Ayase Haruka’s Net Worth: A Look At The Japanese Actress Career

Starting her career as a gravure idol, Ayase Haruka has become a known name in the Japanese Entertainment industry. Now a well-known actress, the actress has a lot of amazing movies to her name. With her increasing popularity among global fans, Ayase Haruka’s net worth and career have been in the limelight recently. Being an all-rounder, Ayase has not limited herself to just acting but has worked in music also. Being active in sports, playing basketball in middle school, and even reaching the Chugoku region Ekiden tournament in junior school.

Becoming an actor wasn’t the career path Ayase’s parents thought she would take. The thought of working in the Japanese entertainment industry occurred when Ayase was in her freshman year. The actress went on to audition for the 25th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan. Her parents objected to her choices, but looking at her determination they made peace with it. She made her screen acting debut in a 2002 Japanese movie titled Jam Films. And with all the support, Ayase Haruka moved to Tokyo to start her new life as an entertainer.

Losing weight, the actress went on to release a photo book and DVD as a gravure model. And without wasting much time, Ayase started getting small roles in television dramas. She played a role in the 2003 Fuji TV drama “The Way I Live” aka Boku no Ikiru Michi. With the role, Ayase’s image changed altogether as it got her in the positive limelight.

ayase haruka net worth
Ayase Haruka is usual on TBS and Fuji TV.

A Look At Ayase Haruka’s Career

By 2008, the actress’ career went into overdrive as she gave powerful performances one after one. Within five years, Ayase played a lot of supporting and lead roles in shows like ‘Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu’, ‘Tatta Hitotsu no Koi’, ‘Hotaru no Hikari’, and ‘Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi’. In 2006, Ayase went on to take a chance in her music career as well. The actress went on to release her first single “Period” in 2006. The debut single went straight to #8 on the weekly Oricon singles chart. Looking at the success, Ayase went on to release two more singles, “Kosaten Days” in 2006 and “Hikoki Gumo” in 2007.

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While her music got a good level of recognition, Ayase came back to her roots of acting and gave some amazing shows and movies. Having movies and shows like “Cyborg Girl”, “Happy Flight”, “Ichi” and “Oppai Volleyball”, the actress has shown her acting range to the fans. Till now, she has played a cyborg, an airline stewardess, a blind swordswoman, and a junior high volleyball coach in a span of a few years. She was also a part of the Global skincare brand SK-II’s campaign alongside American actress Chloë Grace Moretz, and Chinese singer-songwriter Leah Dou.

ayase haruka net worth
Ayase Haruka for SK-II campaign.

What Is The Net Worth of Ayase Haruka?

Estimating Ayase Haruka’s net worth, it falls around $10 million. Most of the assets and investments made by the actress are not known in public knowledge. While the acting is main the contributor to Ayase Haruka’s net worth, music, and brand endorsement deals add a good amount too. Being one of the most popular actresses throughout the decade, she has been a part of several international and Japanese brands like UNIQLO, skincare brand SK-II, KFC, Coca Cola, and Kikkomans Noodles. Ayase Haruka has also posed for pictorials for several magazines in Japan.

Where Is Ayase Haruka Now?

In 2021, it was reported that Ayase Haruka tested positive for the new crown virus in August and had to be hospitalized for treatment. The actress had moderate pneumonia symptoms, her chest X-rays showed white lungs, and her breathing was difficult. Fortunately, Ayase got better in a week and was discharged shortly. Currently, Ayase Haruka is starring alongside Ozumi Yo in the 2022 Japanese drama ‘Motokare no Yuigonjou’. The story follows a strong-willed lawyer who solves the mysterious murder of her ex-boyfriend. Two episodes down, ‘Motokare no Yuigonjou’ is receiving mixed reviews from the fans.

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