20 Anime Series Like Vinland Saga That You Shouldn’t Miss

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40 Anime Series Like Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a historical fiction manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. This series was bought by Kodansha and then first serialized in the Weekly Shonen Magazine, but after a while, they decided to move it to the monthly magazine Monthly Afternoon.

The anime adaptation of this series was done by Wit Studio from July to December in 2019. Its 1st season has 24 episodes, and the 2nd season has just started airing in January 2023. The story revolves around the main protagonist named, Thorfinn, who is in search of a man who killed his father, Askeladd.

His journey and character development with a heartbreaking backstory, combined with outstanding artwork, amazing action scenes, and a great depiction of a historical tale, makes this series a must-watch for those who loved Attack on Titan and wanted something similar to it. If you were wondering how to find other series similar to Vinland Saga, then don’t worry because you are in the right place.

Here is a list that we have prepared of some of the anime series that are like Vinland Saga:

1. Brave 10

The theme of this series takes place during the China’s Warring States Era, which was between 476 to 221 B.C. Like the other series in this category, Brave 10 shows a different perspective of war and tragedy. It’s from the view of a masterless ninja, Kirigakure.

Blave 10
Blave 10

A year before the battle of Sekigahara, which marked the ending of the Sengoku Period, Kirigakure was on a journey of self-reflection, where she encountered Isanami, a priestess of Izumo, who was being ambushed by some ninja assassins after they had burned down her temple and killed everyone within it.

They both escape from their and travel to Ueda castle to ask for the help of Yukimura Sanada. At the same time, Sanada is gathering a team of 10 warriors of incredible valor, the Sanada Ten Braves, each possessing incredible skills, and abilities.

As they continue their journey in search of strong warriors, the mysterious power hidden inside Isanami starts to get revealed, and she must do everything to fend off the people coming to steal her power for their own benefit.

2. Attack on Titan

Thousands of years ago, mankind was slaughtered to near extinction by the big humanoid creatures known as Titans, and they were forced in build huge walls and live inside them. The creepiest thing about them is that they don’t eat human flesh out of hunger. It appears to be out of joy and pleasure.

As the remaining humans were living their live peacefully inside the walls without any attack from the last one hundred years, one day, a Colossal Titan managed to shatter the outer wall, and titans started their rampage inside the walls.

After seeing a horrific site of seeing her mother eaten alive by a titan, Eren Yeager, along with his childhood friend Armin Arlert and adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, decided to join the Survey Corps, an elite military unit dedicated to eradicate the titans outside the wall.

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

Both Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan have been animated by the same studio, Wit Studios. Both of these series have a lot of things in common. Both protagonists are looking to get revenge on the one who destroyed their family.

The supernatural touch that the writer has given about the Titans and their powers makes it a little bit more gruesome than Vinland Saga. If you like series with some supernatural component, then you should definitely check out Attack on Titan.

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3. Castlevania

This series isn’t a proper anime, instead it is based on a popular Japanese video game, Castlevania. Basically, this series is also a tale of vengeance, which makes it somewhat related to the Vinland Saga and has some touch of history. The series was released on Netflix on July 7, 2017. The series has 4 official seasons.


The story is set in the 15th Century when Count Dracula is now living a peaceful life. Earlier, everybody used to be afraid of him until one day she found a lady who saw him for more than just his fangs. He fell in love with her, and they both are now living happy life.

Until one day, when Dracula returns home, he couldn’t find her so she asked people around and was told that some people arrested her in false accusation and burned her alive at the stake. Dracula became furious after hearing this and decided to punish the city of Wallachia. He unleashes his army of demons upon the city.

To stop his mass genocide like this, a magician, a monster hunter and Dracula’s son, Alucard joins hands to fight the forces of Count Dracula. The involvement of his own son, who is against him proves that his intentions are not good.

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4. Golden Kamuy

This series also shows us the figments of war, piece and how’s the situation after a war is over. Golden Kamuy depicts the story of Sugimoto. He is a war veteran who lived through the Russo-Japanese conflict, which earned him the name “Sugimoto the Immortal” for his heroic and death-defying acts in the battlefield.

Golden Kamuy
Golden Kamuy

In early 1900s, after the Russo-Japenese war, Saichi Sugimoto is on a journey to seek a lot of gold and treasure, to fulfill a promise he made to his friend before he died in a fight, to help support his family. While on his expedition, he was attacked by a bear but was saved by an Ainu girl named Asirpa.

