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30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool In A Fight

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool
30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool

Which 30 characters can beat Deadpool? Is there any character who can beat “Deadpool”? These types of the many questions fans have asked on the internet since Deadpool came out. It is an American antihero comedy movie based on the MCU (Marvel Comics Character) Deadpool.

It’s the most popular and beloved character in MCU. Ryan Reynolds plays the Deadpool character; its first big-screen movie is X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Deadpool’s first part was released in 2016, and the second part was released in 2018.

The story revolves around the character Wade Wilson, who is a contract mercenary. When he meets Vanessa and instantly falls in love with her. His life is perfect until the day that he is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

They were hopeless, and suddenly, a man appeared and claimed that he could cure his cancer with superhero-empowering treatments. In the first place, Wade decline, but he agrees and meets Ajax, the man behind the project. He suffers a lot with painful tests to awaken his mutant abilities, and after being treated, he discovers that he has become a mutant.


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool relaxes before leaping into battle.

Wade gains the ability to accelerate healing or regeneration as a result of the treatment, but he is gravely injured. Now he has two main goals: To find Vanessa and hold Ajax accountable for what he did to him.

Killing Ajax may be more difficult than it seems because Ajax is also a mutant, and the interfering superhero Colossus and his sidekick Negasonic Teenage Warhead keep blocking his way. Oh, and Wade Wilson has picked out a new name: Deadpool. This article is all about the 30 Characters who can beat Deadpool.

30 Characters Of MCU and DCU Who Can Beat Deadpool 

1. The Punisher:

Possibly the most ruthless of Marvel’s characters, The Punisher is quite a good match for Deadpool. While both of these characters can be brutal when engaged in battle, it is the former who tends to kill without remorse.

30 Characters Of MCU and DCU Who Can Beat Deadpool 

The Punisher (Credit: Marvel)

In Marvel Comics, when almost all characters were turning into zombies, with Frank being the last person immune, we saw how The Punisher had to kill Deadpool over and over again. This mainly establishes the fact that he can easily defeat the red superhero (Deadpool) in a battle.

2. Wolverine:

The rivalry between Deadpool and Wolverine is so old in Marvel Comics that fans have always wondered who would win the final showdown between the pair. However, the two have also acted as good friends at certain times. For characters who share the self-restoration thing, assume the combat to closing a long time with regards to wolverine and Deadpool.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool

 Wolverine (Credit: WallpaperAccess)

At the same time as the latter’s body can regenerate, it can not heal the way wolverine did, which might, without difficulty, turn the tide in Logan’s prefer. Furthermore, the fact that Wolverine has defeated Deadpool in the comics, as well as the movies gives us a clear insight into how the fight between the two will play out.

3. Colossus:

Pyotr Rasputin, aka the Russian mutant with the ability to turn his body into metal, seems like an overkill against Deadpool. With what fans got to see in Deadpool 2, Colossus could easily compete with Merc. Deadpool’s guns and katana would be of no use against the metal-bodied X-Men.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Colossus (Credit: Deadpool Movie)

Colossus (Credit: Deadpool Movie)

4. Black Panther:

Wakandan King T’Challa, aka Black Panther, is one of the best opponents for Deadpool. He trained himself his entire life, as well as having a Vibranium suit and fancy Wakandan tech, a fight between Black Panther and Deadpool would be a sight to behold.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Black Panther

Black Panther (Credit: Plot Armor Comics)

In the year 2018, these two powerful Marvel characters faced each other in the 5th issue of Marvel Comics, titled Deadpool vs. Black Panther. While the fans enjoy some amazing fights between T’Challa and Wade, the story makes it clear that the two characters could last for a few rounds. However, Black Panther, with the Vibranium suit and his amazing fighting skills, Deadpool can do little damage with his katana and pistol.

5. Scarlett Witch:

Wanda can easily beat Deadpool, it is sure that he annoys Wanda unimaginable, and later Wanda ensures that he never annoys anyone else. As we got to see in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, Scarlett Witch easily kills Black Bolt and others.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch (Credit: Sportskeeda)

However, things would go another level with the red superhero savage replies. Scarlet Witch is knocked off by Wade’s savage words. Wanda will take down Deadpool with The Darkhold.

