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Is Brian Doyle-Murray Related To Bill Murray? Their Brotherhood Speculation Explained

Bill Murray

Are Brian Doyle-Murray and Bill Murray related to each other? Their similar names suddenly made their fans wonder if they were brothers. The latter actor is currently making headlines after attending an NFT event for the first time. On this note, Bill joked about it had initially thought of as the “National Federation of Tennis.” Well, Brian Doyle-Murray does not just have a similar last name, but also they look alike. 

Starting from the basics, Bill Murray is a versatile actor. Did you know for his work associated with Saturday Night Live, he even won Primetime Emmy Award? Some of Bill’s notable acting credits include- Ghostbusters, The Greatest Beer Run Ever, The Lost City, Second City Television, The Now, Parks and Recreation, Alpha House, Kingpin, etc. 

On the other hand, Brian Doyle-Murray is another great actor who has done numerous works to date. When it comes to his works, the hit ones are- The Three Stooges, Stuart Little, Groundhog Day, Get a Life, Lodge 49, etc. Also, Brian has screenwriting credits too. It includes- Saturday Night Live, The Sweet Spot, The Chevy Chase Show, and Caddyshack. 

Coming back to Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray’s relationship, they even worked together, which further fueled the rumors of their brotherhood. Is that even true? If you are looking for whether Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray are related, here are your answers. 

Is Brian Doyle-Murray Related To Bill Murray

Brian Doyle-Murray

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Are Bill Murray And Brian Doyle-Murray Related?

Yes. What? Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray are related to each other. In other words, we may say that their brotherhood speculation was not even false. Also, yes, Bill and Brian both are biologically related to each other. Well, it’s wrong to consider two people being connected if their surnames match. This doesn’t make sense at all.

However, Bill and Brian are from the same family, and in their case, it has matched. Born on 31 October 1945, Brian Doyle-Murray is now 77 years old. On the other hand, his brother, Bill Murray, celebrates his birthday on 21 September every year.

He was born in 1950, which makes him 72 years old. Both of their birthplaces are the same. These Murray brothers hail from Evanston, Illinois. So, based on these dates of birth, there is not much age difference between them. In another way, we may say Bill Murray is the younger brother of Brian Doyle-Murray. 

Talking more about their brotherhood relationship, Bill and Brian get along very well. Back in 2017, they started their self-titled reality, sports, and comedy television series. It was named- “Bill Murray & Brian Doyle-Murray’s Extra Innings” and premiered on Facebook Watch. 

As far as the Murray family is concerned, Brian and his brother, Bill, were born to- Edward Joseph Murray (father) and Lucille Collins (mother). Well, they also have other siblings like- Joel, John, Ned, and Andy. 

Is Brian Doyle-Murray Related To Bill Murray

Bill Murray

Even at this age, the Murray brothers, Brian and Bill, are doing wonders in the industry. It’s hard to judge who is better between them. However, the common thing is both Brian Doyle-Murray and Bill Murray are hard-working when it comes to working. Besides being prominent actors, they also have the capability of making people laugh out loud. Yes, they are comedians too.

Throughout the years, Brian, being the older one, has been guiding his brother, Bill, be it’s something in his personal or professional life. On the other hand, Bill also inspires Brian in many ways. So, it works positively from both sides. Best wishes to both for the rest of the days of their life! Hoping to come across more of their work shortly! Which of their works do you like the most? 

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