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Where Is What About Bob Movie Filmed? All Filming Locations of Bill Murray’s Comedy Movie

What About Bob Filming
What About Bob

Where Was “What About Bob” Filmed? This question has been on the minds of the viewers and fans of the famous American comedy movie “What About Bob”. The film had amazing scenic views of the lakeside and the town as well. The variety in scenes often raises the curiosity among the audience about the location of the film. It is maybe just a curiosity of knowing the place and gather some knowledge about it. On the other hand, many viewers like to experience those views in real life, and that is why they want to know the filming locations of the films. “What About Bob” is counted among the top hundred comedy films, which is a big accomplishment.

A well-known director named Frank Oz directed the movie. Moreover, the popular American screenwriter Tom Schulman had written the screenplay for the movie. He is also popular for writing the story and the screenplay of various other popular films like “Dead Poets Society,” “The Gladiator,” “A Father’s Revenge,” and many more. In addition to that, he has also worked as a producer and executive producer in several films. However, the major highlight of the movie was the very popular actor Bill Murray who played the lead character in the film. The other star cast of the film includes Richard Dreyfuss, Julie Hagerty, Charlie Korsmo, Susan Willis, and more. The film was a hit at the box office and even impressed the critics as well. It managed to gross almost double the amount of the budget of the film at the box office.

So, let’s check out Where Was ‘What About Bob’ Filmed?

What About Bob Filming

Where Is “What About Bob” Filmed?

“What About Bob” was mostly shot around and in the town of Moneta in Virginia in the United States. The American hit comedy featured some amazing views of the lake and town. However, the fans have wanted to know the locations of those scenes from the film. In addition to that, the beautiful lake featured in the film is called Smith Mountain Lake and is located in Moneta. The main house that was featured in the movie was also in the same town.

However, the movie was filmed at some other locations as well. Elks National Home in Bedford, Virginia, was chosen for filming the scene of the Asylum in the movie. Furthermore, the Bedford Armory location was featured as the apartment of Bob in New York City as per the movie.

What About Bob Filming

A still from “What About Bob”

The film locations also included the First Christian Church of North Hollywood situated in the city of Los Angeles in California. In addition to that, the film showed some scenes shot in the city of Los Angeles and New York as well. Therefore, for the die-hard fans of the movie who want to experience the set locations in real life, these are the places to go to. 

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What About Bob: Plot of The Movie

The story revolves around the character named Bob Wiley, who is a very good person by nature. Although, he has a condition of multiple phobias and is also divorced. Therefore, he spends most of the time in his apartment. He also has to be in contact with a therapist regularly to have control over his fears. However, his therapist sends him off to another famous therapist by the name of Dr. Leo Marvin. He is an egotistical person and thinks of his patients as lower class than him.

However, Bob gets on his nerves when he joins Leo on his vacation. He makes him even angrier when he starts living with the Guttmans, who hate Leo. As the story moves on, Bob begins to get along with Leo’s children very well understand their daily life problems. He even teaches them a lot which Leo never could, and this makes Leo more furious. He makes several attempts to humiliate Bob and make him leave but eventually fails in doing so.

What About Bob Filming

Bob always thinks that Leo is doing all these things to provide his therapy in a different way. When Leo had tried almost everything up his sleeves to make him leave, he goes a little too far. He ties Bob into the woods with explosives and tells him that it is a death therapy. However, Bob again manages to come out of it and keeps the explosives in Leo’s vacation house. The explosives explode later, and the house burns down. This makes Leo go insane, and he is sent to an asylum because of his mental condition. He also loses his license for trying to kill Bob.

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