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What Happened To Paige In Virgin River?

What Happened To paige In Virgin River
What Happened To paige In Virgin River

Netflix’s Virgin River fourth season concluded and left many questions, and so many people are scouring the internet for answers concerning each character’s story arc! But no worries! We’re here to answer these questions. That way, you won’t feel left out in that next conversation with your friends over that caramel macchiato at Starbucks.

Here’s what you need to know about Paige and how she relates to Vince in this popular Netflix series. But reader, beware, there are major spoilers ahead. We don’t want to spoil the fun for you. We rather have your friends at Starbucks spoil you the details for missing out on the details than our website. So, without further ado, let’s dig into what happened to Paige in the Virgin River.

What Happened To Paige In the Virgin River?

Paige missed out on most of the fourth season of Virgin River on Netflix. But why, though? Well, it was because she fled the Virgin River! She feared for her life! That’s right! She got too close to Preacher —played by Colin Lawrence— and she spilled the beans concerning her true identity. Moreover, she had changed her name to escape from Wes, her abusive partner, played by Steve Bacic, and she wanted to have a clean slate with her son Christopher, played by Chase Petriw. Let’s expand on that.

What Happened To paige In Virgin River

So, what happened to Paige?

Preacher & Paige

Preacher enters a terrifying circumstance. Paige is being held at gunpoint by Vince (Steve Bacic), who is demanding to know where his twin brother Wes’s grave is. They start fighting when Preacher admits to Vince that he actually buried Wes and not Paige. Preacher grabs a flaming log and strikes Vince in the back of the head, causing Vince to tumble to the ground as he turns to face Paige.

Preacher and Paige first appear to be safe, but there are several other factors to take into account. Is Vince, for instance, actually deceased? Preacher knocks him out, but it’s not clear if the injury is lethal. And how will the police handle Wes’s disappearance and Vince’s head injury? Preacher claims that she is acting in self-defense, but every story has two sides.

Preacher is visited by Paige, who reveals that she has also been in touch with Sally. She was informed that Vince only accessed Paige through Christopher. He is interested in learning what happened to his brother. Paige for Christopher is the trade Vince proposes. Preacher disagrees with this careless idea, but Paige accepts it. He tracks down the offender himself using GPS coordinates. However, he arrives too late, and the cabin is deserted.

Preacher receives a letter from Paige as Christopher heads back to him. She writes in her letter that she has moved out with Vince and wants Preacher to raise her son permanently. Preacher avoids the law and travels alone to the cottage. A fight breaks out when he discovers Vince and Paige inside. Preacher successfully disarms the criminal and knocks him out, sparing Paige’s life.

What Happened To paige In Virgin River

Paige from Virgin River

Paige’s Choices

For someone like Paige, who has been running from the law with her kid, Christopher, this entire situation is a nightmare (Chase Petriw). Whether Vince is still alive or not, she will undoubtedly run into some legal issues now that she’s come out of hiding. She not only kidnapped Christopher from his father, but she also killed Wes. She is also guilty of abandoning Christopher in Preacher’s care and failing to communicate a return date. There’s a good probability she’ll go away (again) to make a fresh start somewhere else to escape suspicion.

Since Preacher’s new love interest in Virgin River season 4 is Julia (played by Lawrence’s real-life wife, Lucia Walters), this situation seems likely. We wouldn’t be surprised if Paige gradually (or not so gradually) disappeared from Preacher’s life, despite the possibility of a love triangle arising from the addition. The biggest query, though, is Preacher and Paige’s future. Will they continue from where they left off, specifically? Sadly, there is a theory that suggests Paige will do what she does best: flee.

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