Warzone Season 2 Patch Notes and Where to Play

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Warzone Season 2
Warzone Season 2

The latest season of Warzone, Season 2, was released on February 14, and players can play the game around the world. We will be looking in detail at the Warzone Season 2 Patch Notes. Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale video game released as part of 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Along with that, the game is also connected to 2020’s Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War 2021’s Call of Duty: Vanguard. Not only that, the game maintains a connection to the upcoming sequel of Modern Warfare which is expected to release in 2022 published by Activision; in this game, players battle against a total of 150 players. In some limited game mods, this increases to 200 players.

Other than that, the game also brings many game mods such as Plunder, Rebirth: Resurgence, Payload Buy Back, and Clash. The best part of Warzone is that it supports cross-platform play, which means players can play across platforms without any issues and also supports cross-platform progression between all the connected games. The game has two main modes, one Battle Royale and the other Plunder. Since its release, the game has recovered generally positive reviews from critics, especially for the map. As of now, Warzone has a total of more than 100 million active players.

Warzone Season 2
Warzone Season 2

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When was Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 released?

Great news for everyone who is excited to play Warzone Season 2 as the Call of duty Warzone Season 2 has already been released on February 14. Guess this was Valentine’s gift from Activision for Call of Duty fans. The latest update brings Armored War Machines with many improvements, such as new content and quality-of-life improvements. Season 2 brings lots of changes to the game. We will be looking in detail about them.

Warzone Season 2 patch notes

The warzone season 2 update brings lots of changes, and we will be looking in detail at them in this article. The latest update brings lots of changes to the gameplay, such as using Nebula V Ammo and Bombs for offensive tactics. The Portable Decontamination Stations act as a temporary refuge. A.I. threats now occupy Caldera, thus offering new opportunities for valuable loot.

Warzone Season 2
Warzone Season 2

You can now visit the sky using Redeploy Balloons or the new Bomber Plane that can be used for formidable air-to-ground strikers. This can be used to level infantry and vehicles, as well as can be used to destroy Loadout Drops. This can influence the gameplay in a huge way depending on how the Operators approach this aircraft. Warzone Season 2, released in 2022, comes with a new location called the Chemical Factory.

This newly added location will have a similar layout to the location it replaced, but with several notable differences, such as enemy soldiers who protect the facility and a trap in the central building. Now there will be more interior spaces to explore. Players are promised to get impressive sightlines over the facility and its surroundings.

Warzone Season 2
Warzone Season 2

There is also an Underground Chemical Weapon Research Lab that can be found on the map. There are a total of seven research laboratories spread across Caldera. These laboratories are visible via hand-drawn yellow circles on the Tac Map. If the players reach these laboratories, they will be treated with high-value Loadout items such as Gas Masks and Nebula V Ammo.

Found underground the chemical factory, You can defeat the Axis soldiers patroling in the new areas for powerful rewards. Other than that, players can explore the new game mod called Caldera Clash. In this game mode, there will be two teams where a total of up to 48 Operators play against a Team Deathmatch with wild events and power-ups.

Operators can use a Custom Loadout, which includes any weapons from all three Chapters and a Field Upgrade. Each kill earns their team a point, and the first team to reach a set number of points, or the one with the most points while the time limit expires, wins the round. As for warzone season, 2 Quality of Life changes, many updates that have been reported in the first season have been addressed.

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COD warzone season 2 patch notes: General Changes

The general changes in the game mainly include improvements in the rate of earning Weapon XP. There will be a total of 5 default loadouts, and the amount of cash that the Players gather through loot has been decreased overall. As for the other changes, we have covered each of them in detail. Weapons spawn across Caldera have been adjusted for Ground loot, Supply Box loot, and for Contract rewards. Dead Silence has been classified as “Legendary” orange loot. The final circle in Battle Royale modes has been made changed that it’s now is less likely to end on Caldera’s peak.

Warzone Season 2
Warzone Season 2

Warzone Season 2 battle pass

As for updates brought to the Battle pass in season 2 of Warzone, the new battle pass has been introduced, offering incredible value with dozens of free items to Legendary content across all 100 Tiers. The new battle pass brings two new free Functional Weapons and a new operator called Anna Drake, Yeti’s First Operator. There will be a “Bundled Up” Legendary Skin that will be available for free for those with Battle Pass Bundle.

Not only that, those with Battle Pass Bundle can skip ahead to Tier 20 and grab a new flight suit for Wade, promising peak performance in harsh winter conditions. There will be 1,300 Total COD Points, where Get 300 points will come as free for those with Battle Pass System, plus 1,000 more to unlock as the players progress in the Battle Pass.

COD warzone season 2 Events

New events include Search and Deploy, where the Event will be released in several phases over the coming weeks. As of now, players can play the new Caldera Clash Limited-time Mode, explore POIs including the Chemical Factory and several underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs in the map, A.I. enemy threats defending the new POIs, and many more in the coming weeks.

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COD warzone season 2 update brings new Modes

Other than the Caldera Clash mode that we have mentioned before, there will be another mode called Rebirth Iron Trials, where the players can return to the Rebirth Island. The Rebirth Iron Trials is a Battle Royale game mode where the last team will win, and as the game progresses, the circle shrinks the playable area, packing players to a smaller play area.

