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Again My Life Season 2: Will There Be the Prosecutor Action Again?

IS there a season 2 of Again My Life?
Again My Life season 2

Although the first season is still ongoing, fans are already adding Again My Life Season 2 to their Korean drama wishlist. However, we cannot blame them, considering the success of the first season and the intriguing plot that had us hooked right from Episode 1. We understand how they never want this to end and could not agree with them more. However, is it happening? Will there be a season 2 of Again My Life?

The series marked the comeback of K-drama’s prince Lee Joon Gi. After watching him support the role of a hot-blooded prosecutor, we feel he was totally cut out for such a character. Supporting him is Kim Ji Eun, who dons the role of a rich heiress of a business conglomerate. All in all, while Kim Hee Woo utilized his second chance at life to fulfill past vendettas, we would use our second shot to experience how Again My Life felt for the first time Again!

What is happening in Again My Life Season 1?

We would use the word perfection to describe the series Again My Life in one word. Right from the cast to every last element in the show, the drama portrays finesse. Essentially, Again My Life is a treat to all those who fancy a good crime thriller/ law concept. The plot revolves around Kim Hee Woo, who is given a second chance at life. He returns to the mortal world to tend to some unfinished business. This includes a certain corrupt politician named Jo Tae Sub, who has built a life by exploiting and deceiving millions of innocent individuals.

again my life season 2

The cast of Again My Life

He holds considerable power in society and is a name that is feared by all. The source of his power comes from empire businesses like the Cheonha group of companies. The series is so well crafted that every detail is introduced with a certain significance. We say this because of the ties both Kim Hee Woo and Jo Tae Sub possess with the Cheonha group.

The one in line to inherit this empire is none other than Hee Woo’s collegemate Kim Hee Ah. As such, the story traces his movements on the path to delivering ultimate justice. A number of hurdles come along the way, but our skilled prosecutor has what it takes to show them who’s boss! We want to see more of this in an Again My Life Season 2.

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Will there be an Again My Life season 2?

So far, there has not been any information regarding Again My Life Season 2 that has been confirmed. However, fans still hope that the goodness continues and that Again My Life receives a second season. The series became widely popular across South Korea and even the globe in a matter of a few episodes. The intriguing plot and mega cast have only added to the drama’s success. It has truly raised the bar for all law and thriller dramas in general. It is possible that a season 2 of the drama might garner similar success.

Again My Life season 2

Will there be a Season 2?

What can fans expect?

Just like all the other fans out there, we sincerely hope that the series gets renewed for a second season. Moreover, we are yet to see what the story will merge into in the upcoming episodes. However, we know where the drama is headed to. The way they reach the destination is still a matter of interest. However, since the fundamental plot of the drama is pretty solid, a second season might fare well for Again My Life.

Again My Life Season 2 may focus on eliminating more crimes in society. New enemies may spring up to provide Kim Hee Woo with another chance to show off his abilities. Perhaps the season may also be used to provide a romantic end for our prosecutor.

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