6. Hulk:

How amazing it could be when two savage characters fight with each other. Deadpool and The Hulk are both powerful MCU characters. As our green superhero smashes Wade’s brain, the fight will finish off as fast as it began. The fight might be in favor of the red superhero, as we saw in MC Deadpool killing the Marvel Universe.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Hulk

Hulk (Credit: Fiction Horizon)

7. Thor:

The fight between the God of Thunder and the Red Superhero amazed the fans. Marvel Comics provides an insight into the scenario of what would happen. However, Thor baked Deadpool to a crisp meal a few times before in the comics, and the God of Thunder did so unknowingly.

This scenario gives us a clear image of how Thor can easily beat Deadpool. If they were into a fight, things would not be in favor of our re8. Thanos With The Infinity Gauntlet:

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Hulk

Hulk (Credit: WallpaperAccess)

Thanos is also known as the Mad Titan. The Mad Titan with Infinity Gauntlet and all the infinity stones is one of the strongest villains of the MCU. Thanos is not on the list of the top 10 strongest villains in the Marvel Universe, but he is strong enough to beat Deadpool. Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet is the deadliest villain with all the Infinity Stones; the Mad Titan could instantly wipe off Wade from existence.

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9. Dr. Strange:

Dr. Stephen Strange is not a match in combat with Deadpool, but the ex-surgeon has something extraordinary which makes him more dangerous when they go one-on-one. Dr. Strange’s power is above the level of the red superhero.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange (Credit: Wiki of Nerds)

With all his mystical powers, Dr. Strange can place the red superhero in a different reality for fighting to not harm the real world. However, the mystical superhero can also use his Infinity Stone of Time to keep Deadpool in a time loop. By using Time Stone, Dr. Strange defeats Dormammu in the MCU.

10. Dark Phoenix:

Dark Phoenix can easily beat the red superhero. The Dark Phoenix character is known by many different names, the MCU character Jean Grey is also associated with the Dark Phoenix.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Dark Phoenix

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool – Dark Phoenix (Credit: Digital Spy)

Grey is the omega-level mutant who holds great power without the power of Phoenix Force. Grey in his Dark Phoenix form, even defeats the mighty Galactus, which makes the red superhero an easy enemy to beat.

11. Dare Devil:

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen vs. Wade Wilson, who will win? What do you think? Once, when our red superhero tracked a shape-shifter, he was confused about whether the Daredevil, which he saw, was real or an imposter. However, Deadpool starts shooting at Daredevil, but he dodges the bullets and gets angry at the red superhero for the shooting. Dare Devil beats Deadpool, and he is found unconscious in the middle of a street.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Dare Devil

Dare Devil (Credit: CBR)

12. Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman is an Amazonian goddess who is extremely powerful, and before she’d even landed a punch on the red superhero, he would probably be thrown away by her physical appearance and beauty. Amazonian goddess has been known for hurting Superman, so using her unique strength and combat skills against Deadpool would see him struggle enormously.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Wonder Woman

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool – Wonder Woman (Credit: Scrolller)

However, Wonder Woman is vulnerable to bullets, but she has her shield and armor to reflect them, as well as her powerful rope. Amazonian goddess with all of her godlike abilities and the merc mouth is not even close to her power level. She’s faster and stronger than Deadpool, and when he runs out of bullets after failing to even scratch her skin. The red superhero will be defeated by the Amazonian goddess.

13. Carnage:

Carnage is a top-class assassin who turns himself into an alien monster. He can absorb the enemy’s powers. The alien monster is one notch above Venom, which is an unstoppable monster; Carnage can cut his opponents into pieces with his different tendrils and fights ruthlessly until the opponents die.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Carnage

Carnage (Credit: Plot Armor Comics)

In Deadpool vs. Carnage #3, that’s what exactly happened. That’s the main reason why many times, Venom and Spiderman teamed up to take him down. Deadpool independently ain’t a worthy opponent in front of Carnage, who is a ruthless monster.

