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Hey guys! You may not recognise me, but I’m Shiggins from a blog known as Otaku Nuts, and I’m doing a guest article for you all because I’m a nice guy and I wish to share how nice I am with all of you. That’s why I’m going to give you all a first impression of me by judging and ranking some of the most powerful and nostalgic villains of all time, then letting you glare at me for making decisions you may or may not agree with.

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Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

 10. Nappa

Kicking off this list is the best abridged character of all time, but this is that serious version that you can’t stop laughing at because TeamFourStar ruined him for you. One of the only surviving Saiyans after the destruction of his planet, Nappa is the short-tempered and overly violent big boy sidekick of none other than Vegeta. And unsurprisingly, the lack of hair is just one of many reasons you have to fear him.

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

When Nappa first arrived, people went into catatonic shock! Not only was he clearly the strongest character the series had ever had at that point, but he did the one thing that no reader ever thought was possible; Went on a massacre of beloved characters! If you count Yamcha like I certainly do, then Nappa was responsible for 4 major deaths within one battle! All the training and hard work they went through, and Nappa made them all jokes.

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

 An irredeemable monster, Nappa’s only seeming weaknesses were his stupidity, his temper and his superior boss Vegeta. The heroes all tried so hard, but in the end, Nappa could only be stopped by Son Goku and the Kaioken. If this was just a list of personality or complexity, Nappa would probably not have made it to this list. However, he is a terrifying machine of murder, and that’s definitely worthy of your attention.

9. Broly

Fine, let’s get this one out the way. Broly is the “Legendary Super Saiyan”, and the only character on this list you could consider non-canon. That feat alone is impressive. A fan favourite, Broly is probably here due to peer pressure more than anything else, since I often feel that people get either really hateful or really defensive about him. My personal opinion. I’m somewhere in the middle.

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

I suppose what makes Broly so unique and popular is his amazing design and brutality in fight scenes. At first, he’s mostly a glum mute who looks like he could use a hug and some hair gel for when he gets to listening to Linkin Park. That swiftly changes however when he transforms twice, the second time revealing his well-known freakshow of a villain. Hearing the phrase “Kakkarot” screamed by Vig Mignogna is terrifying on it’s own, but then having it come out of this tank? That will make your boxers heavy… with poo… because you crap yourself.

Best Dragon Ball Z Top 10 Villains

While I refuse to defend Broly’s films, or at least the sequels, I think Broly is a great example of huge potential. Did the films give him a poor excuse for his rage? Yes. Did the films forget to put in more personality? Yes. However, people love seeing this guy in pure action and he’s a perfect example of how much the Dragon Ball franchise doesn’t like to hold back in it’s violence. If Broly ever does somehow dare to show his face again, let’s hope he picked up a dictionary and learned a few more words.

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