Shooting Stars Episode 8 Release Date: Oh Han Byul Begins To See Gong Tae Sung In A New Light!

shooting stars episode 8 release date
Sho**ting Stars episode 8

Stop wracking your brains trying to figure out what will happen in Shooting Stars Episode 8, as we are here to help with that! Despite being the most anticipated series of 2022, Shooting Stars got off to quite a rocky start. Their aim to top the charts backfired as they were met with criticisms and allegations instead. The actors were also refuted for choosing such a genre. However, this does not disregard the fact that the series indeed has an engaging plot that has got the fans totally hooked as the series progressed!

Moreover, the all-star cast of the Korean drama has also added volumes to its success. Shooting Stars feature Kim Young Dae and Lee Sung Kyung as the two protagonists of the series. Their chemistry on-screen is enticing and absolutely unforgettable. The two protagonists tread down the classic but familiar road from enemies to lovers in the drama. With that being said, find out how far the couple has reached in Shooting Stars Episode 8!

What To Expect From Shooting Stars Episode 8?

If you have any expectations from Shooting Stars Episode 8, be sure that the new episode will exceed them. We have already been introduced to the conflicting relationship between Oh Han Byul and Gong Tae Sung. They started off as college mates, only to meet again in a writer and client relationship in the future. It was quite evident that the two carried on highly inflated egos when in each other’s company. With no one willing to back down, the episodes thus far were loaded with them bickering and arguing over everything.

Social media has an interesting theory that explains how some boys tend to be mean to the girls they fancy. It looks like our narcissistic celeb actor Gong Tae Sung falls right into this category. Turns out, Tae Sung has never laid eyes on any other woman but her. The key to any girl’s heart! The animosity they have brewed over the last few years seems to be just a farce on Tae Sung’s side as well. Fans can expect some cute interactions between the two, perhaps even dates in the following episodes!

release date of shooting stars ep 8
Oh Han Byul is slowly developing feelings for Gong Tae Sung?

However, the gears on Oh Han Byul’s side are also slowly turning as she starts realizing the genuinity in her so-called enemies’ feelings. A closer look at all his actions and his intentions becomes clear as day. Despite this, accepting the same is not as easy as her mind is still in conflict with the changes. How far away do you think Han Byul is from admitting how she feels about Gong Tae Sung? Watch Shooting Stars Episode 8 to find out!

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Shooting Stars Episode 8 Release Date

The romantic comedy Shooting Stars releases new episodes every Friday and Saturday. Shooting Stars Episode 8 will release on 14th May 2022. Brace yourself for some drama and maybe even some confessions along your way in the episode. Fans are thoroughly enjoying the series, particularly the visually effective cast of the drama. Moreover, the supporting characters are all just as wholesome, each having their own story to tell. Block the date and keep yourself free to witness the unfolding of the deep-rooted chemistry between Oh Han Byul and Gong Tae Sung!

Shooting stars episode 8 release date
Shooting Stars cr: TVN

Watch Shooting Stars Episode 8 Online – Streaming Details

TvN network is the official television network of the drama Shooting Stars. Fans can watch the episode on time if they tune in at 10:40 pm KST. That would be equivalent to 7:10 pm IST, 11:40 pm AEST, and 9:40 am EST. Fans can also stream the episodes of paid online platforms such as Rakuten Viki and TVING. However, as already mentioned, fans must purchase a premium subscription in order to access these episodes with subtitles of your choice.

Is love truly powerful enough for the supposed enemies to put their history past them? How far will they go for love? Find out only on Shooting Stars Episode 8. Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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