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Jeanne Moore Net Worth

Brendan Fraser

Want to know about Jeanne Moore net worth? Well, many of you may not know her but Jeanne has recently become a popular figure on the internet. In case you aren’t aware, she is the new love interest of the Oscar-winning actor, Brendan Fraser. Yes, we mean The Whale actor. She has been making headlines for supporting him at the recent 95th Academy Awards. Keeping that aside, for now, let’s briefly discuss how prominent has been Jeanne Moore, in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Jeanne Moore is a renowned makeup artist and hairstylist. Before pursuing this as her profession, she studied marketing subject at Cal State Fullerton. Not to forget to mention that Jeanne is also very much trained in special effects. Also, she is the owner of Jeanne Makes You Up. Besides this, she is also a producer, who initiated the same with BG Star Productions. In addition to that, Jeanne also served as the assistant director of the same. It was in July 2015, Jeanne joined The Movetube Network and worked as a writer until the end of 2017. In the following year, Jeanne joined Wall Street Theatre. 

Little did you know, Jeanne Moore is very enthusiastic when it comes to her work. When it comes to her makeup artist profession, she has several celebrity clients. In case you don’t know, Jeanne hails from Garden Grove, a city in California. 

After making an appearance with Brendan Fraser at the Oscars 2023, fans started wondering about her monetary earnings, more precisely her worth. How much has Jeanne Moore earned so far? Well, this came up after some people made a comparison with her boyfriend. It shouldn’t be done though. Ignoring the negativity, if you are simply looking for Jeanne Moore net worth, here is what we know. 

Jeanne Moore Net Worth

Jeanne Moore

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Jeanne Moore Net Worth: Earnings Revealed 

Talking about her monetary earnings, Jeanne Moore net worth is estimated to be a whopping $1 million. As mentioned already, she has made the most of it by being a successful beautician. Yes, we are talking about her makeup and hair-styling skills. Also, she has celebrity clients. So, we may expect her charge to be high. However, there are other sources of Jeanne Moore’s income. We shall get into that, one by one. 

It was in 2012 when she worked as the graphic designer in the film, Indigo Children. That has reportedly helped her in adding a good amount to Jeanne Moore net worth. In the following year, Jeanne was the key art production assistant in the films, Deep Powder, A Little Game, and The Longest Week, respectively. Her involvement in several films contributes to and plays a major role in defining her monetary worth. 

How can we not talk about Jeanne Moore’s endorsement deals? Working with so many brands daily, she has endorsed and collaborated with a few. We aren’t much sure about the specific ones, but that is believed to have earned Jeanne, quite good. 

Now, that Jeanne has partnered with the talented actor, Brendan Fraser, she is surely getting much inspiration from him. It’s reported that they have just been together for nearly half-a- a year. So, it’s just the beginning for Jeanne Moore and Brendan Fraser, as a couple. Well, Jeanne has always been working pretty hard, no matter what the field is.

Jeanne Moore Net Worth

Jeanne Moore and her love interest, Brendan Fraser

With Jeanne Moore net worth being sound enough, the makeup artist is believed to have invested in real estate properties and cars. Even though Jeanne got spotted walking out of luxurious cars, her collection is not yet disclosed. We shall try to update Jeanne Moore’s car collection soon. In brief, we may say that Jeanne’s hard work and immense dedication resulted in her lavish lifestyle. When it comes to fashion, it’s top-notch. Therefore, it has nothing to do with Brendan’s popularity. He is an inspiration to her, though, as said earlier. 

Best Wishes to this makeup artist, Jeanne Moore! Hoping Jeanne makes more success and her relationship with Brendan, stays strong like this, always. You may give Jeanne Moore, a following on her Instagram account.

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