44 Anime like The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

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44 Animes Like Ice Guy and The Cool Female Colleague
44 Animes Like Ice Guy and The Cool Female Colleague

Most of us love watching a romantic storyline mixed with a little bit of comedy. The comical misunderstandings and situations make Love feel much more real. Romantic Comedies are one of the most popular genres in any media, especially in anime.

The latest in the Romantic Comedy Genre, Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague, is an amazing 12-episode anime. The anime started airing on January 4th this year, and the last episode aired on March 22nd. The anime caught fans’ attention thanks to its bizarre but lovely storyline.

The story revolves around Himuro-Kun, a kind-hearted person who involuntarily creates blizzard conditions around him when stressed. On the first day of his job, he encounters the cheerful Fuyutsuki-san, who helps him escape his condition. Good for him, Fuyutsuki-san is his new coworker. And now, Fuyutsuki-san helps him by offering Himuro rational solutions, from gardening without freezing the plants to ensuring he does not melt during the tropical office retreat.

This act of kindness makes Himuro fall for her! And his love for her increases every time she does something kind for her. Too bad that Himuro can’t hide his feelings as his emotions cause snowstorms around him. Even after that, Fuyutsuki-san is unaware of his Love, but Himuro will try his best to repay her kindness and express his feelings in any way he can.

Anime like The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

This anime is a must-watch for people who are into the Rom-com genre. And if you have watched this anime and liked it, we went down to find other amazing romantic comedies like this one. And we have listed down the best 44 you can watch! Tighten your seat belts as we take you on a ride full of romance and comedy. 

Ice Guy And The Cool Female Colleague
Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague (Credit: IMDB)

Kaguya Sama: Love is War 

Starting this list with one of the, if not the best, Rom-com anime out there, Kaguya Sama: Love is War. Just like the name, Love is truly a war in this anime. In the student council body of the prestigious Shuchiin Academy, the President, Miyuki Shirogane, and the Vice President, Shinomiya Kaguya, is in Love with each other.

Kaguya Sama: Love is War 
Kaguya Sama: Love is War (Credit: IMDB)

But their pride won’t let them confess, as the first one to do so would be looked down upon. Watch the anime as they try their best to make the other confess!

Your lie in April

Once regarded as the “Human Metronome” for perfectly playing the piano, the child prodigy, Kousei Arima, can now not hear the Piano sound. The passing of his mother has left him with Trauma and a fear of stage.

Your lie in april
Your Lie in April (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Now living a quiet high school life alongside his friends Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryouta Watari, his life is shaken by the arrival of odd violinist Kaori Miyazono. These two grow closer together through a lie. In April, find out about the lie in this Romantic Drama – Your Lie.

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried To Prove It

Science is said to provide proper explanations for everything in the universe. But can science provide any explanation for the concept of Love?

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried To Prove It
Science Fell in Love, So I Tried To Prove It (Credit: IMDB)

In Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It, two scientists fall in love with each other, but as followers of science, they want to check on what factors they can say they are in Love. Ayame Himuro and Shinya Yukimura are conducting experiments to explain Love in this amazing Rom-com anime rationally.

Ano Natsu De Matteru

Ano Natsu De Matteru follows the life of Kaito Kirishima, who decides to make a film with their camera over the summer break.

Ano Natsu De Matteru
Ano Natsu De Matteru (Credit: IMDB)

Joined by his friends and a beautiful upperclassman on whom he has a crush, Ichika Takatsuki, he is ready to make this summer the most exciting one of his life. It will be more than just creating a film; the group will confront their true feelings. It is a must-watch romantic Drama.


In the world of Listeners, there exists no concept of music. One fateful day, Echo Reck meets Myuu, and Myuu possesses an audio input jack in her body.

Listeners (Credit: Prime Video)

These two now walk on a journey full of rock music. If you’re a fan of rock music or love to explore musical dramas, you should try Listeners.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For An Otaku

Wotaku is one of the weirdest but most wholesome romance stories in anime. It’s an anime based on the Love and dating of two fellow Otakus – the energetic Narumi Momose and the nerdy Hirotaka Nifuji. Narumi tries to keep her Otaku Identity a secret from everyone, but Hirotaka knows about it.

