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What is the watch order for Clannad? Clannad is a Japanese animated tv show based on the visual book of the same name Clannad. By ‘Key’ visual novel company. Tatsuya Ishihara directed the episodes. They were scripted by Fumihiko Shimo and featured art direction by Kazumi Ikeda, who built the designs on Itaru Hinoue’s initial creation.

The plot involves Tomoya Okazaki. He is a disgruntled high schooler. His world is turned upside down after he encounters Nagisa Furukawa, a girl one year his senior.

In July 2008, the last episode was published as an original video anime (OVA) on the eighth DVD. Pony Canyon produced a set of eight DVD collections of the anime series in Japan. During December 2007 and July 2008, each of which contained three episodes.

The Clannad anime sequence, licensed by Sentai Filmworks, and Section23 Films localized and shared the television series. The OVA, beginning with the very first half-season box set, included 12 episodes with English subtitles, Japanese audio, and no English language track and was published in March 2009. In May 2009, the second half-season box set with the rest of the series was published. On June 15, 2010, Sentai Filmworks and Section23 Films published a comprehensive selection set. With an English dub that included the whole first season, along with the OVA.

How To Watch Clannad: Watch Order, Fillers & Episode List
A still from Clannad Season 1

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Clannad Watch Order

Clannad, a once-popular Graphic Novel, rose to prominence big props to its anime adaptation, which debuted in 2007. Given its beginnings, the series had to walk a fine line between maintaining consistency with the original Visual Novel follower base while also becoming enticing enough to attract new fans, which Clannad accomplished admirably.

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There’s a lot to grab attention further into the world of Clannad. With a blend of genres like slice-of-life, romance, and the supernatural, and with its super gripping plots, once you’re there, you’ll want even more. Here’s the complete guide as to how you can watch Clannad in the proper order.

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Clannad Season 1

The first season of Clannad was released in 2007. It had a total of 24 episodes. The first episode aired on October 4, 2007, and the last episode aired on July 16, 2008. Kyoto Animation intended 24 episodes for release. However, only 23 were broadcast on television. With the first 22 becoming normal episodes followed by a bonus installment. The last episode, placed in a parallel reality from the anime series. Wherein Tomoya and Tomoyo are together. It was issued as an original video animation on July 16, 2008.

Clannad The Motion Picture

The first Clannad movie was released on September 15, 2007. Osamu Dezaki directed it, and Hiroshi Takahashi and Takeshi Oikawa produced it. Written by Makoto Nakamura and Jun Maeda, it runs for 90 minutes. Itaru Hinoue, Key’s art director who focused on the graphic novel, created the original animation style. Megumi Kadonosono, who presented the character art for the film adaptation, used this layout as a framework.

How To Watch Clannad: Watch Order, Fillers & Episode List
Main Cast of Clannad After Story

Clannad: After Story Season 2

Clannad After Story is an extension of the first anime series. The After Story arc from the Clannad graphic story, which is a progression of Nagisa’s scenario. It is adapted by the same characters as the first series and features the same lineup of the cast.

The first 22 episodes are routine episodes. The 23rd is an additional episode. And the final episode is a recap episode detailing the best bits from the series. Between December 3, 2008, and July 1, 2009, the episodes were published on eight DVD collection volumes.

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Clannad: Another World, Tomoyo Chapter

Clannad: Another World, Tomoyo Chapter, an original video animation, is in its twenty-fourth episode. This is a single episode that has nothing to do with the main storyline. It takes place in an alternative reality, focusing on sections of Tomoyo’s visual novel journey. On July 16, 2008, the show premiered in Japan.

Clannad After Story: Another World, Kyou Chapter

Clannad After Story: Another World, Kyou Chapter, an original video animation, is in its twenty-fifth episode. This episode, which takes place in a parallel universe to the central time frame. It was first broadcast in Japan on July 1, 2009.

Luckily, there is more than enough anime material for series fans to start watching. And if you’ve never heard of the series, Clannad is still an amazing watch.

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