Top 10 Best Anime Antagonists And Their Quotes


A major and most part of a show’s appeal is the villain. Be they suave and sophisticated, or insane and genocidal, they’re always one of the more memorable aspects of a series. With this in mind, I have constructed a list of the Top 10 anime antagonists.


10.Future Rouge – Fairy Tail

Quote – The earth will crumble, the skies shall burn, and the flames of light shall be extinguished, for I am the Dragon King: the emperor born from the.Dragon King Festival!

Fairy Tail


9.Satou – Ajin

Quote- When I Play Games, I always play on hard mode.Because higher the difficulty….more fun it gets.

Satou - Ajin

Image result for Satou quotes

8.Neferpitou – Hunter X Hunter 2011

Quote- This person is important to someone who’s important to me.

Image result for Neferpitou - Hunter X Hunter

Image result for Neferpitou - Hunter X Hunter

7.Envy – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Quote-uit your pathetic blubbering, you idiot! You were trying to kill one of our most important sacrifices. Do you understand me?! You could’ve messed up the entire plan! What would we have done then?! Huh?!

Homunculus Envy Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

even though u were evil u killed my precious character i can't come to hate u

6.Vicious – Cowboy Bebop

Quote- I’m the only one who can keep you alive… And I’m the only one that can kill you.

spike spiegel - Google Search

Vicious by wizyakuza on DeviantArt

Spike & Vicious

5.Izaya Orihara – Durarara!!

Quote-It’s kinda scary how much people trust me.

Orihara Izaya ~ Korigengi | Wallpaper Anime

Idk why people think darkness and silence is scary when really darkness makes everything bright and silence can help u through many ups and downs.

Orihara Izaya from Durarara!!...I know i shouldn't love somebody so twisted but...ah <3

4.Gilgamesh – Fate/Zero

Quote-What kind of philosophy calls pleasure itself a sin?

Gilgamesh ( Archer ) FGO

Archer Zero (Gilgamesh) - Fate/Zero - Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - Heaven's Feel - Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Fate/Strange Fake - Fate/Extra CCC - Fate/Extella - Fate/Grand Order

3.Freiza – Dragon Ball Z

Quote-There are three things I refuse to tolerate. Cowardice, bad haircuts, and military insurrection. And it is unfortunate that our friend Vegeta possesses all three of these.

I loved Frieza's entrance in Fusion Reborn. I just wish the other Z-Fighters would've fought more "old school." villans. I wish Gohan was pinned against Bojack and Cell. Goten and Trunks maybe against the Ginyu Force. Piccolo could've battled against someone like Lord Slug. Krillin against Nappa? It would have been a lot cooler to see Dragon Ball villains, as compared to the villains we saw in the Fusion Reborn movie. #SonGokuKakarot

80s & 90s Dragon Ball Art

2.Yhwach – Bleach

Quote-Conflict is always such a bitter affair.

Juha Bach. #bleach  There's a new badass in town.

1.Hisoka – Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Quote-Those eyes….That look….That spirit….I can’t wait to break you.

From the anime hunter x hunter 2011. This picture is a rework thanks in advance for thoses who favorite~

Image result for hisoka quotes

Hisoka | page 2 of 27 - Zerochan Anime Image Board


Johan Liebheart – Monster

Quote-Evil Sometimes wears pleasent face.

Johan Liebheart - Monster Es el villano y protagonista de Monster.Se trata de un personaje q a primera vista es carismático, inteligente,amable,filántropo e idealista. Cuando tenía 10años el Dr.Tenma salvó su vida.Él es el eje central del anime ya q básicamente es el monstruo.Sueña con ser la única persona en la Tierra y sigue 1plan q denomina el“suicidio perfecto”,q consiste en asesinar a todas las q personas q puedan reconocerlo 1vez q él muera,así no tendrá ni pasado ni nombre…perturbador¿no?

Johan liebheart

Image result for Johan Liebheart quotes

Who’s your favorite?Lemme hear you guys out in the comments or you can get connected with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram. Stay tuned.


Top 10 Best Anime Fights That Dazzled Us

Anime is all about lessons, it teaches us many things, one of the most important is between right and wrong. Anime battles are filled with adventure and amazing moves.Here I present you Top 10 Best Anime Fights That Dazzled me and taught me life lessons.There’s something about an impressive action sequence that just appeals to the human brain. The wow factor that comes with seeing a huge building get decimated brick-by-brick, or watching an almost superhuman-like person perform moves with their body that you’d only see in a video game is something many people love to see. However, in real life, there are limitations to what can be seriously achieved.


10-Monkey D.Luffy vs. Rob Lucci – One Piece

Image result for Monkey D.Luffy vs. Rob Lucci


9-Rock Lee vs. Gaara – Naruto

Gaara Vs Rock Lee

Image result for Rock Lee vs. Gaara


8-Spike vs. Vicious – Cowboy Bebop

Image result for Spike vs. Vicious


7-Naruto vs. Sasuke – Naruto

Image result for Naruto vs. Sasuke


6-Gohan vs. Cell – Dragon Ball

Papel de Parede Perfect Cell Dragon Ball Z






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