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Are Reality TV Stars Maeva D’Ascanio And James Tylor Still Together In 2022?

James Tylor and Maeva D'Ascanio
Are Maeva and James still together?

Are Made in Chelsea stars Maeva D’Ascanio and James Tylor still together? Here’s what we know about their relationship. Maeva and James, who are best known for their appearance in the reality television show Made in Chelsea, are getting a lot of attention from the media recently. Before this show, very few people know about them, but this show gives them huge popularity. This is why everyone is talking about the couple. Especially fans are curious to know what’s going in between them. So if you are here to know everything about the famous on-screen couple, then you are in the right place. Here we will talk about Maeva and James’s current relationship situation and their future plans as well.

Recently a rumor has been spreading among the fans and media that James rejected Maeva after she proposed to him. Since then, everyone has wanted to know the truth about what actually happened. Whether it’s true or not. If true, then what will now happen to their relationship. Will they end up their relationship or not? The couple left everyone in doubt that fans would never see them together again ever. Besides that, everyone wishes that they continue their relationship and move forward. Well, no need to worry. We are here to convert your wish into reality. So continue reading the article, and you will find the truth behind their relationship.

Maeva’s Proposal To James

Well, fans of Maeva and James are very much aware that both of them have been together in the show Made in Chelsea for so long. It’s been quite 2-3 years that they have been together on-screen as well as off-screen, and viewers love their chemistry a lot. Everyone adores this beautiful couple a lot and every time wishes that they end up getting married to each other. And it seems that the couple has also wanted the same. After being in a relationship for almost three years, Maeva decided to take her relationship with James forward. She wants to get married to him now. And that’s why she decided to do it by herself. Let me be more specific with you. In the very recent Episode of Made in Chelsea, she decided to ask James to get married.

James Tylor

Made in Chelsea star James Tylor.

But the question that arises here is, did it actually happen. And if so, then what was James’s reaction. Well, let me tell you, this happened for real. Earlier, Maeva, in a conversation with her friend Emily revealed that very soon, she will propose to James. She also mentioned that James doesn’t have the guts to propose to her, but she does. That’s why she chooses to propose to him. So after waiting for years that one day James will propose but which he didn’t, Maeva finally planned a very romantic proposal.

And Maeva, in a very romantic way, planned to propose to James on a countryside holiday in the presence of her friends along with James’ friends. According to the plan, she did the same and got down on her knee, popped a ring, and proposed to James. But unexpectedly, James’s reaction was not the same as she was expecting. In return, James said that he couldn’t accept the proposal. And it will be unfair to accept the proposal to let her propose to him. He even questioned her about the idea of her proposing to him. After hearing all this, Maeva got upset and started crying the moment right after getting rejected in front of her friends.

Are Maeva D’Ascanio And James Tylor Still Together In 2022?

After getting rejected, everyone got curious to know about their relationship. People started questioning whether will they now end their long-term relationships.

Maeva D'Ascanio

Made in Chelsea star Maeva D’Ascanio

Well, let me now tell you the truth, Maeva and James are still together and happily enjoying each other’s company, which proves that nothing can break their unbreakable bond. Moreover, after rejecting Maeva, James also gives a hint to the fans and viewers that in the future, maybe he will propose to her in a most romantic way. And when we check out their Instagram handle, both of them are following each other after all this, which is proof that they didn’t part ways. And as far as we know, Maeva also accepted that she had already started planning her wedding and also chose her wedding planner. At last, we wish nothing but good for them. May this beautiful couple get married soon.

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