How To Get Hello Kitty Filter Tiktok? Explained

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How To Get Hello Kitty Filter Tiktok?
Hello Kitty Filter On Tiktok Explained (Credit: TikTok)

Are you a big fan of Hello Kitty? If yes, then don’t try out the filter of the same name on Tiktok. It’s not worth it. To the newbies, Hello Kitty is a fictional character of a white cat with a red colored bow. When it comes to the Hello Kitty filter on Tiktok, it will simply ruin your childhood memories, having no resemblance. Still, are you eager to know how it works?

Well, the Hello Kitty filter has gotten added to Tiktok very recently. Not to forget to mention, social media platforms never fail to surprise us, especially when it’s about slang, acronym, or any trend. Also, some filters bring drastic results, and most of you may not end up liking them. Hello, Kitty Filter received mixed feedback from the users so far. It’s also reported to be available on Instagram. 

While you go for the Hello Kitty filters on Tiktok, two options will appear on either side of the screen. The choice is yours! We shall get into that later. If you are looking for what the Hello Kitty filter is and how to use it on Tiktok, here is what we know. 

How To Get Hello Kitty Filter Tiktok?
Hello Kitty: The fictional Japanese cartoon character (Credit: Getty Images)

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Hello Kitty Filter On Tiktok: Usage Explained 

Are you wondering how to get the Hello Kitty filter on Tiktok? No worries. Here, we will get you covered in a few easy steps. It’s pretty much simple. 

Step 1: Open the Tiktok application on your device. You will be redirected to your account, of course, if you have already logged in. 

Step 2: Click on the “+” button to start a video. It will be at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 3: In the search bar, type “Hello Kitty Filter” under the effects section. 

Step 4: You will see several results of the Hello Kitty filter. 

Now! You are good to go! 

Note: The Hello Kitty filter on Tiktok is reported to be flagged. When it comes to criticism, the Hello Kitty filter on Tiktok has made it to the top. You will be surprised to know that some users also requested to ban this. In short, this filter has received enough backlash. That’s mainly because it showcases the explicit image. 

However, the one which is created by Sanrio is fine. It’s very much different from the one discussed above. 

Before you try out the Hello Kitty filter on Tiktok, you must know that it will possibly disappoint you. Well, you may end up liking it too. Still! Many people have shared their feedback regarding this filter. One user said, “Come on TikTok! Do something about this. I can’t see Hello Kitty again. God.” Another one mentioned it and asked why she tried it out. The same user added, saying that she should have minded her business instead.

Well, don’t just depend on others’ opinions. No matter how disturbing people find this Hello Kitty filter, one should always have his opinion. Now that you already know how to get the Hello Kitty filter on Tiktok, what are you waiting for? Let us know if you enjoyed this new filter. 

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