Wotakoi (Credit: IMDB)

She tells him how her boyfriend broke up because she was a fujoshi. Hirotaka offers Narumi to date an Otaku, i.e., Himself, and to his surprise, she accepts. Watch their romance full of comedy in this anime.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun

In Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun, a cheerful high school girl, Chiyo Sakura, falls for her unaware teenage boy, Umetarou Nozaki. Chiyo confesses to Umetarou, but things don’t go as planned because Umetarou hands her his autograph.

Monthly Girls' Nozaki Kun
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun (Credit: Crunchyroll)

It tUmetarou is a well-known mangaka, publishing under the pen name – Sakiko Yumeno. Soon, after a series of misunderstandings, she becomes one of his assistants. Watch Chiyo trying her best to assist Nozaki Kun in this cute romantic – comedy!


Koi-Ken is an anime that uncovers the daily struggles of being an idol in Japan. It all starts when Koi-Ken Love research club member Kaede Wakamiya states that being an Idol is an easy job. This statement angers the idol, Nagisa Toyama.

Koi-Ken! (Credit: IMDB)

Nagisa’s manager suggests that she invites all the female members of the Koi-Ken club to become an idol with her. This leads to Kaede finding out how hard the life of an idol is. Watch the anime to get insights into the life of an idol.

Grand Blue

Grand Blue is one of the best comedy anime out there. It tells the story full of the misadventures of Iori Kitahara. Iori moves to the town of Izu for his university freshman year and now resides in his uncle’s scuba shop, Grand Blue.

Grand Blue
Grand Blue (Credit: IMDB)

He meets his upperclassmen, Shinji Tokita and Ryuujirou Kotobuki, who force him to join their strange party.HHises him in the Acta, earning her contempt. This catches him in the act at the start of Iori’s struggles with his new friends. Grand Blue will surely make you laugh!

Anime de Wakaru Shinryou Naika

Not many show out there talk about mental health issues in a very interesting and interactive way. Anime de Wakaru Shinryou Naika is one such show. The anime centers around psychologist Ryou Shinnai and his cheerful nurse Asuna Kangoshi.

Anime de Wakaru Shinryou Naika
Anime de Wakaru Shinryou Naika (Credit: IMDB)

They provide detailed explanations of mental well-being to the audience in a very comical way, using excellent jokes, puns, and pop-culture references. It’s a must-watch for everyone, as mental health is serious and less talked about.

Wave, listen to me! 

Restaurant worker Minare Koda is left heartbroken due to her recent breakup. After getting drunk, she rants about her misery to a stranger. That stranger is a radio station director, Kanetsugu Matou, who records her rant and airs it on Sapporo radio.

Wave, listen to me! 
Wave, listen to me! (Credit: IMDB)

A furious Minare then rushes to the station to stop the broadcast. But after some events, she gives an impromptu fluent speech live! Kanetsugu recognizes her raw talent and makes her a late-night talk show host. This is an amazing comedy anime that you would love!

Yurii!! on Ice 

Once Japan’s most promising figure skater, Yuuri Katsuki, leaves for his home after losing at the Grand Prix Finale. Now 23, his skating career is closing at a fast pace. But fortunately, his video of performing five-time world champion Victor Nikiforov’s famous routine went viral.


Much to everyone’s surprise, Victor appears at Yuuri’s house and offers to be his mentor. This was a dream come true for Yuuri, as he is a fan. Will Yuuri finally redeem himself in the next Grand Prix? Watch Yuuri!! On Ice to find out.

Ore Monogatari!

Ore Monogatari revolves around the tall and muscular teen, Takeo Gouda. Inside his intimidating appearance lies a heart of gold, and everyone appreciates him because of his constant act of kindness. But there is no place for Love in Takeo’s life because his appearance scares the females away.

Ore Monogatari!
Ore Monogatari! (Credit: Crunchyroll)

And his best friend, Makoto Sunakawa, is skilled in stealing any girl’s girl’s girl’s heart. When one day, Takeo saves Rinko Yamato from being molested, he falls in love with her. But he doesn’t confess to her as he is scared that Rinko will also fall in love with Makoto. Will Takeo ever achieve Love? Find out in this Rom-com anime!

