Best Movies & TV Shows Of Orpheus Pledger That You Should Know About

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Best movies of Orpheus Pledger
Orpheus Pledger

SAS Australia contestant Orpheus Pledger quit the show on day two. However crazy he may sound, you would definitely wish to see more of him, and just two episodes doesn’t sound very cool. Can you guess what else Orpheus Pledger is into? If you know or if you don’t, I have got you covered either way! In this article, that’s all that we’re going to do, we’re going to explore the best movies and TV shows of Orpheus Pledger.

Did you know that Orpheus was just 8 when he started working in films? Ever since then he kept appearing in movies and TV Shows. Lately, you must have spotted him in the reality show SAS Australia. Orpheus is a part of many TV shows, however, not many movies. But trust me! Those few movies are better than many of the films you probably know today! One such movie is Schapelle, Orpheus Pledger’s latest movie. He last worked in a movie in 2014, and although it sounds very old, the movie is binge-worthy!

So here I am with a list of amazing AND interesting movies and TV shows of Orpheus Pledger you should definitely give it a try if you wanted more of him on SAS Australia.

Best Movies Of Orpheus Pledger

Orpheus debuted in the film industry as an eight-year-old boy. He appeared in the short movie made by Emma Freeman, “Lamb”. Later on, he appeared in many more movies, but he couldn’t achieve many heights in this field. Anyhow, here are some of the best movies of Orpheus Pledger you should give a try!

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Replacing Bradley – 2004

“Replacing Bradley” is one of the few movies in which Orpheus Pledger played a role as a child. Honestly, I think “Replacing Bradley” is the best movie by Orpheus Pledger. This one is a short film with a running time of around 11 minutes. Orpheus played the role of Bradley.

The plot goes as a couple has a child named Bradley. He was their only child, and they loved him beyond measures. However, on his birthday, they give Bradley a bike which makes him next level happy. Unfortunately, this happiness doesn’t last long, and Bradley dies in an accident while he was riding the bike. The couple deal with unbearable trauma, and they decide to “relive” their son with the help of various aspects like science, technology, and money.

From the beginning, we see the child is quiet, uninterested, and very deep thinking. Why? Why don’t you find out yourself? C’mon, you can give Orpheus 11 minutes of the day for the least. Other leads of the movie are Jeremy Kewley and Trudy Hellier. The movie “Replacing Bradley” is directed as well as written by Yoram Symons. Great work indeed!

best movies and tv shows of orpheus pledger
The digital poster of “Replacing Bradley” features young Orpheus Pledger as a silent and dull boy.

Lamb – 2002

Emma Freeman directed this short film, Lamb, which is the best movie of Orpheus Pledger. This movie has a unique storyline of a middle-aged man living somewhere in the grassland along with his young son(the name isn’t specified). The two live with their dog and sheep. Orpheus Pledger played the role of “son” in the short film “Lamb”. He is seen as very fond of his sheep.

Every morning they wake up, and he directly goes and strokes the sheep first. The father and son are having nothing to eat. The four beings, father, son, dog, and sheep, are starving. The only thing we saw them eating in the movie is cereals, and that too is very little. We see the child is patient, he doesn’t demand more or refuses to eat.

As hunger strikes, the father has to kill the sheep one day in the absence of his son(he seems to be sleeping). The next morning when the sun wakes up and goes to see the sheep, a further story is yours to watch and find out. This short film won Tropfest Australia 2002, so you should definitely give it a try.

The movie “Lamb”, 2002, is available on YouTube. Running time is 6 minutes 50 seconds, so it won’t take a lot of your time. Might I add, Orpheus looks super cute in the film!

Robert Menzies played the role of the father in Emma Freeman’s “Lamb”.

orpheus pledger movies
Young Orpheus played a major role in the short film “Lamb”

The Wannabes – 2003

A 2003 series, and still this film is entertaining for the 2022 audience(if you watch). The Wannabes is a comedy movie presenting some useless people coming together to work as children entertainers. The protagonist, Danny, is planning a heist under the cover of an entertainer, accompanied by other entertainers of the group. The plan is to go to the birthday party of the grandchild of an extremely wealthy lady, Aurora Van Dyke. And when they will be at the party, as the entertainers, two of them will go and secretly take the diamond necklace of Aurora.

Everything seems perfect, the children enjoy the work of Wannabes, and everyone else likes it too. Meanwhile, the robbery fails, and they have to leave without the necklace. But the ending makes all these Wannabes popular AND rich. How? You watch and find out!

The movie “The Wannabes” stars many great actors, including Nicholas Giannopoulos, Lena Cruz, and Russell Dykstra. Orpheus Pledger starred as young Danny in the movie.

best movies of orpheus pledger
‘The Wannabes’ from the movie, “The Wannabes” 2003

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Schapelle – 2014

Schapelle is the name of a woman who was arrested and tried for the crime of drug smuggling. The movie “Schapelle” is based on the book Schapelle’s investigative journalist wrote. This book goes by the name Sins of the Father: The untold story behind Schapelle Corby’s ill-fated drug run” and the author/ journalist is Eamonn Duff. The movie was a great illustration of this intense and suspenseful case. Orpheus played the role of James in the movie. And who is James? You watch and find out! I can’t ruin your fun after all!

Directed by Khoa Do, the movie is very much similar to the actual case, but of course, some fictional scenes exist most probably to keep the entertainment factor up. Overall the movie is watch-worthy, plus it will teach you a lot about how easily we humans judge while many a time, the reality is different.

Best movies of Orpheus pledger
The main cast of “Schapelle” movie, 2014

Best TV Shows Of Orpheus Pledger

Orpheus Pledger worked in many television shows. If you like Orpheus, you should definitely see the following shows at least once. It is important to mention how good is Orpheus in acting. He has played unique roles in his acting career. Check these shows of Orpheus that might make you like the actor even more.

CashBurn – 2003

CashBurn is another unique narrative TV Show that I consider one of the best TV shows of Orpheus Pledger. Directed by Deb Cox along with Andrew Knight, the series depicts relationships and loyalty in a society where it is normal to get out of a relationship and find someone else. We see both perspectives on this modern dating and love idea, male perspective as well as female perspective. However, it’s very obvious if the relationship is on the verge of separation, no one side is guilty alone. It’s both!

We witness a phase that is today’s reality of relationships. People leave the person if they have any disagreement or fight, they don’t even try to look into the problem. We brainwashed ourselves into thinking leaving is better than resolving.

It is impressive to notice that the series came out in 2003, but it turned out so much like today’s scenario. You’d love this series, give it a try. In the series CrashBurn, Orpheus Pledger played the role of Lewis Harfield.

You can watch CrashBurn on Hulu and Starz. Both the apps have all 13 episodes of the series.

Home And Away- 2016 to 2019

Home and Away is an Australian soap featuring many talented actors, including Orpheus Pledger. Even the basic plot of the story is not basic! There are multiple adult issues raised from the very first season of the show itself. You can find the show presenting very serious situations like rape, suicide(attempted), drug consumption, and more.

Not just that, we get to see many natural disasters occurring too. as well as road accidents. In short, every traumatic element is present in this series. However, the series is still a great one and, obviously, one of its kind too.

Some major stars we see in “Home And Away” are Roger Oakley, Vanessa Downing, Raymond Francis Meagher, Katherine Leigh RitchieOrpheus Pledger, and more.

In the series, Orpheus plays the role of ” Mason Morgan”. The series is available at Amazon Prime Videos, do watch it!

Best tv shows of orpheus pledger
Orpheus was a huge crush of an immense female crowd during the time he was filming “Home and Away”

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