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With Sugimoto’s survival instinct and Asirpa’s hunting skills, the duo decided to travel together for the rest of the journey. The series is particularly praised for the accurate historical representation of Ainu culture and how they were able to blend it into the story.

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5. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal is the story of an immortal samurai named Manji, who is also known as “Hundred Man Killer” in Japan because he has killed one hundred innocent men. has been cursed for living an eternal life.

The more frightening thing about him is that he is immortal, which is thanks to an eight hundred years old nun, Yaobikuni, who has placed bloodworms in his body that are capable of healing almost any injury inflicted on him.

Blade of the Immortal
Blade of the Immortal

To atone for his sins, manji proposed to kill one hundred men, which Yaobikuni accepts and if he succeeds in doing so, she will remove the curse of immortality from him. After making this vow, he meets a young girl named Rin, who requests him to assist her in killing those people who murdered her parents.

Initially he was hesitant and refused her offer but after thinking about her lack of strength, he agreed to protect her for four years. Like this, the duo embark on a journey of vengeance, bloodshed and redemption, in order to fulfill each other’s life cause Both Vinland Saga and Blade of the Immortal have some similar traits like both are historical dramas showing the protagonist seeking vengeance.

6. Kingdom

The theme of this series revolves around war, conflict, and violence. This takes place around China’s Warring States Era. A raging dragon has been attacking for 500 years. During this time, many kingdoms rise and fall. Everybody struggled to make the next generations fight for supremacy. After a very long conflict, seven states emerged victorious and free from this endless cycle of war.


The story is about two best friends, Li Xin and Piao, who lives in the kingdom and trains with their fellow slave and befriend. Piao’s dream is to one day become a Great General of the Heavens. However, they both get separated when Piao is recruited to work in the royal place.

After sometime, a coup d’etat was exposed, and Pin returns to Xin in a very bad and heavily wounded condition. He came with a mission that leads him to a meeting with China’s young king Zheng, who looks similar to Pao. Now Xin takes his first step into the war and to carve his own path to complete his quest of becoming a Great General of the Seven Starring States.

7. Rurouni Kenshin

Rerun Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan is a series which tell us a historical about a legendary slayer Battousai, who played a major role during the Japanese revolution. Although after that, he just suddenly disappeared without any trace. But people still remembered his name and what he had done for them.

Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin

Now, living as Kenshin Himura, he wants to get redemption for all his actions. He feels that his reverse-blade is the symbol of atonement which is long overdue now. However, he faces a lot of challenges and hurdles, such as the ghosts from his past.

The similarity between Thorfinn and Kenshin is that both of the characters are set on a very rigorous path. They both have seen conflicts and bloody wars from a very young age, Kenshin in the past and Thorfinn in the present.

8. Dororo

Dororo follows Hyakkimaru, a boy who survives in this world with just prosthetics and weapons. When he was about to born, his father, the feudal lord, sacrificed his son’s organs and body parts to the twelve demons gods in exchange of prosperity for his people.

They abandoned the body, but he was found by a doctor named Jukai, who specializes in making prosthetic arms. He adopts and gives him prosthetic limbs with weapons to protect him. As the child was growing, he started seeing the colour of their souls and learned to fight back and kill them.


He then embarks on a journey for revenge and his aim is to wipe out every demon that he encounters, and to get back all his body parts. Along the journey, he found an orphan child named Dororo, who decided to follow him on his journey. Like Vinland Saga, they have not left any room for complaints when it comes to violence or brutal fights. The narrative, historical setting, and stunning visuals make this show on par with the Vinland Saga.

9.91 Days

If you are looking for an anime show which has a historical theme with some Mafia touch and a revenge storyline, then 91 Days is for you. The story is set in America at a time of around 1932, where brewed liquor used to dominate the black market, thanks to the Italian Mafia.

The protagonist, Angelo Lagusa, is a young man whose family was slaughtered in a Mafia dispute. He seeks revenge against Vince Vanetti, who is the gang that controls the Lawless district and one of the highest members of the Cosa Nostra.

91 Days
91 Days

The story of this series will feel nostalgic to you because here also, the protagonist is seeking vengeance against a group that killed his family. The major difference between them is that 91 Days revolves around Mafia, but Vinland Saga is more centered around vikings. Even then also, the fans can expect to get some good emotional bits, crazy plot twists, and amazing fight scenes.

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10. Drifters

A seinen historical drama, Drifters tells us the story of Toyohisa Shimazu, who is fighting bravely in the Battle of Sekigahara. Just when he was about to die, he saw that he is, out of nowhere, is now in a gleaming, modern white corridor and next to him is a man sitting at a desk and hundreds of doors on both sides. Toyohisa then gets pulled into the nearest door and transported into a new land.

