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Kamisama No Ekohiiki Cast: See Their Amazing Chemistry!

Kamisama No Ekohiiki Cast

The Kamisama No Ekohiiki cast had us all in the feels while watching the Japanese drama. The show is not your typical body swap rom-com show and explores things beyond that throughout the show. All in all, adapted from Komura Ayumi’s webtoon of the same name, Kamisama No Ekohiiki is truly a hidden gem. The story revolves around four main characters Amano Yashiro, Tendou Kagura, Nanahara Kenta, and Torii Rin. In the plot of Kamisama No Ekohiiki, Yashiro starts visiting a secluded shrine for 100 days to finally gain the courage to confess to his crush. And the diety living there literally hears him and decides to watch over him while he confesses.

The deity and his chihuahua attendant Ukon are surprised to see that Yashiro’s crush is actually a boy named Kento, who is a longtime friend and rejects Yashiro’s confession as he values their friendship more. Sadly, the same day, Yashiro gets into a car accident but is saved by the deity. The deity agrees to grant him a wish, and he wishes to be reborn as a girl. Due to this, his body is swapped with a high school girl named Kagura. Is he becoming a girl to fix his problems?

The Kamisama No Ekohiiki cast had done splendid work in showing the character’s emotions. So much so that the audience of the Japanese drama could not stop praising them. So, without further ado, let us start getting to know the Kamisama No Ekohiiki cast!

1. Fujiwara Taiyu

The first member of the Kamisama No Ekohiiki cast is Fuijiwara Taiyu. The actor was born on October 5, 2003, in Tokyo, Japan, and is under Amuse Inc. Entertainment Agency. One of the J-dramas of the actor that you can look forward to is Junai Dissonance. 

kamisama no ekohiiki cast

Fujiwara Taiyu

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2. Sakurada Hiyori

Sakurada Hiyori had kicked off her acting career as a child actress and had also appeared in the successful work Tommor There Is No Mom. The nineteen-year-old actress is preparing to make a comeback as Mizuhara Chizuru in the Japanese drama Kanojo, Okarishimasu, and also as Chibita in the Japanese movie Chibita.

Sakurada Hiyori

3. Kubozuka Airu

Like his fellow members of the Kamisama No Ekohiiki cast, Kubozuka Airu is also a very young Japanese actor. In fact, his family is filled with talented actors like Yosuke Kubozuka and Shunsuke Kubozuka. After Kamisama No Ekohiiki, he will be acting in Bakarayou No Kiss

Kubozuka Airu

4. Arai Myra

Arai Myra, aka Myra Meadows, is a popular Canadian-Japanese actress and model. After being scouted by Twin Planet Entertainment, she had a lot of acting gigs. Arai Myra will also be starrng in Bakarayou No Kiss as Shirakura along with Kubozuka Airu who is also a part of the Kamisama No Ekohiiki cast.

kamisama no ekohiiki cast

Arai Myra

5. Furukawa Yuki

Furukawa Yuki had spent his childhood abroad and had returned to Japan to study Engineering at Keio University. He had gained fame through Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo. He is currently married and has a child with her. 

kamisama no ekohiiki cast

Furukawa Yuki

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