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Mob Psycho Season 3: Release Date, Opening & Plot!

Mob Psycho Season 3 Release Date
Mob Psycho Season 3 Release Date

Mob Psycho Season 3 is without any doubt, one of the best anime that is coming in the Fall of 2022. Everyone thought that the second season of Mob Psycho would be the last of it. The animation, fight scenes, and plot were just eye-pleasing in the second season. It was in July 2021 that Mob Psycho Season 3 was teased. And in October 2021, we finally saw the announcement of the anime with a promotional video. And ever since then, there has been news coming about the release of Mob Psycho Season 3. But when is it going to drop? What will be the plot? Well, in this post we will discuss everything about Mob Psycho Season 3.

As mentioned earlier, the first announcement for Mob Psycho Season 3 was made in October 2021. But the announcement of My Hero Academia Season 6 was also made and everyone thought that the Bones studios, which is in charge of big projects like My Hero Academia season 6 and Mob Psycho Season 3 both, many speculated that it would not be until 2023 that the Mob Psycho Season 3 will release. However, Mob Psycho Season 3 will debut at almost the same time as My Hero Academia Season 6 in the fall of 2022. Here we bring you updates on Mob Psycho anime and its third season.

Mob Psycho Season 3 Plot And Opening

For the last two seasons, Mob Psycho was based on a very generic plot that we all loved. The story always develops with Mob’s Psychic powers and a lot of mysteries. Fans are expecting the Mob Psycho Season 3 to be the last of it. The least we can expect from Mob Psycho Season 3 is to have the Mob’s sweet yet very powerful dialogues and kindness throughout the season as we have seen in the past. Of course Reigen the greatest con man of the anime universe will be there and frankly, I’m hoping for him to lead this as well until Mob goes in the rage mode. Last but least, we will have a villain, a final boss that will fight our cutest anime boy Mob. And with its animation, we can expect our minds to be blown.

Well, let’s break down the latest trailer of  Mob Psycho Season 3 to get more idea of what the plot will be. The thing that catches our eyes at first is its aesthetic animation, the thing that we all love besides the plot. So the basic plot that is driven from the trailer is that Tokyo is again in some kind of trouble. To be more precise, something is approaching. And our main is unsure about his career. Yes, he does not what to do with his life (very relatable).

Amidst all this, a cult by the name of “Psycho-helmet cult” is arising and it has over half a million followers. And yes, you guessed it right, this cult believes in our Mob and is looking for him. And Mob is thinking that he might be getting popular with the girls. Does he finally have a chance with his crush? Well, we won’t t know that until the Mob Psycho Season 3 is released.

As for the opening song for Mob Psycho Season 3, it was also released during the anime expo on the 4th of July. People attending the event got to listen to this beauty for the first time. As for the name of the opening song of Mob Psycho Season 3, it is very comical. Since the name of the first opening was “99” and the second was “99.9”, fans around the world thought that the opening for season 3 of Mob Psycho which could be the last season would be named “100”. However, at the anime expo the Warner Bros. Japan representative during Mob Psycho’s panel said all were wrong. The opening for Mob Psycho Season 3 is named “ONE” by MOB CHOIR.

Mob Psycho Season 3 Release Date

Mob Psycho Season 3 is scheduled to release in October of 2022. However, the exact release date of the Mob Psycho Season 3 Episode 1 is yet to be revealed. As soon as we get new info on Mob Psycho Season 3 we will either update this section or will make a new article for it. In addition to releasing in October, Mob Psycho Season 3 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll just as the previous seasons of Mob Psycho.

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