14. Squirrel Girl:

Deadpool has lost many fights for always telling jokes and not concentrating on his fights, the same case with Squirrel Girl. He is confused by her appearance and by her name, and the red superhero falls for her furry tail.

He thought that the Squirrel Girl was one of the registered members of the Superhero Registration Act, but she proved it wrong with her one punch. Well, it appears that no one is strong enough to stand in front of Squirrel Girl. Once she took down the Mad Titan ‘Thanos’ as well. She can shoot lasers from her eyes, teleports herself at the drop of a hat, and have the power to destroy life across space and time at will.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl (Credit: Inverse)

Squirrel Girl is considered equivalent to Deadpool as a female version in the Marvel comics. She is a symbol of joy and spreads positivity in the comic-book universe, which is otherwise dark and brooding.

15. Superman:

Superman, The Man of Steel, is an idol of a god among men; Superman has been a sworn protector of Earth and defeats villains like Darkseid, Doomsday, Lex Luthor, and Zod to save humanity. His incredible strength and invulnerable body would be sufficient to defeat Deadpool, but with his ability to freeze his enemies and use heat vision, the red superhero is not even a match for him.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Superman

Superman (Credit: KrazY Battle)

Why would the merc mouth like to fight with the Man of Steel still be a mystery, but it’s not the first time Deadpool has encountered the odd one. Unfortunately, there’s very little chance that Deadpool could even scratch the last son of Krypton. The Red Superhero does not have a chance to stand against The Man of Steel.

16. Deadpool:

Deadpool can’t even help himself losing to himself. Like many other heroes, he has to fight himself from different dimensions, and in the storyline Deadpool Kills Deadpool, they meet each other for a crossover. Lady Deadpool, Kid pool, and Dogpool all were self-explanatory but in their worlds.

The Deadpool from different dimensions considered themselves to be simple old Deadpool. So every time one of them killed the other, another red superhero technically was defeated.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Deadpool

Deadpool (Credit: Fortnite Film)

This started with an evil Leather Deadpool. Dogpool was wounded and dying in the battle. The original Deadpool, aka Wade, didn’t take kindly to that and brutally killed his Leather self after literally splitting him in half. It was hard to tell it was the end of things, but many more Deadpools again started fighting Panda Deadpools, Samurais, and all other Deadpool taken out by one or another.

17. Groot:

The most powerful member of the Guardians of the Galaxy is Groot, who is an anthropomorphic tree. Groot extent and versatility of his body are not yet fully explored in the Marvel Universe. Nobody ever said that fighting with Groot was easy, something which Deadpool found out the hard way.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Groot

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool – Groot (Credit: Top 10 Nerd)

Groot has slaughtered many people, sometimes a group of people at a time. And even he even survived a crashing starship while saving his friends. This is difficult for Deadpool to win against the Groot, no matter how many chainsaws he brings to the fight.

18. Hela:

The MCU Thor: Ragnarok gave an introduction to various new characters, including Hela. The daughter of Odin and long-lost sister of Thor & Loki made her return to Asgard after her father’s death “Odin” and destroyed everything in her path. Thor and Loki are not a match for Hela, using the Surtur himself to take her down.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Hela


It’s hard to believe that Deadpool does any damage to Hela or any kind of injury. If anything, he can just annoy her, so she uses her powers to spread his parts among the different kingdoms.

19. Aquaman:

On land, Deadpool can use his skill and healing factor to defeat all his enemies, but Aquaman is the king of the ocean. As long as they fight in the water, Wade Wilson will die at the bottom of the ocean, and it’s easy to game over for him. Arthur Curry is an extremely strong human and can take an extreme beating, even without the healing factor.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool -Aquaman

Aquaman (Credit: Screen Rant)

Even on land, it’s not easy for Deadpool to beat him because of the Atlantean steel which he wears as armor. Aquaman also has a powerful trident which he uses to control all sea life meaning Wade Wilson would be fish food.

