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Gold Movie 2022 Ending Explained: A Tragic End

Gold Movie 2022 Ending surely has a bit of a twist, but we are here to explain them all. The film was released in 2022. It is an Australian story with the themes of survival and thrill. Anthony Hayes directed the movie. It was released in cinemas for a very limited time. After that, we saw the film streaming on Stan, a service in Australia. Generally, GoldΒ has received positive reviews from the watchers.

We see actor Zac Efron in the lead role, reprising the role of Virgil. He is the Man One in operation. Then we have Anthony Hayes enacting the character of Keith. He is the Man Two. Susie Porter does the part of the Stranger. As for Andreas Sobik, he reprises the role of an outpost attendant. The filming on this project started back in 2020. It all took place in Southern Australia. Locations include Flinders Rangers as well as the town of Leigh Creek. There is a particular scene where a sandstorm appears.

For this, the directors got sand transported to desert locations. It also had big fans to hive the illusion of a sandstorm. Their fate became much better when an actual sandstorm began in the area. The cast and crew agreed to take the opportunity and shoot in this location instead. There were so many casualties during the production. Midway in the process of shooting, Zac Efron broke a bone. Although, he did not tell the rest of the crew to let producing and filming go smoothly.

Gold Movie 2022 Ending

Gold Movie 2022 Ending: A still from the movie.

The critics majorly appreciated the performance of cast members. Although, people were not happy about the plot. Well, it is a perfect story to watch in your leisure time. And if you have already done so, we are here to explain its ending.

Gold Movie 2022 Ending Explained

The plot begins in the future and is set in a dystopian era. We see our Man One, Virgil, arriving at the scene where he enters a place known as The Outpost. Virgil pays a man named Keith to transport him to another weird place called The Compound. While the duo goes through a desert area where nobody can survive, something big happens. They come across a huge gold nugget in the middle of this area. It becomes impossible as they try to get the Gold out of there with their normal tools and hands.

We then see that Virgil agrees to stay at this place, whereas Keith goes on to travel ahead and find some excavator who can help them with this task. Virgil is left alone in the desert. Here, he starts becoming mad. The resources at his hand are quite less. With a limited supply of food and water and little contact with the outer world with a radio, it becomes hard for him with each passing day. Virgil is still waiting for Keith to come. Virgil makes himself a shelter in the desert to stay alive in such scorching heat. He starts living under a shed he made from the ruins of a crashed plane.

Did Virgil Finally Get The Gold Nugget?

Many days passed since Keith had gone, making Virgil paranoid. He sees that a lonely woman is trying to find something. Virgil kills her and hides her body inside the sand, fearing that she may find the gold nugget. That same day, a heavy sandstorm happens, which makes Virgil injured. He now has wounds all over his body. The next day, we see a wounded Virgil trying to talk to a woman who also came scavenging around the place. She had become suspicious of the act and claimed that the woman that came before her was her sister.

At this moment, Keith makes contact with Virgil on the radio as Keith claims to be near him and has come back with the excavation equipment. Already in so much pain, Virgil gets attacked by wild dogs. Keith sees him getting attacked but does not come to help at all. Later, as Keith arrives to take Gold, but is shot dead in the chest by an arrow. Metaphorically, the film is trying to convey that their greed, for the Gold killed both of them.

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