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Once upon a time, on a hot summer day, Jinta Yadomi meets Meiko “Menma” Honma. She asks him to fulfill her forgotten wish, but Jinta pays her no mind, as Menma died years ago. Earlier, thinking that he was hallucinating, he figured out that the person bothering him was the ghost of Menma.

Anohana (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Jinta and his friends have now regrouped to fulfill Menma’s last wish. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a beautiful, must-watchman.

Aggressive Retsuko

In the office of Aggressive Retsuko, the boss is a chauvinistic pig who doesn’t do any work, and the employees suck up to the boss, people who seem to have perfect lives, and the group who has to do all the real work. In the last group, our protagonist, Retsuko the Red Panda, does all the work that her lazy coworkers are supposed to do.

Aggressive Retsuko
Aggressive Retsuko (Credit: IMDB)

The only thing that relieves her from the stress is death metal. The karaoke room where she lets out her grief is her place of comfort. But soon, she lets others into her world of Death Metal. This is a fantastic comedy anime that one can watch.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai

Demi-chan wa Kataritai revolves around the not-so-ordinary life of an ordinary-looking biology professor, Tetsuo Takahashi. Tetsuo has a lot of fascination for half-humans, known as ‘Demi.’ And because of that, he interacts mostly with his three demi students, the vampire Hikari Takanashi, the Dullahan Kyouko Machi, and the snowwoman Yuki Kusakabe.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai
Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Credit: IMDB)

Tetsuo conducts casual interviews with these girls to learn more about them. As the story goes on, he discovers that the Demi are not so different after all. Learn more about the Demi in funny fantasy anime!

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

Humans have betrayed and enslaved Fairies in the kingdom of Highland. They do so by stripping fairies of their wings and holding their lives in their hand. Incomes 15-year-old Ann Halford, who wishes to see Humans and Fairies living as equals. 

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Ann aspires to be a Silver Sugar Master following her mother’s steps. She has now set out to the annual royal candy fair to win the royal medal at the event. She has teamed up with the warrior fairy, Shall Fen Shall. Join them on their travels in this fantasy anime, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale.

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten revolves around the beautiful Mahiru Shiina and her neighbor Amane Fujimiya. They both live in two different worlds and have never spoken to each other.

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten
The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten (Credit: IMDB)

When one day, Fujimiya finds Shiina sitting on a swing during a heavy rainstorm, he offers her his umbrella. Shiina returns his favor by healing his cold the next day. The unlikely pair starts spending more time together, thinking their story will end. Watch their relationship change from total strangers to something more in this lovely Romantic Comedy!


Clannad introduces us to the delinquent Tomoya Okazaki, who has given up on life. But one fateful day, he encounters the young and cheerful Nagisa Furukawa, who claims themselves as fellow friends. His dull life takes a turn for the better following this.

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten
The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Tomoya now helps Nagisa fulfill her lifelong dream – revive the school drama club. Along with that, he helps other girls too. Watch Tomoya’s growth in this one of the greatest slice-of-life animes!


Horimiya tells a wonderful story of opposite people attracting each other. First, we have Kyouko Hori, the most popular girl out there, thanks to her beautiful face and intelligent brain. Second, we have the gentle and quiet Izumi Miyamura.

Horimiya (Credit: IMDB)

On the front, they have opposite personalities, but on the inside, they share very odd similarities. Find out about those similarities as you see them become best buddies in this beautiful anime.

Fruits Basket

Tooru Honda’s circumstances leave her all alone, living inside a tent. When one day, she encounters the prince of their school, Yuki Souma, and his cousins, she is offered to reside on their private property temporarily. This act of kindness leads to Honda finding out the hidden secret of the Souma family.

Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket (Credit: Crunchyroll)

The Soumas turn into animals when they hug someone of the opposite sex. Yuki becomes a Rat, and his hot-headed cousin, Kyou, becomes a cat. Tooru is more excited than scared after finding out the truth. Fruits Basket is anime full of Love and laughs!