20. Shazam:

There are only a few superheroes who could beat Deadpool without having a sweat, but Shazam possesses the power of the gods to use for the greater good of mankind, so there’s no chance Wade Wilson could beat him. He has his own healing factor along with super strength, an invulnerable body, super speed, and flying ability.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Shazam

Shazam (Credit: DeviantArt)

After saying the word “Shazam,” Billy Batson runs into a superhero with incredible power, and the only way for Deadpool to defeat him is to find him as a kid and insert the blade in his heart.

21. Booster Gold:

Booster Gold, aka Mike Carter, is a failed university student of the 25th century. He has nothing special or powerful, just an average superhero, until Booster Gold steals an artifact from the Metropolis Space Museum while working. The artifact blessed him with many powerful abilities. By using those abilities, he could defeat Deadpool easily.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Booster Gold

Booster Gold (Credit: IGN)

With all of his powers, he can make a lot of trouble for Deadpool. Thanks to his gauntlets, he can use superpowers and powerful fire blast force; it’s not the end; his force field could stop the physical attacks of Deadpool in their paths and repel him into the air with enormous power. Booster Gold resists an attack from Doomsday, so he can easily deflect Deadpool in advance.

22. One-Above-All:

The One Above All is a Marvel Universe god who is known as the founder of Multiverse. The One Above All, who is responsible for all the life forms in the Multiverse and beyond it, is the leader and only supreme of the Living Tribunal, the celestial chief and negotiator whose faces represent justice, revenge, and need, and are in right sync with each other as it passes judgment.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - One Above All

One Above All

The One Above All is unique; after possessing all of the factors of an Abrahamian god, he is incredibly kinder than a true Abrahamian god. It was especially revealed that the fundamental force of One Above All and the main force of the cosmos – is Love, which is a surprising twist from such an almighty creature.

That’s the reason why One Above All is very special and the reason why he is always on the top of the fascinating comic book characters of all time. There is no doubt that Marvel’s strongest character is the One-Above-All.

He is depicted as the creator of the Marvel Universe as well as the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent being upon which Marvel depends. The One-Above-All has drawbacks, as one comic book storyline revealed, but he is still incredibly powerful.

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23. Beyonder:

The Beyonder is a celestial creature who is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent in his universe. Beyonder is even more amazing than the Galactus. Galactus is a cosmic creature that was repelled “like an insect” by him, and the energy collected by Taa II, Galactus’ world ship, was crushed by him.

Doctor Doom found out the entire extent of the Beyonder’s powers, which had been robbed from him, during this incident: Beyonder can read everyone’s desires around him, and his every wish becomes real. However, there was a trap: if Doom could not control his thoughts, they all came real.

As a result, using Beyonder’s power required constant concentration, strength, and a complete absence of personal desire.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Beyonder


Beyonder can control atoms and spirits in this form, as well as teleport himself to countless locations throughout the universe. Beyonder may appear like an odd possibility. However, he is extremely powerful, and lots of people believe that he is the only second to the One-Above-All. There is nothing that he can’t do, and his terrific powers put him even ahead of the Living Tribunal.

24. Odin:

Bor, an early Asgardian, has a son named Odin and Bestla, a frost giant; Vili & Ve are the couple’s other kids. After Bor’s death, Odin and his two siblings took control of Asgard.

Later they stood up against the demon Surtur, and Vili and Ve died in the battle; before dying, they gave their power to Odin to increase his abilities and give birth to Odinforce. After teaming up with the giants, the only ruler of Asgard trapped the demon Surtur in the core of the Earth.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Odin (Credit: Peakpx)

Odin (Credit: Peakpx)

Odin fell deeply in love with Gaea, the Earth goddess, and desired a son with her who would be as powerful as he was on Earth. In Norway, to give birth to the great God of Thunder, Thor, Odin dug a cave. After that, he brought Thor to Asgard with him, and his majesty Frigga nurtured him as her son.

Odin is not only powerful, but he is also fearless and has a calm attitude, which is why he is so popular with comic book readers. However, Odin is extremely strong, and even the most powerful villains, like Thanos, avoid attacking him.

