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What Happened To Brandon From Lucky Dog?

What Happened To Brandon From Lucky Dog?
Brandon Training One Of The Dog (Credits: CBS)

You remember Brandon Mcmillan, right? the one from “Lucky Dog”. After he left the show, many are wondering as to What Happened To Brandon From Lucky Dog? Don’t worry if you are not able to get a picture of who he is; let me jog your memory a bit. 

Brandon McMillan is not just the previous host of Lucky Dog but also an Author, television producer, and, most famously, a dog trainer. He quickly rose to popularity after he took on as the host of the lucky dog in 2013 when the show first premiered. 

Not only he got popular, but I also got to know him by another name, “Animal Brandon”. In his career so far, he has won many awards, such as Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host (Lifestyle/Travel/Children’s Series) in the year 2015 and then again in the year 2018. 

Later on, in the year 2016, he also won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Series. Before all of this, Brandon was just an animal trainer in a circus run by his dad and uncle. Training wild animals, who subsequently went on to be a part of television shows and even movies. You know, the tiger from the hangover. That tiger was also trained by Brandon. 

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What Happened To Brandon From Lucky Dog?

After being the host for seven continuous seasons of the lucky dog and to recognized for the work Brandon did on the show, he finally says goodbye. From the 8th season onwards, we see new faces on the show, and to be honest, many of the viewers and fans wanted him back.

It was 24th October 2020, the day Brandon uploaded a post on his Instagram handle letting his fans and the viewers of the show that this would be his last episode on the Lucky Dog. It was his 182nd episode, the long journey which started way back in 2013. Sharing a pic of himself and apollo the dog, which led to a start of a wonderful series traversing through many seasons and years. 

What Happened To Brandon From Lucky Dog? What's Brandon's Masterclass?

Brandon Training One Of The Dog (Credits: YouTube)

But the question remains the same why did he leave the show if everything was going so great? He answered this question through his Instagram post, announcing his departure.  He says that till the point you are having fun in the show, that’s when it’s most amazing for the actors and viewers.

But when the decision-makers don’t see the fun point of view but the money aspect, then that’s where the fun ends. Making the person not want to show on to the sets for work. That’s what happened with the Luck dog as well, too much popularity bringing in views and money and shifting the focus from the original motivation.  

Once he realized that the show was running in another direction,  at that time, he decided to leave the show. Brandon might have moved on from the show but hasn’t given up on our furry friends. He still tries to find a good family for these shelter dogs and train them. 

Apart from training dogs, he is also the founder of the Argus service dog foundation. On the sidelines, he also runs his masterclass, where he will give you a complete picture of how to train your dog by showing you simple systems on how you can build a healthy relationship with your dog when it comes to trust and control. 

What Is Brandon’s Masterclass?

So Brandon started his own masterclass aiming to build a better relationship between humans and animals. He makes an attempt to modify the dog’s behavior for the better, starting with just simple commands like Barking, sitting, staying, etc, which will result in having a positive and fun lifeline bond with your fur buddy. 

What Happened To Brandon From Lucky Dog? What's Brandon's Masterclass?

Brandon’s Masterclass (Credits: Masterclass)

Just head over to his masterclass website, and there you’ll find approx 15 lessons that have a duration of around 2 hrs to 2 hrs 58 mins. You’ll find a class trailer, as well as a sample for you to see for yourself how the two classes are in actuality. 

Starting from getting to know Brandon to know how your dog is unique in his behavior and personality. After that, there are different lessons that advance in progression.  

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