Top Series Similar to Lupin That You Might Like

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Series like Lupin: The Netflix Web Series
Series like Lupin: The Netflix Web Series

The television series, Lupin, is a French mystery thriller crime drama. The web series consists of ten episodes yet, with the first five of those premiering on 8th January 2021 and the rest five episodes on 11th June 2021. Also, the famous Netflix is coming up with the next part of Lupin very soon. The series once achieved many prestigious awards and the tag of the most-watched non-English series on Netflix, and millions of households watched the show during its first month.

George Kay and Francois Uzan are the creators of this web series, and the directing credits of the drama go to Louis Leterrier, Marcela Said, Ludovic Bernard, and Hugo Gelin. Isabelle Degeorges, Nathan Franck, and Martin Jaubert are the producers of Lupin. It is based on Arsene Lupin by Maurice Leblanc. The very main star cast of the web series includes Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Vincent Londez, Soufiane Guerrab, and Shirine Boutella.

The storyline of this thriller series revolves around a professional thief Assane Diop who is the only son of an immigrant from Senegal who came to France aspiring for Assane’s better lifestyle. Hubert, a powerful and wealthy employer, claims Assane’s father to be a theft of an expensive diamond necklace. He, unable to digest the shame, hangs himself in the prison cell itself. After years, the orphan Assane sets out to take revenge on Hubert’s family using his extraordinary mastery of thievery to expose the crime of Hubert, the real culprit.

Did you like this Netflix drama? Are you waiting for the third part of Lupin? You can watch other series like this one meanwhile. In this blog, we have an introduction to some more web series similar to Lupin that you will surely like if you are a fan of this thriller series.

Money Heist

Money Heist is a very popular Spanish crime drama television series that you must watch if you are a fan of Lupin. Alex Pina created this series which has five parts with a total of 41 episodes. It premiered on 2nd May 2017 and ran till 3rd December 2021. The series earned various awards and nominations, including International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. Ursula Corbero, Alvaro Morte, Itziar Ituno, Paco Tous, Alba Fores, etc., are some of the major starring of the show. Netflix overtook the series from Antena 3 in late 2017.

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The very famous web series, Money Heist
The very famous web series Money Heist

As the name itself suggests, the series focuses on the heists of money. A mysterious man, often called “Professor,” creates a group of eight people and began a mission that involved entering into the Royal Mint of Spain and escaping from it with 984 million dollars. Due to the circumstances, they stayed days inside the Mint to print the money. After this, they added some more members to their squad and planned for another heist which included escaping with gold from the Bank of Spain.


The American crime drama streaming television series, Ozark, premiered on 21st July 2017. Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams are the creators of this Netflix series. It has a total of 4 seasons with 37 episodes in all. The very main casting of the drama includes Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, Julia Garner, Jordana Spiro, Peter Mullan, Jason Butler Harner, and many more. It received a maximum of positive reviews along with a tremendous amount of nominations and awards. It is one of the best series that you may watch while waiting for the next episodes of Lupin.

Series similar to Lupin
Ozark is another series like Lupin

Ozark involves a family indulged in a money laundering case. Although Byrde’s family lived an ordinary life, his job was a bit not-so-casual. He was actually the financial advisor of Chicago and also used to serve as the top money launderer for one of the largest drug cartels in Mexico. When things started going wrong, they were forced to move to the Lake of Ozarks region of Missouri to stay safe. Also, here they found themselves centered with local criminals and the Kansas City Mafia.

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Peaky Blinders

Another series similar to Lupin, Peaky Blinders, is a British gangster historical fiction crime drama television series. Steven Knight is the creator of this drama, and he wrote it along with Toby Finlay and Stephen Russell. The producing credits go to Katie Swinden. The gang in Peaky Blinders is based on a real urban youth gang of the same name of 1890-1910. It contains 6 seasons with 33 episodes in total. It first aired on 12th September 2013, with the last season still ongoing.

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Poster of the British series, Peaky Blinders
Poster of the British series, Peaky Blinders

In the series, Peaky Blinders is a gang that sews razor blades in the peaks of their caps led by Tommy Shelby. In the 1900s, Shelby, after serving in World War I, controls the city of Birmingham along with his gang. But he is not satisfied with just this much. He thus decides to build on the business empire, stopping anyone from coming in his way. Soon, an inspector, Chester, decides to nab him and put an end to the series of criminal activities of Shelby and his group.

Sneaky Pete

You will also not regret watching Sneaky Pete. It is an American crime drama series. David Shore and Bryan Cranston are the creators of this series. It has 3 seasons with 10 episodes each. The very first season of Sneaky Pete aired on 7th August 2015 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and the last season came out on 10th May 2019. The main star cast of the crime drama includes Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Shane McRae, Libe Barer, Michael Drayer, Peter Gerety, Margo, and Jane Adams.

The Amazon Original, Sneaky Pete
The Amazon Original, Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete follows a story based on Marius, a con man who gets out of the prison only to get hunted by the gangster he robbed once. He covers his past by faking his identity as Pete, his cellmate. Then he meets Pete’s estranged family, who could suspect him not to be their family member. He was lying to Pete’s family members, who were so damn happy to get their loved one back. The family threatens him to drag him into the world.

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Did you like Lupin? If yes, then you will surely love to watch Imposters. It is an American dark comedy television series. The creators of this series are Adam Brooks and Paul Adelstein. There are two seasons in this series, with a total of 20 episodes. The show first premiered on 7th February 2017 on the Bravo cable network and ran till 7th June 2018. Inbar Lavi, Rob Heaps, Parker Young, Marianne Rendon, Stephen Bishop, Brian Benben, and Katherine LaNasa are the lead star cast of the series.

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Poster of the dark comedy, Imposters
Poster of the dark comedy, Imposters

The story of the show centers around Maddie Jonson, who is a con artist who works with Max and Sally under a mysterious figure, “The Doctor,” who has groups in multiple cities working for him. His squads make their targets fall in love with Maddie and then steal all their valuables after marrying them. Soon many people together found that they were all targetted and decided to team up and look for Maddie and examine what is happening with them. This strange theme of the series is really fun to watch.

Good Girls

Good Girls is the series that you will surely like if you liked Lupin. It is an American crime comedy-drama television series. Jenna Bans is the creator of this amazing series. It firstly aired on 26th February 2018 on NBC and ran till 22nd July 2021. The executive producers of the series involve Bans, Dean Parisot, and Jeannine Renshaw. And the drama majorly stars Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman, Reno Wilson, Manny Montana, Lidya Jewett, Isaiah Stannard, and Matthew Lillard. It has 4 seasons with 50 episodes in all.

Series like Lupin, Good Girls
Series like Lupin, Good Girls

Good Girls revolves around three mothers, two of whom are sisters. These three suburban Michigan mothers are facing many difficulties and challenges in making the ends meet. They lost everything and are tired of this situation. Frustrated with this, they decided to go for a heist. They planned to rob a supermarket just to discover that they can overstand the expectations. After the successful robbery, they gained the attention of the store manager as well as a mob gang. Trapped in debts, secrets, family crises, and gang heists, they then enter a path they never thought of going down.

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