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Brendan Fraser’s Dating History: The Whale Actor’s Relationships So Far

Brendan Fraser's Dating History
Brendan Fraser (CC: Insider)

Are you eager to know about Brendan Fraser’s dating history? The Whale actor currently won Oscars under the category of Best Actor. These days, Brendan Fraser is reportedly making headlines for joining Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji 4. Wow! That’s good news! Keeping this aside, for now, fans have been lately showing their curiosity regarding all of Brendan Fraser’s romantic involvements. 

Originally known as Brendan James Fraser is a versatile actor who started making fame after appearing in the comedy Encino Man. Hailing from Indianapolis, Brendan was born in 1968, making him 54 years old at present.

Some of his notable acting credits are- Line of Descent, No Sudden Move, The Affair, Doom Patrol, Fallen Angels, etc. As mentioned already about The Whale, we saw Brendan playing the role of Charlie. Also, he has a handful of projects, which are on their way to getting released. One of those is Killers of the Flower Moon. 

Well, Brendan Fraser’s dating history has come to the limelight after the actor got spotted with his new love interest at the 95th Academy Awards. However, he hasn’t dated many but was very much devoted to his first marriage. Who was she? If you are looking for the details of Brendan Fraser’s dating history, here is what we know. 

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Brendan Fraser’s Dating History: All Of His Romantic Involvements Made So Far 

Here is a brief list of Brendan Fraser’s relationships that the actor got involved in on a date. 

Afton Smith 

Talking about Brendan Fraser’s dating history starts with Afton Smith, of course. In other words, we may call her Brendan’s ex-wife. But what’s her identity? Well, Afton is also an actress who starred in Fried Green Tomatoes, Less Than Zero, Pyrates, etc. 

After Brendan visited Los Angeles, he met Afton Smith, and soon, there was a spark between them. To be more exact, the date was 4 July 1993, when they met each other personally for the very first time at Winona Ryder’s house while attending a barbecue. Later, they dated for a few years until September 1998, when Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith exchanged their vows. Both share three children. 

Brendan Fraser's Dating History

Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith aren’t together anymore (CC: Youtube)

It was in 2007 when Brendan Fraser reportedly got separated from his then-wife, Afton Smith. However, their legal split or their divorce was finalized after a couple of years, that was in 2009. Following that, the actor was ordered to pay $600,000 annually for a decade or until he tied the knot with anyone else. But, after some time, Brendan asked for a certain reduction as he was unable to meet the expense.

In addition to that, Brendan was asked to pay $25,000 for his child support. The actor didn’t contest this, though. Knowing this, Afton Smith accused Brendan Fraser of hiding his assets. In other words, she accused him of fraud. Keeping everything aside, fans have been wondering about the major reason behind Brendan Fraser’s divorce from Afton Smith. Their long-time relationship ended pretty easily.

But how? The exact reason is unknown, as it was never published. At the time of the announcement, the representatives shared that they would continue having a respectful and caring relationship. However, Brendan Fraser’s divorce from Afton Smith turned out very messy and complicated. 

Jeanne Moore 

When we talk about Brendan Fraser’s dating history, it also calls for his new love interest, Jeanne Moore. Brendan Fraser and Jeanne Moore started dating each other in September 2022. So, it’s just been six months since they have officially become a couple.

In case you are wondering, Brendan’s girlfriend, Jeanne, is a professional make-up artist and hair stylist who is also quite into special effects. She is majorly known for his association with BG Star Production. 

Brendan Fraser's Dating History

Brendan Fraser and Jeanne Moore seem to be a very happy couple now (CC: People)

It’s unknown if Brendan Fraser and Jeanne Moore have decided to tie the knot. However, things between them seem to be going great. From the pictures that they post, it’s evident that Brendan and Jeanne are very much in love with each other. They seem to be inseparable. 

Best Wishes to Brendan Fraser for the upcoming days of his life. We are eagerly waiting for some good news concerning his marriage. When is it going to happen? Make sure you follow Brendan, on his Instagram account, for some more updates, in case he provides any. 

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