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Best Kpop Heardle Games That Will Put Your Skills to the Test!

Best Kpop heardle games
Best Kpop Heardle games

If you find your friends constantly on their phones, they are probably playing one of these best Kpop heardle games! Following the massive success of the vocabulary building game wordle, heardles are now everyone’s favorite addiction. Although the overall structure of the game is quite similar- one that requires its players to exercise their guesswork to arrive at the right answer – heardle is an exciting way to learn something new on the internet! Originally, the game was designed to embed tunes of various artists, the titles of which the gamers had to guess.

As the algorithm developed and gained more attention, fans of Kpop stepped in to give the game their own definition. By incorporating Korean music into the software, they have redefined the game altogether making it a new genre. As such, players will be allowed six tries to identify the title of the track. Moreover, with each try, the length of the audio clip will increase by a few seconds making it easier as we go. Here are some of the best Kpop heardle games!

Best Kpop Heardle games

Kpop heardle games scored in the market as they captured a huge audience who was instantly hooked onto the game. There are various versions of the game pertaining to both Kpop groups and solo artists. Moreover, the results from every day can be shared across all platforms, hence igniting a spirit of challenge among fans. Moreover, it proves to be an effective way to discover new and great music. With the pros of playing heardle being well-defined, let us hop onto the list of the Best Kpop heardle games:

5. Blackpink

Blackpink’s version of heardle is an absolute delight that allows the players to test their knowledge of Kpop. It features a compilation of the most popular Blackpink songs and forces users to guess the right answer with the least number of tries.

Best Kpop heardle games


4. NCT

NCT’s heardle definitely poses the toughest challenge as it includes the entire family of Neo Culture Technology and the various subgroups as well. Moreover, if you are able to clear the games effortlessly, you deserve a medal for being the ultimate NCT fan! It is a great way to sharpen your ears and put your skills to the test!

Best Kpop Heardle games

NCT makes their own version of heardle

3. Taemin

This is an idol-specific heardle that has been specially designed to highlight the music produced by our beloved Taemin. You might think this is easy as it is concerned with only one artist. However, you are mistaken as it is still just as challenging. Stay on top of your toes if you wanna clear them easily!

Taemin kpop heardle


2. BTS

It is definitely a round of fastest fingers first when it comes to the heardle of BTS. This version allows players a total of seven tries as opposed to the traditional six. OT7 all the way! However, individuals sure receive brownie points if they are able to guess the title track along with the lyrics in a minimum number of tries.

Special Mentions:

Before we dive right into the Best Kpop heardle game, a few other genres that really had our eyes and ears on alert are listed here. TXT and Enhyphen had a classic touch to the game as well. Moreover, fans also developed the game for groups like GOT7, Red Velvet, and G-idle which are just as amazing!

1. Super Junior and SNSD

Now, this might be a walk in the park if you are a veteran of the Kpop fandom. Newbies might find this a little tricky as some of the songs featured on the heardles belong to the older generations of Kpop. Nevertheless, this is your opportunity to experience that golden era and stumble across some great music that hit hard to this day!

Where to play the Kpop heardle games?

The mammoth success of wordle was well carried on by its counter version in the form of heardle which focuses on sharpening the listening ear. Moreover, fans broke the internet as they shared their results across social media. Also, Fans rejoiced every time they guessed a song right and moved one step closer to becoming the ultimate Kpop fan! Moreover, the games can be easily played for free online. All they have to do is search on the internet for the specific heardle they want to play. You can try one, by clicking right here!

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