Best Kurapika Kurta Quotes – Hunter X Hunter

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Best Kurapika Kurta Quotes
Kurapika Kurta - Hunter X Hunter

Best Kurapika Kurta Quotes. So, finally, the Hunter X Hunter fandom is here to cherish this character. Yes, it’s time to recall most of the inspiring things that Kurapika Kurta said in the whole series of Hunter X Hunter. These quotes from anime series often inspire us more than any motivational speaker can ever do. An unintentional word uttered from your favorite character’s mouth can make your mindset do a summer salt flip. Resulting in changing your lifestyle and your way of life to a whole 360 degree. On one hand, if these words from the characters can give you a good influence, then they are very well capable of giving you a bad influence too. In end, it will be you to decide what is good for your current situation.

Here we are going to get some inspirational pieces of words from the character of Hunter X Hunter.  This character is going to be Kurapika Kurta. Before beginning, let’s get a quick introduction to the manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter. It is a Japanese manga series drafted and illustrated by Yoshihiro. The manga was released on 16th March 1998 and is currently on hiatus. Later, an anime series was also released on 16th October 1999 and concluded on 31st March 2001. The fandom is still increasing at a great rate, which made the series one of the super hit anime series of all time.

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About Kurapika Kurta

Kurapika or Kurapika Kurta is one of the main protagonists of the series Hunter x Hunter. The character is the last survivor of the Kurta Clan. Yes, this fact contributes to making him special. After the Kurta Clan got extinct, Kurapika makes this his life motive to avenge his clan and collect the Scarlet Eyes. Kurapika is currently the leader of the organization, which was founded by Light Nostrade. He is also a Blacklisted Hunter and a member of the zodiac under the codename “Rat”. Why this character is so important? The answer is that Kurapika played very important roles in two of the Arcs, Hunter X Hunter. He played the protagonist of the Yorknew City and Succession Contest Arcs. Kurta also played the deuteragonist on the Hunter Exam Arc.

During the time of these two Arcs, Kurapika successfully managed to make a good place in the hearts of the fandom. He is equally acknowledged as the other main protagonist. His other features, like being intelligent, having vast knowledge, make him stay in the audience’s good book.

Best Kurapika Kurta quotes
Kurapika Kurta – Hunter X Hunter

Best Kurapika Kurta Quotes

Enough with the introduction, you all are very well aware of Kurapika, and that’s the reason why you are here. The quotes that we are going to mention below are going to be from the whole anime series. The scenes, episodes, and arcs might not be there, but every quote will be explained to its very depth. So, stick till the end to get each and every important quote uttered by Kurapika in the whole series of Hunter X Hunter. Let’s jump into it.

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“I Do Not Fear Death”

Surely, he can never fear death. The person who has lost his whole clan lost everyone he holds dear, can’t be afraid of his own death. Kurapika states, “I do not fear death, I fear only that my rage will fade over time”, the quote itself shows the current state of Kurapika’s mind. After spending his whole life avenging the death of his clan, Kurapika does not give his life any importance. The important thing for him is the hatred he carries against Phantom Troupe. We can’t even blame Kurapika for being like this, we can totally understand how he must have felt after losing everything he can call home.

“Why do people keep talking and keep quiet”

“Some people keep talking because they have nothing to say, some people keep quiet because they have so much to say”, indeed Kurapika fits in the second phase of the quote. He obviously holds a lot of grief within him that he can’t let out. Kurta has been holding a lot of things that happened in his life and mostly the bad things. He has so much to let out but keeps quiet to keep that hatred say inside of him. In true matters, it is not only about Kurapika, it’s about every human being. People who used to talk a lot talk just to make themselves feel better because they have nothing to say. But the people who keep quiet generally hold a lot of things that they want to let out but can’t say as no one is going to understand them.

“Need to be chained to Hell”

Kurapika being a skilled weapon user, can say this easily. He is very skilled when it comes to using weapons, mainly chains. Using chains at its best is the uppermost ability that one can acknowledge in him.  He can use the chains at such a level of mastery that they can act as his extended limbs. Kurapika can easily extend the chains and can attack an opponent up to a distance of 30 meters.  His defensive chain technique is “Dowsing Chain”, through this he can properly act defensive against the opponent. “Because there are people at large who need to be chained to hell” must be related to his “Chain Jail” technique, this technique can very well immobilize his opponent. Besides, this quote has serious context with life, some people are at that level of being evil that they literally needed to get chained in hell. This is not meant for people who are evil to you, but those criminals who have done a hideous crime.

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“They make me sick”

Everyone gets sick of one or another thing in their life. Some people might get annoyed with people others might get annoyed with things they don’t like. But here we are talking in context with Kurapika. He states, “The noises, the physical contract, the smell of blood, they make me sick”, it is not that difficult to understand. Kurapika gets annoyed and doesn’t like the smell of blood, noises, and physical contact. Till now, everyone must have been aware of why he hates all of this. This is one of the impacts of witnessing his clan getting slaughtered, all the blood that was shed from his loved one’s body, noises and screams of his clanmates screaming and begging to not get killed. All this reminded him about his past. Later, he adds, “How can you not think of anything or feel anything?”, how can anyone not get uncomfortable due to blood and noise, regardless of their past.

