Top 10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile That You Must Play

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10 Mobile Games Better than Call Of Duty Mobile
10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is one of those franchises that won’t stop amusing its fans and expanding the player base. With the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile, expectations were high. But at the same time, some came to the conclusion that it was just trying to be in the same competition as PUBG Mobile. However, when the game launched on October 1, 2019, it literally was way better than what many had expected. The gameplay was something unimagined for mobile phones. The ADS (Aim Down Sight) system integrated with the fire button itself was something that no other mobile game developers had thought of before. In this article, we will be talking about ten mobile games better than Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile has really dominated the multiplayer market for two years now. The classic maps and weapons from the original COD games make all the more authentic experiences for the players. I myself have been playing Call of Duty Mobile since its launch. And I am proud to say that I was also one of the few players selected for the closed beta. During that time, there were some bugs, but the game was ready to be rolled out. The developers have really defined the PC-like gaming experience for a handheld device with this game.

When the zombie mode was announced, players were more than happy to shoot horde of zombies down. The mode is completely based on the classic Black Ops 1 zombie mode. The game did also provide a battle-royale mode which was a bit similar to Warzone, but it was not perfect. The multiplayer mode, however, shined bright like North Star. With all that aside, let us now look at ten mobile games better than Call of Duty Mobile.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile

This article will be completed focused on 10 mobile games better than Call Of Duty Mobile. One might think that why would someone even want to play a game other than Call of Duty but trust me, there are some really good games on this list. Now, the games in this list are of mixed genre, that is not just action-shooter. This list contains some of the games you wouldn’t even have heard of. Nevertheless, they deserve to be on this list.

1. Genshin Impact

Starting off this list with one of the most famous anime games right now, Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is an action-adventure game developed by miHoYo. This game had to be on this list because it is better than Call of Mobile in terms of sheer storyline. With 10 GB of your phone space eaten by this game, you also get insane graphics, open-world, tons of customization options, etc. One of the most interesting features of this game is the cross-platform support and storyline.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact follows the story of a young Traveller and his little fairy-like companion called Paimon. They are in search of their lost sibling and must do everything in your power to find where they are and possibly bring them back. Throughout the journey, you will encounter various interesting characters, which can be unlocked through banners or by completing quests. The open world sure does give this game advantage over the COD mobile.

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2. Warface: Global Operations

You have to expect action-shooter games on this list of 10 mobile games better than Call of Duty mobile. Warface, as mentioned earlier, is a first-person shooter game developed by Crytek. The game has literally gone for the whole CS:GO vibe. It even has ‘GO’ in it. Now, don’t judge a game by its name or the title it is inspired from. The game itself looks fantastic. If they were going for CS:GO type of look on mobile phones, they have definitely nailed it.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile
Warface: Global Operations

In Warface, you don’t get everything at the start. This is a progression-based game. As you keep progressing and increasing your rank, the more game currency you will receive from purchasing powerful weapons to literally melt enemies. Even the game modes are based on progression. We have a wide variety of arsenal at our disposal. The choice is literally yours. This game also has a fun little feature where when you run of clip in your primary weapon, the game automatically equips secondary weapon for your use. And this sure does come in handy.

3. Minecraft

Okay, most of you will be like, ‘why the hell is Minecraft a part of this list?’ Well, because it is Minecraft, and it has been around in the mobile gaming department longer than any of the games on this list of 10 mobile games better than Call Of Duty Mobile. It was first launched for smartphones on August 16, 2011, and was an immediate hit as the game was already dominating on PC. The game might be old, but its constant updates, new additions, and various other things factor into it being one of the best mobile games out there.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile

The game put you in a fantasy world where you have to survive each night without getting killed by zombies, skeletons, or various other monsters. It is a sandbox-style game, so your limit is your imagination. You can create most of the useful tools you might need to survive with all the resources available to you. If something is missing, you gotta get out and explore the world and try to get the things required to complete whatever you were trying to make.

4. PUBG Mobile

This might have been the game some of you wanted to see on this list. So here it is, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the action game that started it all. This was the first-ever game to introduce the concept of battle royale. At first, people considered COD Mobile as the rip-off of this game as it had most of the similar gameplay features and mechanics. Moving on to PUBG, this game was released on February 9, 2018. And with its release, the downloads just kept going up. People all around the world started playing this game.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile

PUBG Mobile features 4 different kinds of maps for the battle royale. All of these maps have different sizes, terrain, and a vast selection of weapons. The game also tried to feature a zombie mode just like COD Mobile but failed to do so. It also features an avast majority of other modes too like Gun Game and TDM (Team Death Match).

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5. Need For Speed: No Limits

If I didn’t include a Need For Speed game, it would not have been a list at all. Need for Speed is a car racing game developed by Firemonkeys Studios. It was then later published by EA games. Need for Speed is a video game franchise that has a good enough storyline but great cars and gameplay. And this follows even in the mobile version of the game. In Need for Speed: No Limits, you don’t have various types of game modes, but you sure as hell have a mix of everything. And who does not enjoy a casual driving game after mowing down enemies in COD Mobile?

