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My School President Episode 6: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide!

My School President

My School President is currently one of the funniest and most comical series out there, with a twist that surprises almost all of the viewers. Till now, the show has managed to get some of the highest views and has been responded to really well critically. This contributes to the show’s skyrocketing success, and with each and every episode passing by, the viewer’s enthusiasm seems never-ending.

The Thai show, within the first two episodes, was able to garner a great amount of viewership and became extremely popular among teenagers and young adults, all thanks to its high-school themes and background set. The high school and the coming-of-age drama are genuinely filled with comedy, twists, and turns all through.

The show is directed by Au Kornprom Niyomsil, and the screenplay is by two very talented Thai writers, Pratchaya Thavornthummarut and Bee Pongsgate Lucksameepong. The lead cast comprises Gemini Norawit Titicharoenrak, Nattawat Jirochtikul, Thanawin Pholcharoenrat, and Kittiphop Sereevichayaswat. They play the roles of Tin, Gun, Win, and Sound, respectively. 


My School President: A still of the music club

The show first aired on December 2nd, 2022, and the episode are aired every week on Friday orderly. The series is a highly intense mind game as wee how Tin manages to get the whole music group under his control, especially the leader, Gun, who chooses to serve Tin. This ensures that their club is not shut down by Tin, and they manage to survive. 

The drama is an exemplary display of friendships, the need to save something that we love, taking onto leadership roles, going to extremes, and even the soft budding romance between the lead characters. The story of the show might be best suited for a haters-to-lover plot, and at the end of each episode, the viewer is awaited what is coming next and what will happen.

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A Brief Recap of Episode 5

Tin has sworn to do everything in his power to be a source of nuisance to Gun, who, on the other hand, has sworn to servitude to him for the sake of his club. In the last episode, we get glimpses of evolving emotions and feelings, and moreover, the viewers experience major character developments in the personalities of Gun and Tin.


My School President: A still from the show

Gun, who is extremely passionate about music and his club, is under pressure that leads to him deciding to give up music and his aspirations about the club. Gun sees his mother, who is desperately struggling to manage the finances and, at the same time, keep the business running. This disheartens Gun as we see him losing hope from time to time. 

The other students are sitting on the other side in a constant dilemma as they think about their future and what it holds for them. The disheartened looks on Gun’s face are visible on his face evidently, which is picked up by Tin, who seems to have been developing feelings for Gun. In the hopes of seeing more happiness and uplifting his mood, Tin decides to make a plan. 

Win participates in a rap battle on his own that is emceed by Sound, which exhilarates him. On the other side, Por and Thiu find themselves in a complicated situation as they have now started studying with the very same tutor. 

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My School President Episode 6 Release Date

This enthralling journey continues in the coming episode as all the fans await the upcoming episode eagerly. To see what will happen and how the chemistry between the characters develops. The question also staggers in the fact of what will happen to the music club that everyone cares about so much.

My School President

A still from My School President

The wait will be over soon, as episode 6 of My School President will be airing on Friday, January 13th, 2023. The show will be aired at 8:30 AM IST. The viewers will be able to see their favorite characters back on screen with their journey, which seems to be getting twisted into knots as each episode passes. 

Streaming Guide for Episode 6

All the people who wish to watch the show can easily stream it on GMM 25, as this is the original network that aires the show. The viewers who wish to stream it at any time can watch the show on the GMM 25’s YouTube channel, which also posts the episodes for free for the viewers to watch online effortlessly.

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