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Will There Be Fire Country Episode 17?

Fire Country episode 17
Will There Be Fire Country Episode 17?

Will there be Fire Country Episode 17? We will be recapping the recently aired episode for those who missed it, so they can experience everything before revealing whether there will be another episode. While in the last episode, we saw that the surgery on Sharon was continuing, and Jacob was going to donate a kidney to her.

She viewed Jake as a son and had a close friendship with his mother. Everything about the situation was joyful. Even her real son wasn’t angry. He granted Jake the go-ahead to operate. Bode was more concerned with keeping his mother alive than saving the day. He was incarcerated. He would spend some time behind bars.

As he wasn’t going to be able to give up his kidney anytime soon, Jake became his next-best option. Jake, he knew, didn’t drink too much. Jake was also at the height of his abilities. Surgery didn’t worry Bode in the least. Sharon shared this attitude. Vince was the only one who was terrified.

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A quick recap

Vince kept pondering about scenarios. What if the procedure proceeds differently than planned? Sharon wasn’t thinking about such things, which infuriated Vince, who couldn’t stop thinking about them. Sharon went off to crack jokes. She was giving her approval for the surgery’s paperwork. If she passes away, she has committed to not suing.

Fire Country episode 17

A still from the show. Cr: Pluto TV

She also approved the documentation, making it clear that, in the event of a problem, she does not want to remain on a ventilator. Sharon had to witness that happen to her dad. She observed as devices kept him alive for a very long time after his soul had passed away, which she didn’t want for herself.

Also, she wanted to avoid Vince deciding whether to remove her from life support. But for Vince, laughing about it was a bit much. Vince welcomed the call to work. He got a call to the docks. There’s been one, Gabriella. There was also Manny. It turns out that Manny, who arrived aboard a fishing boat, worked as a crewman on the vessel.

Manny was having some financial issues. He had a problem with gambling and owed a great deal of cash. Fortunately, he had no debt to loan sharks. Yet he borrowed from his family, friends, and daughter. He joined a fishing boat to pay off his obligations.

They were unaware of it until they saw him on the boat because he kept it a secret. His child had grave concerns that he was gambling once again. She even threatened to remove him from her life if he started gambling once more in the message she left. Then she noticed him.

After that, she questioned his behavior on the boat. She tried to explain to her fire chief dad that he was more than this since she didn’t appreciate how he allowed the boat owner to talk to him as long as he pleased. Ultimately, he assured her that he had not brought her up to despise an honest day’s labor. He was making efforts to pay off his debt.

He wasn’t having fun with this. Gabriella should understand that he needed the extra cash. He wouldn’t have known anything about it if a different deckhand hadn’t grabbed his hand in the shredding. Manny helped the firefighters while leaving his regular team in Eve’s care to support his pal. The fire camps would be used for deforestation until Eve seized control.

Because of a recent fire in the neighborhood, the trees were dangerous. One of the decaying trees collapsed on Eve as they moved through it. Bode made every effort to save her. Rebecca had to climb beneath the tree to get to Eve’s leg to remove her from the tree. Rebecca set Eve free. She was struck by the moving tree as well. Rebecca was at risk of dying.

Fire Country episode 17

A still from the show. Cr: Pluto

Rebecca was bleeding. On Eve, they ran out of their only board, so Bode got on the radio and brought it in. Bode found his mom. Sharon postponed surgery so she could lead a rescue effort for Bode. The trees prevented the helicopter from landing since they were in the way.

The fallen tree only happened because another team cut it without noticing. Eve would have remained away from it if they had. No harm would have come to Rebecca. Rebecca was aware that she might pass away. She informed Freddy that she had given the Innocence Project custody of his case. She believed he could have the opportunity to argue his case once more while they were still analyzing it.

Will there be Fire Country Episode 17?

The show will end with episode 16, set to air on March 10, 2023. The makers have yet to reveal that there will be another episode this season.

Fire Country: Canceled or Renewed

The makers have yet to reveal that there will be another season soon. But you can keep a tab on the website, as we will reveal the same as soon as the information is available.

Fire Country: Where to Watch

Fire Country is available via Paramount+ and Pluto TV for American and international fans.

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