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What is Tim Westwood’s Net Worth? The British DJ’s Earnings & Career

Here, we shall discuss what Tim Westwood’s Net Worth is. What do we know about the British DJ’s notable career that has led him to a massive monetary accumulation? Starting from the basics, Timothy Westwood is also a famous presenter. He has hosted several shows including Pimp My Ride UK, Radio 1 rap show, etc. It was in 2013 when Tim returned to Capital Radio. For his great musical contributions, he has been the recipient of MOBO Awards, GRM Daily Rated Awards, Radio Academy John Peel Award, and many more.

Knowing his versatility in the music and radio world, fans are interested to learn how much has he earned to date. As mentioned above, most of his earnings have been from his musical career and hosting radio shows. With his great earnings, Tim is believed to have made investments in luxurious cars as well, adding to his wealth. Let’s dive into this article to learn the details of Tim Westwood’s Net Worth.

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Tim Westwood’s Net Worth: The DJ’s Earnings

Talking about his monetary accumulations, Tim Westwood’s Net Worth in 2022 is estimated to be a whopping $13 million. A major portion of his income comes from him being a successful radio presenter and singer. Not to forget to mention his Youtube channel which is also another source of his extravagant income. Several renowned musical artists such as Drake, Lil Wayne, Nick Minaj, and Eminem, have appeared on his channel. Well, Tim Westwood’s Net Worth has also been generated from various brand endorsement deals and stock ownerships.

Tim Westwood's Net Worth

Tim Westwood

With his huge income, Tim Westwood has purchased several real estates in different parts of the world. Also, the house where the DJ lives is worth a million dollars. Also, he is assumed to buy various luxurious branded cars. He has always been passionate about cars and has been keeping a track of the latest launches. We shall update the list of his cars real soon. Briefly, we may say that Tim Westwood leads a lavish lifestyle. He has earned this much with his immense hard work.

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Career & Others

Besides knowing the details of Tim Westwood’s Net Worth, fans are interested to learn more about him. Born on 3 October 1957, Tim Westwood is 64 years old at present. This British DJ and the host was born in Lowestoft, United Kingdom.

Tim Westwood's Net Worth

Tim Westwood

Talking about his work genre, it has mostly been hip-hop, grime, and R&B. His musical creations include- Street Beats, UK Hip Hop 2001 Volume  1, Westwood X, and many more. Not to forget to mention that he has also released a DVD which goes by the name Westwood Raw DVD. Moving on to his hosting works, it’s the Pimp My Ride which ran from 2005 to 2007. It was quite a success. Little did you know, that the show has been the second highest-rated show in the history of MTV Europe.

Considering you as one of his die-hard fans, you must already be following Tim Westwood on his Instagram account. Best Wishes to Tim Westwood for the upcoming days of his career. Hoping to come across more of Tim’s great works.

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