Bill Murray and ‘Milkshake’ Singer Kelis is Stirring Up Romance

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Kelis and Bill Murray  Credits: New York Post

Bill Murray, the 72-year-old actor famous for his role in Ghostbusters, has recently been seen in a romantic relationship with Kelis, the 43-year-old singer known for her popular chart-topping song “Milkshake.”

The unlikely romance with Hollywood superstars Bill Murray and “Milkshake” singer Kelis has taken the public by surprise. Their connection seems to have deepened as Bill Murray has shown for Kelis during her performance in London and other recent shows. According to sources, their bond has strengthened since their initial encounter in the United States. Both celebrities have lost their close ones, with Kelis losing her second husband last year and Murray dealing with the passing of his estranged wife in 2021. 

When it is said that love knows no boundaries, it seems to be true in the unexpected pairing of Bill and Kelis. In a tale that could have been ripped from the pages of a Hollywood script, legendary actor Bill Murray and popular singer Kelis have found solace in each other company. Their paths collided, leaving sparks in their wake as they navigated through personal hardships and losses.

Bill Murray, the 72-year-old actor, is dating Kelis (Credits: Fox News)

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Bill and Kelis Share Special Moments Together

During the electrifying Mighty Hoopla festival in Brockwell Park, South London, Bill Murray was pictured enjoying Kelis’s set from the side of the stage. The sparks of connection ignited further as the duo posed for a cozy snapshot backstage. It was also reported that the couple was spending time together at the same hotel and were regularly meeting both in the United States and their time in London. It is the shared bond of navigating the depths of grief and loss that has woven their hearts together, forging a connection that goes beyond. 

Bill and Kelis have been seen together in various public outings over the past few weeks, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship. According to The Sun, sources close to the pair have confirmed that they are indeed an item. The sources also revealed that Bill and Kelis have been “getting closer for a while,” hinting at a blossoming connection between the two. 

Despite ongoing speculation surrounding Kelis and Murray, the duo has remained tight-lipped and refrained from officially confirming or denying the rumors. Their silence has left fans and media outlets eager for more information about the nature of their relationship.

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Bill Murray is rumored to be dating Kelis (Credits: LBC) 

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Bill Murray Attracted Controversy for Inappropriate Behavior

Bill Murray continues to contemplate the aftermath of his reported misconduct that resulted in the suspension of production of his film, “Being Mortal,” by Searchlight Pictures. In an interview with CNBC’s Becky Quick, the actor acknowledged a “difference of opinion” with a female colleague during the filming process, admitting that he made a comment he intended as a joke but was not received as such. 

Reflecting on the incident, Murray revealed that he had spent the last week reflecting on the situation, although he did not provide further details about the specific conversation or the person involved. 

Bill Murray (Credits: Getty Images)

‘In our current situation, we are engaged in conversations and attempting to reconcile with each other”, Murray stated in an interview as part of CNBC’s exclusive streaming coverage of the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting. ‘

Both of us are professionals, we appreciate each other’s work, and I believe we genuinely like each other. However, if we are unable to establish a harmonious working relationship and mutual trust, there is no purpose in continuing to collaborate or pursue the movie. It has been a valuable learning experience for me.’

“Being Mortal” is a movie based on “Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End,” a book written by Atul Gawande. 

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