5th, 2022 KST. ‘PROOF’ will drop on June 10 Friday at 1 pm KST. 

The entire album is about BTS’s journey so far, a journey where their future will meet their past, their past will meet their present and their present will meet their future. 

 'PROOF' Logo Trailer
BTS Proof

To think about it RM once mentioned that ARMYs are the Proof of their existence. Making it even more endearing if looked closely the OO in ‘PROOF’ is represented by the logo of ARMY. 2022 is BTS’s 9th anniversary and reliving the memories of those songs, which made BTS what they are today with ARMYs is just beautiful. The bond between BTS and ARMY is as real as Namjoon’s statement,’ I wish there was a better word than ‘love. ‘ I really, truly love you. Please know that’. 

So mark the dates and brace yourselves for yet another record-breaking journey.  

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