25. Lady Chaos:

Lady Chaos, also known as Mistress Death, has had a long history with the Red Superhero. Their love story goes as far as including Thanos in the mix. What makes Lady Chaos fall in love with Deadpool rather amusing and a little ironic is that Deadpool is a man who can’t die.

Lady Chaos is the incarnation of the opposite of life in the Marvel Universe, and she has endless powers, which include dimensional manipulation, cosmic awareness, invulnerability, immortality, and the main thing is the ability to bring dead people. For this and numerous other reasons, why Deadpool would lose the love of his life.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Lady Chaos (Credit: Peakpx)

The Red Superhero loves Lady Chaos so much that if they got into a fight, his love for her wouldn’t allow him to attack. However, even if they fight, Mistress Death would easily defeat Deadpool in seconds. She could smoothly twist reality and wish Deadpool lost his powers or wish him to erase from reality.

26. The Living Tribunal:

There are so many powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, but none can like the Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal is equal to omnipotent. His abilities are near-omniscience and omnipresence as reality warping.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - The Living Tribunal

Thus, Deadpool and combined X-Force cannot even bring the Living Tribunal to submission. The Tribunal could warp existence and defeat Deadpool in seconds – either by wishing Deadpool’s healing factor away from him or by erasing him from existence.

27. Ghost Rider:

There are only a few characters in the MCU and DCU who can defeat the Spirit of Vengeance aka Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is extremely powerful, summons devils, is immortal, has a super fast healing characteristic, infuses things with hellfire, and also he can open voids to various realms. Ghost Rider can also transfer his spirit to other mortals.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Ghost Rider (Credit: Peakpx)

Ghost Rider (Credit: Peakpx)

Deadpool is almost immortal thanks to his healing factor, but the Spirit of Vengeance’s abilities straightly come from Hell. Ghost Rider has many ways to defeat Deadpool, but one way mentioned in the comics is with the penance stare, in which Deadpool feels the pain of those he’s killed in the past.

28. Eternity:

Almost every comic book reader knows that Deadpool keeps trying to fight with gods before, like the Living Tribunal and God of Thunder. Eternity is known as one of the most powerful beings in reality. He is an essential component of nature and the structure of reality.



That’s why Eternity is very difficult to defeat. He’s on another level of immortality, and if he was to interfere, he could free every being from every known universe; unless he was stopped by something like the Infinity Stones. Fighting with Eternity One-on-one, Deadpool is just dust to him.

29. Domino:

Domino is a girl with the power of luck. She is rarely defeated by someone, whether it’s in the comics or big screen. Domino has been gifted with a mutant ability that allows her to hold up unbelievable luck, no matter how bad the situation is, but she always comes out of a problem better than anyone else.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Domino (Credit: Peakpx)

Domino (Credit: Peakpx)

Deadpool usually doesn’t want to believe that luck is a genuine power; however, as we see in the Deadpool 2 movie. If Deadpool had fought against Domino, he wouldn’t have had a chance to win against her. Nobody in the world can battle luck except with the same power as luck.

30. Moonstone As Ms. Marvel:

Norman Osborn, aka Ms. Marvel, when she was creating her team of the Avengers, Ms. Marvel was unable to convince heroes to her team. She presented supervillains as famous heroes. Moonstone is the villain who makes real at being a hero and operating as Ms. Marvel. The Red Superhero battles against some of the telepathic newborns he stole from Ms. Marvel.

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool - Ms. Marvel (Credit: Pinterest)

30 Characters Who Can Beat Deadpool – Ms. Marvel (Credit: Pinterest)

She hunted him down, and the fight was just a matter of a few minutes because Deadpool forgot his opponent was bulletproof, which eliminated him from a big part of his fighting region. She grabbed his neck and went into the air, and Deadpool just saw himself flying. Once they were in the atmosphere, Ms. Marvel set him free, and Deadpool’s final thoughts were in the middle of the atmosphere that he couldn’t fly.

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