Who is Scotty James’ Girlfriend, Is He Engaged To Chloe Stroll?

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Chloe Stroll and Scotty James
Scotty James got engaged to his girlfriend Chloe Stroll.

Here’s what we know about Scotty James’ girlfriend. Australian snowboarder Scotty James has been gathering a lot of attention since 2018. In the 2018 winter Olympics, James won the bronze medal. After winning the medal, his fan following went to another level. And we all know that when a celebrity player like him becomes famous, then everyone becomes curious to know more about his personal life and professional life as well. Especially when it comes to their love life. The same happened with Scotty.

When people started knowing him, they started gossiping about his love life. Fans spammed his social media, asking about his girlfriend. Well, let me tell you, we dig into Scotty’s dating life, and we found that he only dated a couple of times. His past relationships are very few that we can count on our fingers.

If you wanna know it all, continue reading the article, and you will know everything about his past relationships and current as well.

Past relationship

Taking about Scotty James’ ex-girlfriend, as far as we know, he has dated Ivy Miller for a few years. Ivy Miller is a California-based model who is best known for her work by appearing on so many calendars and magazines.

Scotty James and Ivy Miller
Scotty James posing with ex-girlfriend Ivy Miller

She was also represented as one of the New Mark Models. And the couple dated for a couple of years. And when they were in relationship, fans liked their chemistry a lot. Even James always mentioned that Ivy played a major role to help James win the medal he won in the 2018 Olympics. But we can’t ignore the fact that they are no longer together. Maybe they were not meant to be together. But the couple never even thought about it that someday they have to part their ways. Possibly in late 2018, James broke up with Ivy Miller.

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Scotty James’ relationship with his girlfriend

And after breaking up with Ivy Miller, James was spotted with Chloe Stroll at the beginning of 2019. It seems that James moved on with his last break-up very early. And in April 2019 couple finally confirmed that they are in a relationship. After making his relationship with Chloe official. The couple started spending good quality time together. They even went on so many holiday trips as well. This time also, James fans supported him a lot by accepting Chloe as his girlfriend. They even adore the couple as well. And till now couple seems deep in love with each other.

Moreover, both of them are very active on their respective social media handles. And they also occasionally post pictures together. This beautiful couple also celebrates each and every occasion together, whether it’s their birthdays, anniversary, or festivals as well. And the amazing part about their relationship is that Chloe’s brother set her with Scotty. He was the one who put both of them together.

Chloe Stroll and Scotty James
Chloe Stroll and Scotty James are feeling goofy with each other on holiday.

And let me tell you, after spending almost 2 years together, they finally decided to convert their relationship into a wedding. Yes, you heard it right. In November 2021, Scotty posted a video in which Chloe was showing her engagement ring and also kissing him. Which proves that the couple is now engaged. And they finally decide on forever. And recently, after winning a silver medal in the 2022 Beijing Olympics, the couple was seen reunited in a very romantic way. As Chloe welcomed James at the airport when he returned from Beijing. And now, after this huge success, we can assume that the couple is planning to organize a big wedding.

Who is Chloe Stroll: Scotty James’ fiance?

Moving further, let’s flash some light on Scotty James’ girlfriend or, we say Scotty James’ fiance Chloe Stroll’s early life and career as well. As far as we know, Chloe Stroll was born on 15 April 1995. And as of now, she is around 27 years old. She is one year younger than her fiance James. Now taking about her profession. She is a singer and a songwriter by profession. But she is not as famous as her boyfriend. Besides that, she is best known for her single album, which was released in 2012. Though she is still on the to prove herself to the audience and release her big projects. We wish both of them good luck in their future. And may they reach heights in their career.

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