He saw that a lot of people from his world were supposed to be dead. He then finds out that he has been summoned as “Drifters” to fight against the “Ends”,”people who created the Orte Empire and are trying to eliminate them. It is now unto Toyohisa and his group of bizarre heroes to fight in a new world conflict to aid the Empire’s subjects.


Just like any historical drama anime tends to deliver, it has a lot of violent and brutality. The characters are developed quite well, and on top of that, they have also added a little bit of fun and humor also. If you love historical drama and violent series, then you can definitely check out Drifters.

11. Spice and Wolf

This show is also historical fiction, just like Vinland Saga. Spice and Wolf tell us the story of a merchant named Kraft Lawerence.

On his way to one of his pitstops at Pasloe, he meets a wolf-goddess, Holo, who offers to become his partner to help Kraft in his regular dealings as long as he promises to take her to her Northern home of Yoitsu. The trader was able to recognize her unusual ability to evaluate a person’s character and intentions and accepted her proposal.

Spice and Wolf
Spice and Wolf

Now Lawrence thinks that with his sharp bargaining skills and Holo as a charismatic negotiator, he would come one step closer to his goal of opening his own shop. However, as they two begin their journey together, viewers have been shown that they have to face numerous economic challenges that most commoners face daily. The struggles that they have shown in everyday life resonate with those in Vinland Saga.

12. Ringing Bell

This anime is a must watch if you like revenge stories with a lot violence, then Ringing Bell is for you. This anime shows us a gritter take on Bambi and how he would have been if we considered him to be a disturbed psychopath. This show is full of violence and bloodshed, with a storyline very familiar to Vinland Saga.

Ringing Bell
Ringing Bell

The anime starts off with a newborn lamb named Chirin, who loves and enjoys living with his mother all the time. As long as they are inside the fence that protects them, they are free to roam and eat clover leaves.

However, their peaceful life is shattered when a wolf named Wor attacks them at midnight, in which his mother was killed. He decided that he would avenge his mother, and so Chirin decides to actually become Wor’s apprentice in hopes of one day becoming strong enough to make him pay for his mistake.

13. Arslan Senki

Arslan Senki is a story about a young prince, Arslan. The current year is 320, and the Kingdom of Pars is at war with their neighbouring empire, Lusitania. To prove his valor and to make his father proud, the young prince, for the very first time, sets out on the battlefield.

However, one of the king’s most trusted officials betrayed him, and the Persian army got decimated in a few minutes, and the capital city of Ecbatana was taken over by them. With the army destroyed and everybody looking to get his head next, the prince had to make a run for it.

Arslan Senki
Arslan Senki

With only a single trusted general, Daryun, by his side, he embarks on an adventure to make some new allies and, at the same time, keep an eye on the foreign enemies that are planning to attack his kingdom. But the enemy that the prince is facing is not only them but also the armies of other kingdoms.

Moreover, the mastermind behind Lusitania’s victory, he hides his face with a silver mask and is even more greater threat to Arslan and his companies because he has something which could threaten all his rights he has as a successor.

14. Goblin Slayer

This series came out in 2018, and it is based on light novels written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrations done by Noboru Kannatsuki. There is some sort of historical element in Goblin Slayer. The story takes place in Europe, but the actual timeline is not mentioned anywhere.

Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer

A 15-year-old Priestess becomes a porcelain-class adventurer and to celebrate this, she joins up with a group of young and enthusiastic rookies that were given the task to investigate a tribe of goblins that are responsible behind the disappearance of several women.

As they all were newcomers without much experience in fighting, the group soon met their demise as they were ambushed by some goblins. With no one else left alive except her, she was very terrified and before the goblins could even get her, she was saved by the mighty Goblin Slayer who not only saved her with little effort, but even destroyed the whole goblin nest.

As s holder of the Silver-rank, the Goblin Slayer allows her to accompany him as he helps the Adventurer’s guild with problems related to goblins. This armored warrior will not rest until every single goblin in their frontier lands has been eliminated.

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15. Berserk

Berserk was able to become a trendsetter that even went to spread its influence outside of anime and manga. Games like Devil May Cry and Dark Souls came into existence because of this anime, and it is regarded as one of the most mature series till date. The series is deeply rooted in violence, abuse, and psychological trauma.

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This series tells us about Guts, a man who got himself involved with a powerful syndicate lead by a fearsome warrior named Griffith. After some time, Guts was able to become the commander of the syndicate and started helping Griffith in winning every battle.

