How to Watch The Interest Of Love? Streaming Guide

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Have you checked out Netflix’s new Korean drama, The Interest in Love? The very first show happened on December 21, and the series is nearing its end. We decided to provide the streaming schedule below so that you don’t miss any remaining episodes as they become available.

Insider premiered on JTBC on Wednesdays & Thursdays at 10.30 p.m. KST and is based on the book Sarangui Ihae by Lee Hyuk-novel jin. SLL has been well known for Netflix K-Dramas, including such Nonetheless, Reflection of You, All of Us Are Dead, Thirty-Nine, and My Liberation Notes.

The Interest in Love: Story so Far

Mi-Kyung welcomes Sang-soo to a ceremony because they appreciate the couple. Sang-soo exits the, and please allow, abandoning Mi-Kyung and Soo-young behind. Mi-Kyung informs Soo-young about her last-week confession to Sang-soo, although she adds that they are not dating “yet.”

This dialogue appears to have stayed with Soo-young for the rest of the episodes, as she separates herself from Sang-soo and advises him to pursue an individual who is a perfect replacement for him.

Soo-young can not even go out for dinner with Sang-soo that night. YORK SHI-KYUNG, the branch manager, invites her to follow him to a dinner appointment with a customer.

Soo-young, who is much younger compared to both the supervisor and the male consumer, sits at the table and proceeds to do business. Her boss tells her as they walk away that it is her role to “cite” clients in meetings like this.

Cast of the show
The Interest in Love

He forces money into her hands for a cab, despite her objections and assertions that she is inexperienced with his money. When she goes home, she places the 50,000 won in a canister filled with additional money, as she has done in the past. He writes to her because she has missed the beginning of Beginning Singing and encourages her to come the next night instead. She sits still, confident that he will fall short.

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The majority of these occurrences are characterized by workplace annoyance. Manager York invites Soo-young to dine with him and a customer the next day at the bank. Sang-soo, on the other hand, begs to follow him.

According to the boss, Sang-soo will be playing golf with customers over the weekends. Therefore, it does not make sense. Soo-young then rises in front of the entire staff and proclaims that she will demonstrate products during working hours if necessary.

Manager York inquires if she is denying now or in the foreseeable. “I don’t feel I must entertain clients,” Soo-young says. Everyone at the workplace cringes as they look down at their desks. This entire occurrence kicks off a series of events. In the beginning, both Jong-hyun and Sang-soo make several attempts to aid Soo-young in dealing with the horrible working conditions.

Main leads of the show
The Interest in Love

At the same time, every person in the office criticizes Soo-young and recommends she attends the meetings after hours. Sang-soo responds, “Soo-young made that decision,” when questioned about what he considers. Soo-young, of obviously, is lurking outside the door, eavesdropping in.

Following the Soo complaint young to Supervisor York, an accounting team questions the staff. Even if the staff confirms that Soo-young is being unfairly targeted, we have heard that he will almost certainly be fired or relocated to another branch. Manager York will face no consequences.

The Interest Of Love Streaming Guide

The Interest Of Love will be broadcast on JTBC weekly at 10.30 p.m. KST/8.30 a.m. ET/5.30 a.m. PT/1.30 p.m. GMT. The drama will thereafter be available on Netflix with English subtitles from 12 a.m. KST/ 10 a.m. ET/ 7 a.m. PT. The international broadcast schedule is shown below.

  • Pacific Time: 7 am PT
  • Central Time: 9 am CT
  • Europe Time: 4 pm CEST
  • India Time: 8.30 pm IST
  • Philippines Time: 11 pm PHT
  • Eastern Time: 10am ET
  • UK Time: 3 pm GMT
  • Japan Time: midnight JST
  • Australia Time: 1.30 am ACDT
  • Singapore Time: 11 pm
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Cast of the show
The Interest of Love Stills

You may only watch material on one screen at a time with the $9.99 mobile-only subscription. You cannot browse your Netflix subscription through Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or another huge-screen device, including PCs and iPads, because this plan is mobile-only.

You should get the $9.99 bundle. The sole restriction is that Netflix can only be accessed on one screen simultaneously.

Only high-definition quality material is available.  In contrast to the $15.99 plan, which only enables you to view the video on one device at the same time, the plan allows you to view it on two or more devices (screens) simultaneously.  The $19.99 package is a family membership that lets you access your subscription from four screens simultaneously. The annual cost covers all material in Ultra HD streaming (4K).

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