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Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 Full Summary: War Devil Intends To Turn Denji Into A Weapon!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 Full Summary and raw scans

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 is out with full context and it reminds me of one of the classic lines that Denji had said earlier in the series. “Every woman I meet, they always try to kill me”. It is so true if you think about it and it was foolish of us and Denji to think that this one could be different. 

Although it isn’t Asa rather it is Yoru, the war devil who is trying to kill Denji to turn him into a weapon. The main reason that Yoru is collecting strong weapons is so that she could defeat Chainsaw Man. It will be very interesting to see once she knows that Denji is Chainsaw Man himself.

I do not know where the writer is going with the series but it is really interesting to see the events that are taking place in the new chapters of the series. There are so many questions we have since the start of part 2 of Chainsaw Man but for now, the story is being dragged along with new characters and the latest volumes mark Denji as a side character rather than the main character.

The upcoming chapter will be very interesting and fans have been presuming that Denji is going to die but let’s see what the writer has planned for him. For now, let’s see what went on in the latest chapter of the series. Follow along as we break down the events from the Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 in this post.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117: Penguin and Weapon

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 begins with finding himself outside of the aquarium and starts wondering why he is acting like a mindless puppet as he used in front of Makima. He promised that he won’t do that again but Asa said that she will do anything he asks of him if he obey her. Then he finds a penguin approaching him and Denjin finally gets to see a Penguin and even pets it.

Whereas the aquarium has disappeared and turned into a spear just as Asa predicted. In a double spread, we see Asa holding the spear and devil that had made the Aquarium endless. The devil is surprised that Asa has turned the aquarium into a spear and also blames Famine devil, the one who claimed to be Yoru’s sister.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 Double Spread!

Finger Devil and Asa!

The devil goes attacks Asa but Yoshida interrupts and uses his devil powers to stop the devil. While Yoshida is keeping the devil busy with his attacks, Yoru takes over Asa and feels that the latter is feeling bad for ruining an aquarium and thinks that she is foolish.

The Devil still tries to attack Yoru/Asa but Yoru is ready with the aquarium spear and throws it at the devil with full power. Since Asa had strong feelings for the aquarium, the weapon turned out to be great and it pierces through the devil and shreds its organs. The devil club members are surprised to see Asa so powerful and the president of the club wonders about her power.

Yoru Plans To Turn Denji Into A Weapon

While everyone is busy dealing with the Devil, Denji is still playing with the Penguin and says that he is going to keep it. Whereas Famine devil is watching from a distance and looks disappointed about how things turned out. Yoshida also notices her from a distance and they both have a cold stare down.

After the events, the police arrive and it is sad to see Denji being separated from the Penguin. Denji walks Asa home and the latter thanks him for walking her home and confesses that it was the worst date ever. But Denji it wasn’t bad after all as he even got to see and play with a penguin. 

He further says Asa that promised him that she will do anything he asks and requests her to go out on another date with her and since Denij has more experience in dating, he will teach her how to have fun on dates. Asa agrees but the War Devil is surprised by the idea that Asa is feeling this way and concludes that this must be love.

War Devil is happy that everything is turning out as she had planned and takes over Yoru again. The War Devil puts her head on Denji and says “Denji Spinal Cord Sword”. Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 will tell us right away if Denji will be turned into a weapon or not and we’ll know that on Tuesday, January 17th when the chapter releases.

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