BTS New Album ‘Proof’ CD 1 Tracklist Released

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BTS dropped the tracklist of CD 1 of their upcoming album ‘Proof’. CD 1 has a total of 19 songs, with their lead single ‘Yet To Come’. Mark the dates so that you don’t miss out on any content. Proof will be an anthology album consisting of their previous tracks along with three brand new tracks.

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BTS ‘Proof’ CD1 Tracklist Released

The tracklist of CD 1 from the upcoming BTS album ‘Proof’ has been released. On 9th May KST midnight, the songs on the tracklist were revealed. CD 1 consists of songs like ‘Born Singer,’ ‘No More Dream,’ ‘N.O,’ ‘Boy In Luv,’ ‘Danger,’ ‘I Need You,’ ‘Run,’ ‘Fire,’ ‘Blood Sweat And Tears,’ ‘Spring Day,’ ‘DNA,’ ‘Fake Love,’ ‘Idol,’ ‘Boy With Luv’ ft. Halsey, ‘ON,’ ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘Butter,’ and ‘Yet To Come’.

BTS Proof Tracklist CD 1
BTS Proof CD1 Tracklist

Two more tracklists are going to be revealed, and by the looks of it, those two tracklists will contain one new song each. ARMYs can’t hold on to their excitement as these songs are like a journey that BTS traveled and became what they are today. Reliving those songs and that in 2022 when they are the biggest act in the world, will be just another feeling. Imagine getting a 2022 version of Blood Sweat And Tears. From the mv to the song, Blood Sweat And Tears deserves more hype than it has been getting. Let’s not also forget about our eternal queen Spring Day. Twitter got flooded with comments when they witnessed Born Singer be the first track. That song itself holds such a deep meaning for both BTS and ARMYs. At a time when no one believed in them, they went against all odds and proved that they were born to make history.

The People Whom I’ve Watched Are Now The Ones Who Were Watching Me’ – Born Singer

All the songs are like time travel that will ultimately land on ‘Yet To Come,’ the lead single of Proof. 

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