Toradora! is the story of two students teaming up to help each other achieve the Love of their lives. On the first hand, we have the kind but intimidating Ryuuji Takasu; on the other, we have the spirited Taiga Aisaka.

Toradora (Credit: IMDB)

Ryuuji finds out that Taiga has a crush on his best friend, and Taiga finds out that Ryuuji has a crush on her best friend. They have joined forces and helping each other in this epic Rom-com anime!

Lovely Complex

Does height matter? Well, it does in this anime called Lovely Complex. Risa Koizumi, the 172 cm tall girl, is much taller than your average female. And similarly, Atsushi Ootani is much shorter than your average male.

Lovely Complex
Lovely Complex (Credit: myanimangalist)

Their crushes fall in love with each other, and everyone views them as a comedy duo thanks to their height differences. With broken spirits, they both try their best to achieve Love in this must-watch comedy!

Kimi ni Todoke

The sweet and caring Sawako Kuronuma has been regarded as frightening because of her fictional counterpart – ‘Sadako.’ She has a crush on the cheerful and most popular boy in her class, Shouta Kazehaya. Trying her best to get closer to him, she finally gets an opportunity after Kazehaya asks her to take his test of strength. Watch Sawako try her best in this awesome romantic comedy anime.

Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke (Credit: IMDB)

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Leaving her 11-year-old job made Moriko Morioka the happiest person on earth. She can now spend her ample free time in the online game MMO Fruits de Mer. She has reinvented herself as the handsome hero “Hayashi” and made best friends with a cute healer, Lily. Morika is way into the game and only leaves her apartment during the essential times.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie
Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Credit: IMDB)

On one such essential time, she bumped into a 28-year-old corporate worker, Yuuta Sakurai. She does not know that Yuuta is also an MMO player and that their bump was more than an awkward meeting. Watch the romance and comedy between two hardcore players in Recovery of an MMO Junkie.


Hyouka follows the story of Houtarou Oreki, a high school freshman who wants to save as much energy as possible. Saving energy ends when his elder sister forces him to join the memberless Classic Club and save it from dying. Other than Houtarou, the classics now have three other members.

Hyouka (Credit: IMDB) 

One of them is the first-year Eru Chitanda, who is very curious and spirited. These four now solve mysteries to answer Chitanda’s never-ending curiosity in this slice-of-life anime!

My Senpai is Annoying

My Senpai is Annoying is a story about a certain trading company. The company has the very short girl Futaba Igarashi, who has worked her respectable job for two years. This would not have been possible without the guidance of her senior – Harumi Takeda.

My Senpai Is Annoying
My Senpai Is Annoying (Credit: Crunchyroll)

The thing is that Harumi is very annoying and teases Futaba a lot for her height. But he also understands Futaba’s reliability for the office. Watch Futaba and Harumi’s relationship go places in this very funny rom-com!

Kiss Him, Not Me!

The Otaku Kae Serinuma was once noticeably overweight. But after getting depression when her favorite character in her favorite show dies, she loses a lot of weight. Kae is now strikingly beautiful and has become an attraction to everyone at her school.

Kiss Him, Not Me!
Kiss Him, Not Me! (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Her four male friends have head over heels for her. One unknown fact about Kae is – She loves imagining her male friends falling for each other. Yes, she is a fellow Boys-in-love enjoyer. And now, she wants the four boys to spend time with each other rather than coming after her. How will she do it? Find the answer in Kiss Him, Not Me!

3D Kanojo: Real Girl

3D Kanojo: Real Girl follows awkward high-schooler Hikari Tsutsui, who loves his 2D world of video games and anime more than the actual one. He is made fun of by all his classmates, excluding his friend, the cat-ears-wearing Yuuto Itou, as he also falls in the same category.

3D Kanojo
3D Kanojo (Credit: IMDB)

All was going simple until he met the bold and beautiful Iroha Igarashi. Hikari does not want to get involved with her, but he does not realize that Iroha is the one that will take him out of his shell. How will she do that? The answer lies in the anime. 

