Why Was Sarah Silverman Fired From SNL? Explained

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why was sarah silverman fired from snl
Sarah Silverman, Credits: The Things

Sarah Silverman is one of the most famous comedians plus writers of all time. From getting fired from SNL to finally having her own podcast, she has been through it all. Well, currently, her fan-following is huge, and the love-and-hate relationship that people share with her jokes is the sort of thing that makes Sarah Silverman very famous and popular.

But did you know that Sarah, initially at the beginning of her career, was fired from SNL? Therefore many fans now want to know what exactly happened to her after SNL, and the most important detail, how did Sarah build her popularity in Hollywood? This article will give you each and every exciting detail related to Sarah Silverman, her professional life, the controversies that she has been involved with, and many more.

But before all of this, did you know who Sarah Silverman is? Many of you may not. Sarah Silverman is an American comedian, writer, and actress. Known mostly for her sarcastic humor intent, she is very famous for her writing sketches. 

She has also received greater accolades from the industry, such as Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding actress in a Comedy Series, and also nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role and many others.

Even containing some sarcastic humor intent in her writings, she is still the best and the most popular comedian in the industry; therefore, let us go on her professional journey and explore the reasons behind her success and some ups and downs in her career.

why was sarah silverman fired from snl
Sarah Silverman, Credits: Looper

Why was Sarah Silverman fired from SNL?

Sarah Silverman, for those of you who do not know, once worked for SNL as a writer, but unfortunately, she was fired days back after joining the show, and many have raised questions regarding the actual reason why she was fired from SNL.

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Well, as per the comedian and the writer, she was very sure that she would be getting fired due to some ‘bad boys’ that would be marking their presence on the show, such as Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, and therefore since SNL at that time had major changes in terms of the sketches and the writings of the writer, therefore it might be one of the reasons why Sarah was fired. 

In her later major interviews, she even stated that the timings when she joined SNL were not that right for her, and since she herself has not done anything bad to SNL, the show was itself on the verge of making some broader changes to the program and thus trying for something fresh and different.

Also, the fact that after her getting fired from SNL, she wasn’t invited back, and she herself states that she was excited about the program back then and started her journey as a writer, but due to the show making high-level changes, she had to leave and did not have many options. However, she initially did not do as much work there, and therefore now, when she remembers that phase, she smiles and laughs.

What happened to Sarah Silverman after SNL?

After leaving SNL, real life started for Sarah. She starred in numerous projects and also produced The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central, which ran from 2007 to 2010 and was the major and the biggest one in her career.

Apart from making appearances in many Hollywood films such as School of Rock, A Million ways to Die in the West, and Ralph Breaks the Internet, which got her major accolades and awards in the industry, such as Star Actor Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, etc. and producing her autobiography The Bedwetter in 2010, she was a major center of focus in Hollywood after leaving SNL. 

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How did Sarah build her popularity in Hollywood?

Sarah Silverman initially started her career on SNL, but after getting fired from the show, she produced her own show called The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central, which portrayed the day-to-day versions of the numerous fictionalized characters of Sarah. Not only was her show making huge success, but she also featured in a couple of great films, which resulted in getting her major awards and accolades in the industry.

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