Overall, this a very brutal anime with impressive storytelling and mind-blowing visuals. Fans of Vinland Saga that don’t mind a menacing series with bloodshed and lots of bloodsheds should give Berserk a try.


16. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

The Mobile Suit Gundam series is one of the most popular series of its time, and it got a lot of fans of the early 80s into the Mecha genre. This franchise is famous for its fun robot fights and cool sci-fi atmosphere. You would find that the action in this series in on par with what you saw in Vinland Saga.

Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin
Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin

The story takes place in the distant future, where the life of Casval, the main protagonist, turns upside down when he finds out that his father has been murdered by someone. After this incident, Casval and his sister Artesia were taken from their home, then separated by them, and forced to become soldiers.

This anime adopts a very similar plot to Vinland Saga. Both Thorfinn and Casval end up working under their father’s murderer, and they must claim fame if they hope to get a chance to enact their revenge.

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17. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings

This series is based on the video game series made by Capcom by the same name, planned and written by Yasuyuki Muto and directed by Itsuro Kawasaki. The series has some historical elements also, like in Vinland Saga, and some good action too, but it is on a bit fiction side.

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings

In the Sengoku period, the struggle for power resulted in a lot of bloodsheds in Japan. But out of all the generals, Nobunaga Oda, also known as the “Demon King of Owari,” was able to establish himself as the strongest ruler. He is determined to crush anyone who comes in his way of creating a tyrannical empire.

However, the only people who dare to stand against him are Masamune Date, also called the “One-eyed Dragon of Oshu,” and the hot-blooded warrior Yukimura Sanada of the Takeda clan. But they don’t like each other at all. They need to learn to work together if they ever hope to stop the Demon King of Owari.

18. Altair: A Record of Battles

The theme is set in the western part of a great continent called Rumeliana. The story is about a pasha named Tugrul Mahmut. He is currently the youngest pash in the Turkiye Stratocracy and a war orphan too. Her only wish is to ensure that war shouldn’t occur. The clouds of war are again looming over his country due to a threat they are getting from a militarized neighboring empire called Balt-Rhein Empire.

Altair A Record of Battles
Altair A Record of Battles

As he once has already helped his nation in solving two schemes, now Mahmut, along with some companions, embarks on a journey to travel and see the outside world, only to observe Balt-Rhein’s influence growing on the continent.

For his country’s sake, Mahmut and his companions traveled across the country to form an alliance with other nations to fight against the Balt-Rhein Empire. You will find that it has a similar mood to the historic tale, which includes war and conflicts, just like Vinland Saga.

19. Samurai Champloo

Fuu Kasumi is one of the protagonists of this series. She is a young, careless, and clumsy waitress who spends her days working in a small teahouse. That peace is soon broken when one day, she accidentally spills some drink on a customer.

They were a group of samurai, and they started harassing her. She then calls for help from another samurai sitting in the shop. He very easily defeated all of them by using a fighting technique that utilized moves similar to breakdancing.

Unfortunately, he picks a fight with an unwilling samurai named Jin, who uses the traditional technique of sword fighting, and he proves to be a tough opponent. In their fight, however, they ended up destroying the whole shop and accidentally even killed the local magistrate’s son. They both were captured and ready for execution.

Samurai Champloo
Samurai Champloo

However, they are saved by Fuu, who then hires them as her bodyguard to find a certain samurai who smells like sunflowers and those three embark on their journey to find this mysterious warrior. If you have watched Vinland Saga, then you would definitely love this series also because of its historical tale, good action scenes, and a bit of comedy.

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This is one of the most fan-favorite series of all time. The historical setting and amazing action scenes of this series make this series a must-watch if you liked Vinland Saga. Set in the theme of the late Edo period, humanity is attacked by aliens known as “Amanto”.

The samurai try to defend the planet, but they all quickly surrender after realizing the massive power difference between them. Both parties agree to an unequal contract, in which a ban will be imposed on carrying swords in public, and the aliens will be allowed to invade their country. The once influential shogunate has now become a puppet government.


The main protagonist of the show is Gintoki Sakata, A silver-haired eccentric samurai who roams around with a wooden sword. He often tries to help other people, though in strange and unforeseen ways. He once saved a life of a girl named Tae from an alien group, and impressed by him, her teenager brother Shinpachi decided to become his student so that he could learn more about samurai and earn some money to pay the bills.

The pair once rescued an alien girl, Kagura, who has super-strength, and from there, the trio opened a freelancing business and named it “Yorozuya,” which literally means we will do anything and everything.

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