An interesting part of this mode is that those who died earlier in the game can respawn if the players can win a duel in the Rebirth Island Gulag. There will also be Caldera Resurgence mode, where the players return to Caldera to battle. Since we have been talking about the Battle Royale mode, there has been made changes to the Battle Royale mode too.

Warzone Season 2
Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone Season 2 Battle Royale details

To make the Vanguard Royale different from the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Warfare, Activision has stripped down some features and has decided to give a basic Battle Royale mode for Season 2. From Season 2, the Public Events will carry Supply Choppers, Fire Sale, and Jailbreak. Contracts will be in rotation during matches. These will be Recon, Bounty, Most Wanted, Scavenger, and Supply Run. The loots will include Economy rebalance and Ground Weapons updates.

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Warzone Season 2 gameplay Updates

For the updates brought to the gameplay, new features such as Redeploy Balloon have been introduced. This can let the players reposition themselves and tactically traverse to new areas. Added NPC Defensive Threats through new A.I. These can be found next to Chemical factories as well as underground labs. Introduced Nebula V Rounds, new ammunition that can be used to kill enemies and leave behind a small gas cloud, to be used by any weapon type for multiple interesting combinations.

Warzone Season 2
COD Warzone

Armored Convoys has also been introduced, which offers a new mobile loot cache opportunity. Will appear on the Tac Map when active. Nebula V Bombs has also been added, which is one of the rarest items in Warzone. It can be found inside a locked briefcase full of deadly gas and with an explosive charge. Once activated, the bomb can not be disarmed or destroyed and will detonate after a fixed countdown.

Its explosion deals a high amount of damage in a small radius followed by the gas spread, which will hurt any Operator without a Gas Mask. The gas will stay for two minutes until it disappears. There have also been some adjustments made to the gameplay. This includes changes in Aim Assist. Now the aim assist will scale appropriately while stunned on the controller.

The Armor Plating will now refill one full plate of armor before filling partially damaged plates. If the players want to exit from the Ascenders, they can do so by using the Jump Button. While exciting, there will be now a prompt. While aiming down the sights, the Gas Mask will no longer be auto-equipped. Even though Gas Mask will still deplete in ADS, the animation will no longer interrupt.

Warzone Season 2
Call of Duty Warzone

If the players don’t equip gas masks, they will take damage as normal while they are in ADS. After the Season 2 update, Gasoline Canister will no longer be detonated when hit by a Stun grenade. Gasoline Canister can be thrown through glass windows, and the chances of players accidentally picking them has also been reduced. The Kill damage zone by the Gasoline Canister has been reduced with the addition of fall-off damage. The Parachutes have the same speed as that to going forwards while going sideways. With the new update, parachutes can now be pulled at a lower vertical height.

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Vehicle Adjustments

The new update has reduced the health of the Fighter Plane, so do its weapon damage. From now on, Fighter Planes won’t be able to auto-target skydiving Players. As for the Anti-Aircraft Gun, the Flak damage range has been increased, and the Heat dissipation rate has been increased. The Utility truck has got changed with the new update. Now Utility Truck has Improved speed handling and can climb steeper inclines.

UI/UX Changes and Bug Fixes

There have been a lot of changes brought to the game after the Season 22 update. This includes the prompt for dropping a single armor plate changing to “Drop Single” instead of “Drop Stack.” The Tac Map now shows the moving Tram in the Capital. The bug fixes include fixing the issues with various elements across Caldera that allowed the Players to peek or shoot through them.

Various issues regarding console texture streaming and issues causing crashes across platforms have been fixed. The inconsistent voice chat connectivity issues have now been addressed. Players had reported that some operator skins appear invisible from a distance. This has been addressed along with the timing issue were swapping between guns while looting replaced with the wrong gun in players’ inventory.

The issue which prevents the Loadout Drop Event from occurring in the 6th circle of the Battle Royale game mode. Also, the 2nd Loadout Drop Event has now been moved into the 5th circle. Many issues regarding weapons have been handled, along with the issues where the social contacts are seen playing wrong titles. After making a purchase from the buy station, some players reported that they were facing some issues regarding keyboard and mouse. This issue has also been addressed with the latest update.

Weapons and Attachment Updates 

With the latest Season, Call of Duty Warzone receives many changes in the weapons as well as attachments. Muzzles Silencer will have an increased horizontal Recoil Control increased by 5%, from 1.34%. Now onwards, there won’t be any increase in Vertical Recoil Control. The MX Silencer’s ADS speed has now been decreased by 5%. The Horizontal Recoil Control has been increased by 3%.

The Bullet velocity has now been increased by 10% and Vertical Recoil Control by 5%. For the changes in Operators, Anna Drake has been introduced with Season Two Battle Pass. Players who reach Tier 100 will receive the Legendary “White Mirage” Skin for Anna Drake. You will also be getting access to Thomas Bolt and Gustavo Dos Santos, both of which details will be revealed in the future. 

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