GFriend Yerin’s Net Worth In 2022: How Much Does This Former Idol Girl Group Member Make?

GFriend Yerin net worth
Yerin. cr: Source Music

Recently, GFriend’s Yerin had graced the cover of Pilates S. In a frank interview, she revealed new sides of her that were never seen before. Showing her vulnerable side, Yerin was able to talk in the interview in a candid manner. Discussing her “real” self, Yerin displayed clear affection for her fans and conveyed her appreciation for her fans to stick by her side. During this interview, it was seen that GFriend Yerin is a very genuine person who will go the extra mile just to keep her fans happy. This leads us to the question, what is GFriend Yerin’s net worth?

GFriend’s Yerin is one of the rising stars in the Kpop world. Originally a member of the five idol group, GFriend, Yerin was quick to rise to fame for her aegyo visuals and her melodious voice. Yerin has starred in a lot of music videos while being under contract for Source Music. Yerin has actually worked with Super Junior’s Heechul and TRAX Jungmo for a music video titled “I Wish.” As Yerin’s popularity has soared, netizens are wondering what her value is? Keep on reading to get to know GFriend Yerin’s net worth.

Yerin gets open in an interview. cr: Pilates S

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GFriend Yerin’s Early Life

There is not much known about Yerin’s early life. She was born on August 19, 1996, in Incheon, South Korea. Being born on August 19 makes Yerin a Leo. Leos are known for their compassion, light-heartedness, and natural leadership abilities. She graduated in 2015 after attending the School of Performing Arts Seoul.

Yerin releases concept pictures for new mini-album, “Aria” cr: Sublime Artist Agency

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Early Career: Activities with GFriend

It was in early 2015 when Yerin officially debuted as a member of GFriend under Source Music. Their first EP was “Season of Glass,” and a couple of months later, Yerin also made her acting debut in the web series “Midnight’s Girl.” It was during her time with GFriend that Yerin was starting to get recognized for her looks and her musical abilities.

In January 2016, Yerin was selected to appear on the SBS MTV program “The Show” along with Zhou Mi. Late in the same year, Yerin appeared for a song for El Camino called “Future Boyfriend.” In 2017, she engaged in collaboration with Cao Lu and Kisum for the single, “Spring Again.” In the same year, she appeared on another SBS program, called “The Law of the Jungle,” where episodes were shot in Komodo.

GFriend Yerin net worth
Yerin. cr: Source Music

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What Is GFriend Yerin’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, many experts in the industry are estimating GFriend Yerin’s net worth to be between $1 million and $5 million. Some sources have claimed that GFriend Yerin’s net worth is $1.5 million. Presently, Yerin is 25 years old, and she has worked in the industry for over seven years. She has found a lot of success when releasing new albums. It is expected that GFriend Yerin’s net worth will only grow since she is all set to release a new mini-album, “Aria,” after signing with a new company, Sublime Artist Agency.

GFriend Yerin net worth
GFriend Yerin’s net worth. cr: Source Music

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GFriend Yerin’s Present Career

After GFriend got disbanded suddenly in 2021, Yerin was one of the first members of GFriend to sign up with a new agency, Sublime Artist Agency, headlining as a singer and an actress. Her fans are gearing up for her to release a new album, “Aria.” This is a mini-album with four songs, which is all set to hit interwebs on May 16, 2022, at 6 pm Korean Standard Time. In the new concept pictures for Aria, Yerin has taken on an ethereal look and has used light colors, pastels, and a fairy-like theme to convey to her fans the nature of her mini-album. The color palette is a soft yellow, and a lot of white and green flowers have been used. We are sure that the type of music which will be released by Yerin will be something soft and mellow.

Yerin signs with a new agency. cr: Sublime Artist Agency

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