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Warzone Season 2 Review: A Spoon Of The Old With A Pinch Of The New

Warzone Season 2 Review
Warzone Season 2 Review

Warzone Season 2 was released on 15 February 2023 across all regions throughout the world. This second main franchise of Call Of Duty games can get downloaded at no cost. The download size is proportional to the gaming platform. Warzone 1 went temporarily down and came back as ‘Warzone Caldera.’

For instance, the game requires 23.6GB on Battle.NET and 22.6GB on Steam. However, console users must keep 55GB to 70GB and PC users, 22GB to 24GB, vacant on their systems. Warzone 2 gets automatically installed with Modern Warfare 2.

Based on Ashika Island, this ranked multiplayer game has modes, maps, and more. It comes with several challenges that must get solved to unlock the Crossbow. Though this season is a sequel to the previous one, it will begin fresh with nothing to be carried from the first one.

Warzone Season 2 Review

Warzone Season 2 Review

Warzone Season 2 Maps

Warzone season 2 began with only one map, ‘Apocalypse,’ which is quite disappointing. It is obvious to expect three to four maps from a franchise of Call Of Duty. However, progress in the game introduces the Golova map (for multi-team), Mansion (for 2v2), and Miami Strike. These maps are taken from Call Of Duty.

The player will find an industrial park, houses, a church, and more that make a town. So, it is better for close-combat situations with melee weapons. Mansion map provides a tactical and intimate environment to practice combat and get ready for fierce attacks.

Miami Strike, made for close combat around the hotels of Miami, is a colorful map that reminds us of the era of the 80s. It is the smaller version on the 6v6 map and allows combat to be done in the daylight.


The developers have kept FARA 83 and LC10 SMG. The former is the best new assault rifle, and the latter can be a sub-weapon for snipers. Talking about SMG, Fennec 45 is the best one to tear through the enemies.

A ranged weapon that cannot get easily unlocked is the R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow. It is attached to the Ronin challenges that must get completed first. It will not help the character in the long term, but using it is still fun in this game.

Warzone Season 2 Review

Warzone Season 2 Review

Warzone Season 2 Gameplay

Warzone Season 2 has got some new stuff. In the beginning, the player can select the weapons, operator, battle pass, and challenges. Vanguard Royale has got bomber planes and characters with gas masks. The game begins with the character landing through a parachute. It must kill the enemies to survive and acquire their weapons.

The enemies must be hidden in the bunkers too. So, go near a bunker, shoot the visible enemies, and explode the bunker with a bomb to kill the hidden ones. The player may also keep running here and there with none else around. So, it gets a bit boring. However, it can shoot someone far away, including a flying plane or an enemy landing down a parachute.

The forward parachute is at the same speed as the sideways. It can be used while jumping down a building instead of using the stairs. So, it acts as another resource to travel to a remote place in search of enemies rather than just running here and there.

The players must start a new game once the character dies. After that, finding an appropriate tier for purchasing is a slow process. The fluidity is amazing. Some parts of this game are too quick, like a rebirth. So, the players used to a slower playstyle will find it a bit challenging.

The Ashika Island map looks good but is not as big as expected. Limited UAV is better. The faster players get a lot of kills and a lot of cash, but this is not the case with the slower players. So, the developers must maintain a balance so the fast players can stick with the group instead of going ahead alone.

The characters go back to the plane after a win. It occurs mainly after killing the special guy running on the island and getting the special weapon. The defined animations, not the movements, are speeded up. Thus, multiple players can run simultaneously. So, this game was time-consuming and too deliberate.

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What’s New

The combat has been redesigned, and the battle pass provides new operator skins and 100 tiers of new content. It gets divided into 21 sectors from B0 to B20. The new operator ‘Ronin’ will be immediately available with this season’s battle pass. However, this character arrived in Modern Warfare in 2019.

New weapons added here are KV Broadside, ISO Hemlock, and Dual Kodachis. The first weapon is like Kastov 74u and Kastov 762. It is a short gun better for close-range attacks. It is the fastest-firing gun available in sector B4. ISO Hemlock will be present at sector B11, and the player can get it for free. This assault rifle can handle subsonic .300 and 5.6 BLK ammunition. 

Dual Kodachi is a combat knife with the highest range of 2.5 meters. It can cause 135 damages with each strike. It will be available in sector B13. Overall, these token tier skips can be gained using the Warfare Season 2 Battle Pass Bundle.

The mid-game will bring the ZRG20 Sniper Rifle as a better addition to the multiplayer game. It is one of the most powerful weapons. Another sniper rifle called ‘HDR’ is an alternative to ZRG20.

Our Review

There have been a lot of changes in Warzone with the launch of Season 2. However, the lack of choice in the case of the map is a disappointment. Updates related to the Season 2 Reloaded can be expected in mid-march. All the maps have been inherited from Call Of Duty. So, it decreases the excitement.

However, Miami Strike seems to be a ray of hope. It is still better than the other maps. The only two 6v6 maps act like just a small piece of content because, after all, it is a multiplayer game too! The death machine is inherited from Call Of Duty. It will be powerful and fun only if one handles it very well.

It will last for a longer period with a sequence of events. Similarly, it is drawn out from the Call Of Duty. However, the character was only moving from one location to another while killing the enemies. Similarly, the new weapons are not too powerful to be used in the long run.

It acts as the hardcore Warzone, and the player will have only a fraction of a second to realize where the enemy is coming from. So, it is a bit difficult in the beginning. The graphics are excellent, but the developers could add more weapons with various powers and more twists to the game.

Looking Forward To Warzone Season 3

Warzone Season 3 will be released on 27 April 2023. Looking forward to new weapons (Renetti and SK Sierra), operators, operator skins, multiplayer maps (Aniyah Incursion, Hovec Sawmill, and Talsik Backlot), battle pass, custom vehicles skins, game modes (Scopes and Scatter Guns Quads, and more), and more.

Warzone Season 2 Review

Warzone Season 2 Review

Final Verdict

The outbreak of zombies in a new dimension is a surprise. Warzone Season 2 seems to be interesting and difficult in the beginning. But it gets boring and disappointing later. Lack of maps, challenges, vehicles, and powerful weapons are the reasons for the same. It is an example of excellent graphics and worse challenges. So, it gets a rating of 3 out of 5.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3/5).

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