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Best Kurapika Kurta Quotes
Kurapika Kurta – Hunter X Hunter

“Step Aside”

This sounds very casual yet rude until it plays in your mind with Kurapika’s voice inserted. “Step aside, don’t tempt me, I don’t care who I lash out at, it can you as well”. Quite relatable, no? Whenever you are having an extremely bad day and get annoyed at the smallest of the thing that you no longer care about at whom you are going to let out all of your anger. It happens with everyone, even the character here we are talking about. Kurapika is one of those characters who are well known for being short-tempered, he can get annoyed easily, and then he will not consider the person at whom he is lashing out. This is very fierce, being an anime character with extreme powers, he can easily get away by doing so. But as for us human beings, you can’t dare to do the same with anyone without facing the consequences. Especially when you are standing in front of an elder of a literal Indian household. I don’t need to add much, everyone knows what coming for you then.

“We can’t buy everything in this world”

This fact is very realistic, you can’t buy everything in life. Kurapika stated that “Not everything in this world can be brought, Leorio! You know that!”. Kurapika and Leorio have this bittersweet relationship, once they are on good terms and others, they are arguing like anything. This is the result of one of the arguments they have. Other than this, we neither can buy anything in the real-life too. I must say, Kurapika is quite realistic, his every quote is related to one or another thing from real life. Indeed we can’t but everything in life because human needs are endless, once we got a thing, then we will aim to get another thing, and this chain keeps going on.

“I will recover the Eyes of My Clan”

This quote is related to an utter pathetic work of humans. As we know that Kurapika is the last survivor from the Kurta Clan, what happened to the rest of the clan? The rest of the clan was brutally murdered by the Phantom Troupe. The eyes of each and every clanmate were taken out by them. Kurapika only runs through his will to avenge the death of his clan. He states this in the context of getting back each and every scarlet eye that they have taken with them. The Kurta clan is very famous for having scarlet eyes and the abilities that are associated with them. This made the killers massacre them and take back their eyes as the trophy of their victory. Kurta clan themselves were very powerful with their scarlet eyes, but the phantom troupe that attacked them were all trained men and talented nen users that made it easy for them to kill all of them. However, Kurapika is very powerful is because of his will to avenge, not because of the clan he belongs to.

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“I am blessed with good friends”

Kurapika has been through a lot his whole life. He is broken, emotionally vulnerable, sad, and doesn’t have a place to call home. But he got some good friends and this thing he acknowledged himself. This line was quoted by Kurapika to Gon, in this, Kurapika stated “Even if they find out my secret through you…I won’t regret a thing…because I’ve been blessed with good friends”. Friends who stood by him in all his tough times, help him to achieve his motive and most importantly help him to grow stronger.

Best Kurapika Kurta Quotes
Kurapika and his friends

“My self-respect is nothing compared to my clanmates suffering”

Kurapika is a man that is extremely serious when it comes to his clan. Even though his whole clan was killed, he has this special position in his heart for his clan. The quote he stated about is regarding his self-respect and pride being nothing in front of his kinsman suffering. Still, he remembers the day his whole clan was slaughtered brutally. He still remembers all the bloodshed, screaming, and suffering of the people of his clan. The strength he gained, the abilities and skills he learned are directly or indirectly associated with his aim to avenge his clan.

“I have nothing left”

After losing everything, his clan, this friend, his family, the place he grew up, Kurapike stated that he has nothing left with him. No doubt, Kurapika is leading a very miserable life, with a lot of events that make him break down. Even though he is emotionally vulnerable, he never showed his weakness to anyone. As the only survivor of the Kurta Clan, he knew that he had to fight against everything alone. He knew that he have to stand against the phantom troupe alone. Kurapika stated, ” A daughter of the Mafia, teacher, lawyer, musician, investor, priest, doctor, swindler, board of member, high authorities, business tycoons, the founder of the religion, politician, artist and the king’s son, I have threatened an endless number of people from all the section of society. But this will end soon, this last monster with these scarlet eyes, my journey may finally begin. But where should I go, Pairo? There is no home for me to return to, nobody to welcome me back, no place to call home. I have nothing left”.

“The two things a collector always wants”

This quote is said by Kurapika, directly related to his clan. At the time his clan has massacred, the eyes of every Kurta clan member were taken out. Those scarlet eyes were considered at novelties and were kept was collectible. This is simply pathetic. However, the quote directly comments upon the greed and egotism of certain people who didn’t even consider someone’s life and killed them only to collect their eyes. This also relates to the real-life “there are two things that collector wants, their first is an item of utmost rarity and second is a person to whom they can brag about their collection”. It always happens in society that people having big pockets only wants to have impressive things, and a person to whom they can brag about their thing, they got using their filthy money.

Best Kurapika Kurta quotes
Kurapika Kurta – Hunter X Hunter

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