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Lee Westwood Net Worth, Awards and Earnings in 2021

Lee Westwood Net Worth

We all know Lee Westwood, the golf player from England who made his country stood out in gold. Not only did he played for England but other countries as well. He played and won tournaments for five continents, namely Europe, North America, Asia, Africa as well as Oceania. Not only did he won tournaments for five continents, but he also has a winning record of four decades that is in the 1990s,2000s,2010s, and the 2020s. Having such a huge winning list, Westwood earned the name of European Tour Golfer of the Year for all four of his winning decades, is 1998,2000,2009 as well as in 2020. Other than this, he also won the European Tour Order of Merit, in 2000. With all his booming success he is regarded as one of the best golfers to date.

Not only does his winnings are those mentioned above, but he also represented Europe in the Ryder Cups. After the reign of Tiger Woods, he was considered the World’s number one Golfer. He was given the title in 2010. But it was not long enough that is within 22weeks, two of his countrymen reached the position of being the World number. The countrymen are Luke Donald and Jon Rahm. 

Early Life

Lee Westwood, one of the best golfers world-wide. His full name is Lee John Westwood. Born in the city of Workshop in Nottinghamshire, he was passionate about gold at a very early age. He got enrolled in one of the best gulf clubs at the age of 13. His first golf set was a half set which he got as a gift from his grandparents. Not only was he popular in his golf club, but also was a popular player in his school teams. Other than golf, he also played different games such as Rugby, cricket as well as football.

Though his career in golf started a few years later than other golf players of his period. But soon enough, within a couple of years, with his awesome skills, he grabbed the first position in the tournament of Junior Champion held in Nottinghamshire. As time went by, his skills improved, and he won more and more tournaments. His first major win was when he grabbed the first position in the Peter McEvoy, which was in 1991. The British Youths Open Amateur Championship was won by him in 1993, which further pushed him to be a professional golf player, representing his own country.


Lee Westwood Net Worth

Lee Westwood in his success days

1996 was the year of wins for Westwood. The first professional win was the tournament named Volvo Scandinavian Masters. Soon enough he won another tournament which was held in Japan named Sumitomo VISA Taiheijyo Masters. With these two back-to-back wins, his success did not stop. In 1997 he again won another title in Malaysia in the tournament named Malaysian Open. The win in the Malaysian tournament was followed by few other wins from different countries namely Volvo Masters in Spain and The Holden Australian Open. In both the matches, he defeated his opponent who was none other than very popular Greg Norman. After having back-to-back wins in other countries, he represented his own country in the Ryder cup. He also collaborated with Nick Faldo for the same. After the Ryder Cup, he went on a tour to the European continents participating in different tournaments and matches. On his tour, he won a total of 25 events. He also won tournaments on many other continents such as North America. Africa, Asia as well as Australia.

With time his skills improved and he got into many other tournaments which he won as well. 2000 was the year of booming success for Westwood as in that very year he won a total of seven tournaments around the world. In that very year, he also defeated Colin Montgomerie who was holding the first position for a long time in the European Tour. He earned the winner position in the tournament named Sunshine Tour Dimension Data Pro-am which was held in 2000. After winning this tournament as well, he was regarded as the first golf player in history to win all the 6 International Federation of PGA Tours. Within a few years, two other golfers from his country joined him, those are namely Ernie Els who joined the list in 2005, and Justin Rose who joined the list in 2017.

Westwood took a break for a couple of years after he became the father of a baby boy in 2001. But shortly in 2003, he returned to glory after his win in the 2003 Germany tournament. After the break, his major win was in 2007. In that year he won back-to-back two tournaments namely Valle Romano Open de Andalucía as well as Quinn Direct British Masters. With two back-to-back wins, his European Tour wins went up to 18. With having such a long list of winnings, he again got into the position of top 50 in the list of Official World Golf Ranking. In the season of 2007 tournaments, he won the top 10 positions in the last five events. The competitive nature continued in the 2008 tournament as well. In the 2008 season, he won second place twice and earned the fifth position as well, which resulted in moving his name to the list of top 20 Official World’s Best Player. In the higher level that is in the masters, Westwood earned the 11th position but for just for a small difference he missed out to be called as the first European in 38years for, who won the U.S. Open finishing on the third level. In the following year itself, he earned the 3rd position in two major championships namely The Open and the PGA Championship. In the same year that itself in the month of October Westwood grabbed the first position in the Portugal Masters. Again in the following month itself, he was announced as the winner of one of the most popular championships around the world that are the Dubai World Championship. After that win, he got the title of Race to Dubai. With all the wins and lost matches, Westwood’s career went through many ups and downs. He has a never-ending list of wins, even his age can’t affect his wins. 

In the month of January in 2020, Westwood was declared as the winner of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship which took place when he went out for his European Tour. The popular tournament was a continuation of the Rolex series. With this win, he came to be regarded as the one who won titles in four different decades in his European Tour. Westwood finishes his match with a shot of under par 19. His shot was a couple of shots ahead of his opponents namely Tommy Fleetwood, Victor Perez as well as Matthew Fitzpatrick. Even at the age of 46, his shot was as it was earlier. For the very first time at the Abu Dhabi Championship, he hit the 67 under par five-shot. In the same year in December, he finished the match of the DP World Tour Championship held at Dubai as the position of second. With the winning of that tournament, he was regarded as the oldest person to win the Championship. In the month of March in 2021, Westwood played against none other than very popular Bryson DeChambeau. But unfortunately, he missed the shots one by one. 

