Who is Rapper Casanova’s Girlfriend? Why is He in Jail?

Casanova and Jasmere Corbett
Who is Jasmere Corbett Rapper Casanova's girlfriend?

What do we know about Rapper Casanova’s girlfriend? Is Casanova still in a relationship after getting arrested and for how long he will be in jail? Well, we all are familiar with Caswell Senior aka Rapper Casanova. He is an American Rapper who began her rapping career in 2016. In 2016, he released his first original song titled Don’t Run. Since then his path to success opens up.

Later in the same year, he released his another single titled Line me and Quite Storm. And finally, in October 2016, he signed a contract with Warehouse/Roc Nation. Moreover, he also got a chance to perform on the Party Tour along with Chris Brown, 50 Cent, French Montana, Fabolous, and a few others. After successful 3 years in his career, a turning point came in Casanova’s life which shocked the entire industry, his fans, and everyone who is in contact with him.

In December 2020, Rapper Casanova got arrested which was declared by the Southern District of New York Federal Court. He was caught up being a leader within the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Gang. And he got arrested because he was in so many racketeering, murder, narcotics, firearms, and many more crimes like these. Casanova also surrendered to federal authorities right after he got an arrest warrant. Since then he is in jail.

But his lawyers are trying their level best to reduce the time period. Moreover, a couple of days back news came out that Casanova pleads guilty to Racketeering Conspiracy. Now we are hoping something good will happen. Besides, that one thing that people are really appreciating is that Rapper Casanova’s girlfriend is constantly supporting him.

Rapper Casanova’s supportive girlfriend revealed

Jasmere Corbett aka Swaggy Jazzy is a constant supporter, companion, girlfriend, and whatnot. She is the only one who is trying her best to reach more and more people so that her boyfriend Casanova gets bail from the jail. Yes, you heard it right. When Rapper Casanova got arrested in 2020, he was in a relationship with none other than Swaggy Jazzy. After that people started assuming that due to Casanova’s sudden arrest warrant, Rapper Casanova’s relationship with girlfriend Swaggy Jazzy will come to end. But everyone was wrong at that time. Because their love is unbreakable and nothing can break their relationship.

Rapper Casanova and Swaggy Jazzy
Rapper Casanova with her constant supporter and girlfriend Swaggy Jazzy.

As far as we know, Rapper Casanova’s girlfriend constantly posts pictures with him. Putting captions like miss you, justice for Casanova, and many more like that. This proves that she is still madly in love with each other and still in a relationship with Casanova. Moreover, earlier in 2021, a video of Casanova was shared in which he was talking to his girlfriend Swaggy Jazzy.

In the video, he was also seen showing his lock-up cell where he was and is living. The couple also shared their feelings over that video call by confessing how much they are missing each other which is another indication that both are still together and we also believed that Swaggy is the one who is praying for his boyfriend’s bail. Now come have a look at Swaggy Jazzy’s life and know what she does to earn money.

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More about Swaggy Jazzy

Well besides Rapper Casanova’s girlfriend Swaggy Jazzy aka Jasmere Corbett is a social media influencer, model, and content creator. Moreover, she also found supporting multiple brands and also featured in so many magazines as well. And she creates so many videos on her Instagram account. And throughout the years she has gained quite impressive popularity. Besides that, she is also the founder of @dope_emporium.

Swaggy Jazzy and Rapper Casanova
Who is Swaggy Jazzy: Casanova’s girlfriend?

Besides that when we talk about her early life, well there is nothing much to talk about. But we will tell you what we know about her early life including her birth date, place, and schooling as well. As per the sources, Swaggy Jazzy was born on 24 July 1990 in Los Angeles, United States. She completed her graduation at US State University. She is very active on social media as it’s her duty to entertain her fans by making creative content. You can also check her Instagram handle given: Swaggy Jazzy.

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