Servant x Service

Servant x Service takes its viewer into the maddening world of civil servants, focusing on new employees who will dive into this world. First comes Lucy Yamagamiis on a mission to find the civil servant who put her comically large name on her birth certificate. Second, we have Yutaka Hasebe, who is here to pass his time, and in the end, Saya Miyoshi, who is always extremely nervous.

Servant x Service
Servant x Service (Credit: IMDB)

To train them, we have Taishi Ichimiya, who does not know what to do and does not know what to do despite having eight years of experience. This is going to be tough for them. Watch them struggle at the job in this epic slice-of-life comedy!

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

We have read about many unusual love relationships in the list, but here’s one involving an unusual marriage. The hardcore Otaku who makes a living off his blog, Hajime Tsunashi, and the ordinary office worker who loves to drink, Kaoru Tsunashi, are happily married.

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying
I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying (Credit: IMDB)

Although they have very few similarities, their Love for each other is very much! But the strange couple keeps on falling into ridiculous situations, and the only thing that takes them out of them is their never-ending Love. Watch their marriage life full of romance and comedy in I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying!


The uneventful life of high school gamer Keita Amano turns into chaos when he meets the cutest and most popular girl in his school, Karen Tendou. When Karen discovers Keita is a gamer, she recruits her into the game club.

Gamers! (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Amano soon discovers that life at the game club differs greatly from his normal gamer life. It’s wild in there, and Amano has to try his best to survive his new life full of ridiculous moments. Watch Amano go insane in Gamers! An anime that will make you laugh until your stomach starts hurting. 

Tada Never Falls in Love

The high schooler and aspiring photographer Mitsuyoshi Tada thought he would never find Love. He never cared about Love in the first place. One day, he meets a lively foreigner named Teresa Wagner, who asks her to take her photographs. After parting ways, he thought he would never meet her again. However, he meets her twice more.

Tada Never Falls in Love
Tada Never Falls in Love (Credit: ANN)

He later discovers she has lost her way while traveling with her redhead partner, Alexandra “Alec” Magritte. After reuniting with her and parting ways again, Tada thought this was their last meeting. Fate says differently as Teresa and Alec become transfer students at his school and join his photography club. Will Tada finally fall in Love in “Tada Never Falls in Love”? Find the answer in this rom-com.

My Dress-Up Darling

In a world where teenagers are indulged in pop culture, Wakana Gojou spends his time on the sewing machine, sewing clothes for Hina dolls, hoping to reach his expert grandfather’s level. He does not tell anyone about his habit to avoid the teasing he thinks he would receive.

My Dress-Up Darling
My Dress-Up Darling (Credit: IMDB)

Everything changes for the better when the pretty and popular girl Marin Kitagawa discovers Gojou’s talents. She tells him her secret in exchange – she loves to cosplay. Now working together, both soon grow closer in the hit rom-com series – My Dress-Up Darling.

Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui

Ryou Amakusa, a genius playboy, falls in Love in one of the strangest ways possible. He was about to fall downstairs one day when a girl named Ichika Arima saved him. Ryou discovers that Arima is his sister’s best friend. He then goes to Arima to say thanks and does his usual flirting.

Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui
Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui (Credit: Crunchyroll)

To his surprise, that crept Arima down. This made Ryou fall for her; now, he is trying to steal her heart. But Arima rejects him every time! Will Playboy ever succeed? Watch Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui to find out. 

High Score Girl

The story of High Score Girl is dated to 1991 when arcade games started becoming popular. There is no such occupation of a professional gamer during this time, but that is the path the sixth grader Haruo Yaguchi wants to take, thanks to his gaming skills.

High Score Girl
High Score Girl (Credit: IMDB) 

Thinking he is the best at an arcade, his pride crushes when he loses a game of Street Fighter 2 against his classmate, Akira Oono. On the one hand, he hates her more than anything, but on the other hand, he is glad that he finally has a rival. This is a must-watch anime for fans of classic arcade games! 


Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, also known as Genshiken, is nothing more than a club for the Otaku Culture filled with hardcore otakus. Joining them is a first-year College student, Kanji Sasahara, who thought he finally got a place to call home.