World Ranking

Lee Westwood Net Worth

Lee Westwood as World’s Number one Golfer

In the month of July in 1998 Westwood held the position of being in the list of the top 10 players in the Official World Golf Record. With his great skills, he held the position for a total of 160 weeks which is from July till the month of August in 2001. But in the following year for some reason or the other, he withdrew his position from the list of the top 100 players. But soon enough in 2003, he made his way to the list of the top 100. After that, his ranking never dropped from 2004-2007. It always ranged from 20-80. Within a few years that is 2008, he made his name fixed in the 20th position of the list. With his awesome skills as well as with beating others, he made his way to the top 10 list within the end of the season in 2008. He was also a winner of the PGA Championship which was held in 2009. 

In 2010 on the 31st October, Westwood by earning the title of World number one golfer ended the dominance of Tiger Woods who was then regarded as the World number one Golfer. He retained the position for a total of 17weeks. But as fate may happen his position was taken over by Martin Kaymer, who was in the position for a total of 8weeks. But soon enough, after his win in the Indonesian Masters which was held on the 24th of April in 2011, he regained his title of being the World’s number one golfer. But he was again taken over by the very popular Luke Donald within 5week. After that, he was in the top-10 position around the world for more than 350 weeks.

Ryder Cup

Lee Westwood Net Worth

Lee Westwood with the Ryder Cup

Westwood represented his country in the Ryder Cup Tournament of 1997. In that match for the two sets, he collaborated with the very popular Nick Faldo. Within a couple of years and after a few wins he participated in the Ryder Cup of 1999. In that year he played the match in collaboration with his countrymen named Darren Clarke. After being in two Ryder Cup tournaments he took part in The Belfry which was in the year 2002. In that match, he made a partnership with Sergio Garcia which was successful as well. With these partnerships, they won 3 matches but unfortunately lost one match

After a few years in 2004, he again entered the Ryder Cup. He acquired a total of 14points for his country which resulted in his win and bringing the cup to Europe. In this tournament, he did not partner with anyone rather played solo, which made this match his first single victory. After a couple of years in 2006, he and his countrymen Darren Clarke was selected in the tournament with their wild card entry. To respect the decision of the authorities of giving him a chance in the tournament he won the game. For the winning of the match, he was regarded as the eighth most successful European golfer based on the points he made. He also had the second-highest scoring rate. 

In the Ryder Cup tournament of 2008, he refrained himself from playing the first match as the then captain Nick Faldo gave out a controversial decision. The consequence resulted in the loss of the European team to its opponent that is the United States. But they gave a crushing defeat to the US team in the Ryder Cup of 2010 held in October. Again in the tournaments of 2012 and 2014, he was a part of the winning teams. In those tournaments as well, his team that is the European team defeated the USA’s team. He 2016 as well he got a wild card entry which was given by his friend and the then Captain Darren Clarke. But for some reason or the other after his defeat in 2008, it was the first time he lost the match. With his wins and his great skills, he got chosen as one of the five vice-captains of the Ryder Cup of 2018, at Le Golf National. He was chosen by Thomas Biron. Other than his the four other vice-captains were namely Graeme McDowell, Luke Donald, Robert Karlsson as well as Padraig Harrington.

Personal Life

Lee Westwood Net Worth

Lee Westwood with his wife Laurae Coltart Westwood

In the month of January 1999, he tied the knot with Laurae Coltart, who was the sister of his friend Andrew Coltart who by profession was a Ryder Cup player from Scotland. But unfortunately, in 2017 for some reason or the other, they got legally separated. Followed by the separation Westwood returned to his Palm Beach Gardens house in Florida. Gradually he became friends with other Ryder Cup stars namely Darren Clarke.

In the following year that is in 2007, he was given an Honorary degree in the field of Doctor Science by a renowned university named Nottingham Trent University. With all due respect, the University has kept the name of their sports hall by the name of Westwood. Not only does his success stops here. To provide the young golfer with golf training as well as with education, he started the Lee Westwood Golf School. With the opening of the school, he also started a few other tours and camps in 2010, namely Junior Lee Westwood Golf Tour and Lee Westwood Golf Camps. For his work and thought for the young golfers, he was presented with the award of Spirit of Golf. He earned the award just before the Open Championship tournament. Another of his major achievement was his 2011 birthday honors in which he was appointed as the Officer of the Order of the British Empire 

Lee Westwood Net Worth

Our favorite golfer other than his trophies owns a private jet from 2006. His current dwelling place is Jesmond, New Castle upon Tyne. Other than his earnings from his matches he also gets a payment from the Ping Golf Clubs. He is a part of the contract since his junior year and the contract continues to date. He even gets payment support from the popular company named UPS. With all this earning from matches and companies and being one of the best players worldwide Lee Westwood’s net worth is somewhere estimated to be $40 million.

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