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile
Need For Speed: No Limits

In this game, you have Story divided into chapters. And to complete these chapters, you must complete all the races in it. Moreover, every three or four chapters combine to form an area. Your goal in this game is to reach at top by defeating the crew that stands at the top. You also have various weekly events you can complete to get a new car or its blueprints. You even have access to daily loots and scrap stores where you can scrap the items you don’t need into tokens which can be sold to buy blueprints or parts.

6. League Of Legends: Wild Rift

Next up on the list of 10 mobile games that are better than Call of Duty Mobile is League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is an MMORPG game developed by Riot games. The game is currently in beta testing and will be released in different regions at different times. For now, the game is available to play in the US and some Asian countries. As for Indian players, the game is still not released, and there is no word from the developers as to when it will officially launch.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile
League of Legends: Wild Rift

Being an MMORPG, this game is really great. It has most of the famous characters from the PC version of the game. The gameplay is quite similar, and the graphics are good, or as good as it could get on a mobile phone. Other than that, even if you are a new player, the game automatically deploys a training mode that shows you the ropes of this game. The skills and ultimate of most of the characters here are kept the same.

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7. Cube Escape Collection

This is a game that not many of you have heard of yet, but I will be damned if it didn’t make it to this list of 10 mobile games that are better than Call of Duty Mobile. Cube Escape Collection is a puzzle game with a cube-like room or environment. There are many logical solutions to puzzles, but there are some that are difficult to figure out on your own. The rooms are filled with tons of clues as to how to get out or go in some other structure similar to a cube.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile
Cube Escape Collection, image courtesy-Maytitatin_Tatin (Twitch)

This is a video game series with 14 installments and 1 collection of 9 games. As someone who has personally played all 14 games, this is truly underrated. It has a really good storyline and gameplay experience. If you are the type of person who either loves solving puzzles or enjoys frequent brain teasers, or better yet, likes a good story, this game is for you. You can play Cube Escape Collection if you are just starting off and then later move on to the other six games in the series.

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8. Last Day On Earth: Survival

Next up on the list, we have a zombie survival game called Last Day On Earth: Survival. This game is produced by Kefir! and was launched in May 2017. When it was first launched, it was still in its beta release and developers asked players as to what can they do to improve this game further. Based on the responses they got, they started opening the wide world of LDOE to the players little by little. With every update, players got to see more and more new weapons, bunkers, zombies, etc.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile
Last Day On Earth: Survival

In Last Day On Earth: Survival, your only goal is to survive by whatever means necessary. If that means killing a passerby player, do that as no one is there to judge your action in this post-apocalyptic world. That does not mean you can’t have allies. You can join clans and team up with your friends and clanmates to take down other clans and finish boss events with ease. There are tons of things you can collect and make at your trusty workbenches. From furniture to weapons and armor, you can make each and every important item for survival.

9. Her Story

Out of all the games on this list of 10 mobile games better than Call Of Duty Mobile, this is a game that is not free on either of the platforms. Her Story costs 4.99 dollars on Google Playstore and 3.99 dollars on Apple App Store. This game was initially launched on June 24, 2015, for iOS, Windows, and Mac. And a year later for Android on June 25, 2016. This is again a puzzle-interrogation game. Before you spend your bucks, you should be aware that many of the players encountered a problem where they cannot exit a clip and thus have to completely shut off the game. However, there are some who say that they did not encounter such a problem at all, and the game is truly fascinating.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile
Her Story

In this game, you have a complete database of interviews with Hannah Smith. She is the lead suspect in the disappearance of his husband and is questioned by the police regarding the same. You have to look at interviews and try to figure out what happened to the man and if he is even alive. You can search for certain words she said during a certain clip, and a whole list of interviews pertaining to that particular word will appear.

10. Infinity Ops: Cyberpunk Shooter

Last but definitely not least, we have Infinity Ops: Cyberpunk Shooter. This is again a first-person shooter game just like COD Mobile but has a futuristic vibe to it. The weapons, maps, and the operators, all look very much like that from the future. Just like COD, this game also has great visuals and gameplay mechanics. It was produced by Azur Interactive Games Limited and first launched on April 18, 2018.

10 Mobile Games Better Than Call Of Duty Mobile
Infinity Ops: Cyberpunk Shooter

This game has really great visuals and customization options. There are various game modes in it. Previously, Infinity Ops was called Destiny Warfare. And due to this, many people confused it for the Destiny video game series on PC and other consoles. This along with the fact that they could not legally name an FPS shooter game after an already existing one, they changed it to Infinity Ops. Whatever the case may be, this game is truly nice and if you are already bored by the mundane grind on Call of Duty Mobile, you should definitely give it a try.

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