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School Of Rock Cast: Then & Now

School of Rock
School of Rock

The Cast Of School Of Rock: Then And Now is being discussed in this article. The American comedy film has entertained the viewers for a long time. Even now, after so many years of its release, School Of Rock is one of the most talked-about comedy films. It was released in the year 2003. After almost 18 years, where are the cast now? What have they done in their lives during this period? Moreover, what has happened to their career and personal lives? All these questions have elevated the level of curiosity among the fans of School Of Rock. Well, it is time to explore the lives of the comic actors who made the 109 minutes long film worth appreciation.

School Of Rock was released in the United States and across the world on 3rd October 2003. Richard Linklater is the director, and Mike White is the writer of the film. Likewise, Scott Rudin has produced the film. Interestingly, School Of Rock belongs to two different countries. One is the United States, and the other is Germany. The film received immense appreciation from viewers in every corner of the world. Hence, it made a special impact on the minds of the people. The amazing performances by Jack Black and others are the reason behind the popularity of this film. No wonder why people are desperate to find the whereabouts of the cast after a long time.

The Cast Of School Of Rock: Then And Now

School Of Rock

School Of Rock: A Short Recap Of The Film

The film is a whole lot of melodrama and comedy. School Of Rock is a film that explores the relationship between a teacher and his students. The plot revolves around a guitarist named Dewey Finn. As he tries to make his way towards the Battle of the Bands, something bad happens. Due to some mishaps, he gets replaced. As a result, he gets devastated. However, he receives a call for a job as a substitute teacher. Although the call was for his friend Ned, Dewey decides to impersonate him. In dire need of money, Dewey joins the school and starts teaching the students. Soon he realizes that the students are a hidden bundle of talents. Therefore, he offers them a chance to form their own band and perform at the Battle of the Bands.

Since then, the film’s plot elevates to a different level. Each and every student of the class works hard to polish their talents. Many of them are afraid of joining the group due to various reasons. However, Dewey helps them all alongside motivating them. In the meantime, he somehow manages to enroll the band in the competition. “School of Rock” is the title given to the band of these students. Things went downhill when Dewey was forced to reveal his identity. Consequently, he was fired from his job.

School of Rock recap

Scott Rudin Productions

Towards the end of the film, the students somehow managed to escape their school to perform at the competition. Agitated parents and the principal went to watch the students perform. It was a successful event. Even though Dewey’s former band won the competition, everyone appreciated the newcomers. Hence, the film got its rightful end with our protagonist winning everyone’s heart.

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The Cast of School Of Rock: Then And Now

The cast of School Of Rock has entertained us for a long time. After almost two decades, people are still interested in knowing their well-being. Moreover, the cast’s then and now is a hot topic of discussion. Jack Black was the protagonist of the film. He played the role of Dewey Finn. The 52-years-old American actor, comedian, and musician have been a successful celebrity. Over the years, his fandom has seen a constant rise. Moreover, he has featured in films like “King Kong”, “Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny”, and “Jumanji”, to name a few. In the meantime, Joan Cusack played the role of Principal Rosalie “Roz” Mullins. Over the years, she has been a successful actress. Joan was seen in films like “Ice Princess”, “Toy Story” sequels and “Klaus”, among others.

Ned Schneebly’s role was portrayed by Mike White. After a successful role in School Of Rock, Mike has dominated the field of writing. He is the man behind some amazing films like “Pitch Perfect 3” and “The One and Only Ivan”. Likewise, television series like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Enlightened”. Sarah Silverman was seen as Petty, Ned’s dominating girlfriend. Her career saw significant growth. In these years, Sarah has achieved a whole lot of credits for comedies.

Among the small members of the cast, Miranda Cosgrove or Summer “Tinkerbell” has made her way to success. She has worked on movies like “Yours, Mine and Ours” and “Despicable Me”. Her recent projects include “iCarly Revival”. The talented young pianist Lawrence was played by Robert Tsai. He was genuine talent in this field. Hence, Robert pursued his musical talent alongside completing education. Rivkah Reyes, a.k.a. Katie is now a popular writer and performer.

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