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How To Watch Boss And Me Thai Drama Episodes?

Watch Boss and Me Thai Drama
Where To Watch Boss and Me Thai Drama?

The Thai drama adaptation of the novel “Come and Eat, Shan Shan” has gotten mixed reviews from the fans in the Asian drama scene. When the news of the remake got out, fans went on to watch Boss and Me Thai drama. But after it ended, some loved it a lot, while some still prefer the Chinese adaptation. Comparing the two adaptations together, there are a lot of things the characters do differently. The Thai drama “Boss and Me” stars “You Are My Heartbeat” and “Songkram Nak Pun” fame Push Puttichai Kasetsin and “Rak Ni Chuaniran” and “Full House” fame Aom Sushar Manaying as the main leads.

Along with the main leads, the supporting actors have done an amazing job as well. The supporting cast of the Thai drama “Boss and Me” includes Point Cholawit Meetongcom, Mild Anis Suwit, Pitta Na Pattalung, Yingying Sarucha Petchroj, and Toon Panisara Prinyarux. Along with Sern Ratchapong Thivathanaset, Prim Atchareeya Potipipittanakorn, Warapun Nguitragool, Tee Doksadao, Deuan Prima Ratchata, and Yanee Tramoth.

Watch Boss and Me Thai Drama

Where To Watch Boss and Me Thai Drama: A still from the show.

Planning To Watch Boss and Me Thai Drama? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Story…

The Thai drama “Boss and Me” follows a girl named Namkhing. She’s a recent graduate and has just joined Fah Prachanakun Company as a new employee. She gets a hotline from the hospital to donate blood to a patient who has the same blood type as her. On the other side, we have Payu, who is the CEO of Fah Prachanakun Company. Payu’s younger sister, who has a rare blood type, is in need of blood. It turns out that the patient Namkhing needs to give blood to is the CEO’s sister.

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And she has no idea about it. But as Payu gets to know that it’s his new employee who’s supposed to donate blood to his sister, he starts doing everything he can to take care of her. From telling her to rest to make sure she eats a proper meal and has healthy blood. But soon, the feeling starts getting complex as the care starts turning into love. Things get more complicated when we get to know that Payu has a fiance who’s out of the country for the time being. But will be returning very soon to get the love of her life back. But back home, Payu and Namkhing are falling in love with each other.

Watch Boss and Me Thai Drama

Where To Watch Boss and Me Thai Drama: A still from the show.

How To Watch Boss And Me Thai Drama Episodes?

All the episodes of the Thai drama Boss and Me are available to stream online on several OTT platforms. To watch Boss and Me Thai drama episodes, one can head to the streaming service Disney+ and MGTV in the Thailand region. One can also head to GMM 25 Youtube channel to watch Boss and Me Thai drama episodes with English subtitles for free. While the Thai drama is available in some Asian regions, the fans in North America, South America, and European regions will still have to wait for the OTT services to bring the show to them.

With a runtime of 47 minutes, the Thai drama “Boss and Me” has a total of 40 episodes. The first episode of the Thai drama was aired on November 11, 2021. Releasing episodes every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the Thai drama “Boss and Me” was wrapped up by December 13, 2021. The Thai drama has received mixed reviews from fans for how the screenwriters developed the story instead of following the plot in the novel.

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