Genshiken (Credit: IMDB)

There he befriends the handsome Makoto Kousaka. The club allows everyone to dive deep into the world of Otaku. Hiding in the club is Makoto’s girlfriend, Saki Kasukabe, whose mission is to turn her boyfriend into someone ‘normal.’ Genshiken is a great slice-of-life anime if you are also a hardcore otaku! 

Blend S

16-year-old Maika Sakuranomiya wants to find the perfect part-time job, save money, and study abroad. But she struggles at the first step as she constantly gets rejected at job interviews because of her menacing smile. Her misery ends when she gets hired at Café Stile, a cafe where the servers roleplay as certain characters.

Blend S
Blend S (Credit: IMDB)

Maika gets the role of ‘Sadistic Waitress,’ who has to serve the customers as ruthlessly as possible. Having doubts initially, Maika realizes she is great at the job as she successfully serves two masochistic customers. Watch Maika serve her way through customers using her sadistic smile in this incredibly funny anime – Blend S! 

Romantic Killer

There is no place for romance in the life of Anzu Hoshino. She lives peacefully with her cat, chocolates, and video games. But one day, Love gets forced into her life while she starts playing a game in which a wizard, Riri, pops out of the screen.

Romantic Killer
Romantic Killer (Credit: Netflix)

The wizard names Anzu’ Subject 1′ and chooses her to play the first real-life harem dating simulator. Anzu protests as hard as she can against the game, but Riri forces her to play along and even takes all her favorite things. What will happen when someone who hates romance gets surrounded by it? Watch Romantic Killer to find out the answer. 

Ganbare Douki Chan

The only mission in the life of the respectable office worker Douki-chan is to seduce her coworker – Douki-kun. Too bad for her, as in this game of Love, she has not one but two rivals, Kouhai-chan and Senpai-san.

Ganbare Douki Chan
Ganbare Douki Chan (Credit: ANN)

They ruin everything Douki-chan does, but she will stop at nothing! Only one of these three ladies will win Douki-kun’s heart. Who are you rooting for in this triple-threat match? The result lies in Ganbare Douki Chan.

Uramichi Oniisan

‘Together With Mama’ is a morning children’s show run by good-for-nothing adults to educate preschoolers and bring cheerful smiles to their faces. But to turn off the cheerfulness, the show has Uramichi Omota, a former gymnast that tells the children about the sad reality of adulthood.

Uramichi Oniisan
Uramichi Oniisan (Credit: IMDB)

Behind the scene, we have two bothersome juniors who work as the rabbit and the bear mascots in front of the camera – the woman who is desperate for marriage, Utano Tadano, and the man with a broken sense of humor, Iketeru Daga. Watch all of them run a show full of life lessons in this anime full of life lessons – Uramichi Oniisan!

Love is like a Cocktail

In Love is like a cocktail. We have a strict no-to-drinks assistant office manager, the calm and composed Chisato Mizusawa. Chisato loves to drink but does not indulge in the act because she changes into someone very different after it.

Love is like a Cocktail
Love is like a Cocktail (Credit: IMDB)

She only drinks in front of her husband, Sora, a bartender. Every Day, Sora shows his Love to his wife by making her a meal and different cocktails. Sora and drinking are the two things Chisato loves the most. This is a Romantic Comedy based on drinking.

The Way of the Househusband

Once the most feared gangster of his time, “Immortal Dragon,” Tatsu now lives as a househusband. After giving up his life as a Yakuza, he vanishes away. Only some know that he lives peacefully with his wife in an apartment.

The Way of the Househusband
The Way of the Househusband (Credit: Netflix)

The legend is mastering every skill to become the most talented homemaker ever. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, Tatsu can do it all. Watch a man with a controversial past change into taking care of his wife and home in The Way of the Househusband.

Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi-san is the most beautiful and elegant girl, adored by everyone who sees her through their eyes. But not many people know about the skills that Komi lacks – Communication. Komi cannot communicate her thoughts to others and has no real friends.

Komi Can't Communicate
Komi Can’t Communicate (Credit: Netflix)

The most ordinary-looking boy, Hitohito Tadano, learns about it and soon becomes Komi’s first friend. He has now joined forces to fulfill Komi-sans wish of having a hundred friends. Will they hit the number? Find out the answer in Komi Can’t Communicate

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