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Who Is George Santos’ Partner? Dating History and the Fake Resume Scandal Controversy

George Santos
George Santos (Credits- Yahoo)

US Congressman George Santos has been in the headlines for quite some time now. Not for good reasons, though. The 34-year-old Republican has been asked to resign by his party members. Nassau County GOP chairman Joseph Cairo said that George’s election campaign is full of lies and he has cheated his voters, party members, and the media. 

Amid the mass criticism, George has refused to give up his position. The newly elected congressman is consistently facing flaks for fabricating the key information in his election resume. His educational, financial, and career details were put under scrutiny after a report by The New York Times. The scandal included his personal life too. 

George Santos has claimed to be openly gay. But opponents began to question this also when the story of his divorce from a woman came out. So, Is Santos really gay? If yes, who is his partner? Let’s find out. 

George Santos: Bio and Scandals

George Santos is a member of the US House of Representatives. His constituency covers New York’s 3Rd district. He is a staunch Trump supporter and a member of the Republican Party. The politician was born on 22 July 1988. 

In December 2022, he defeated Democrat candidate Robert Zimmerman in the general elections. Robert is also gay. Hence, it was the first time in US elections that two LGBTQ members were having a face-off for a Congress seat. However, it wasn’t the first time Santos contested the elections. 

He competed for the same seat against Thomas Suozzi in 2020. But he couldn’t win. But in 2022, victory was on Santos’s side. Soon after the election was over, various media organizations started pointing out George’s credibility. 

In his election bio, Santos mentioned that he worked at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. But none of the firms has any record of it. He also mentioned that he graduated from Baruch College. But, records did not approve this too.  

He also stated that his maternal grandparents escaped the holocaust and reached Brazil. But, when his ancestral history was traced, it was revealed that four generations of his family stayed in Brazil itself. 

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He also talked about having assets of millions of dollars. And there is no trace of this too. He was even evicted from his place for not paying rent in 2015 and 2017. His lawyer, Joseph Murphy, responded that it was the left wing’s move to defame Santos. But Santos admitted the truth on 26th December. 

Lawyer Joseph Murphy on Santos

Lawyer Joseph Murphy on Santos (Credits- The Advocate)

He also said that it was all unintentional and a poor choice of words. He added that the scandal wouldn’t stop him from doing good for the people. George Santos is now subjected to investigation by the authorities. And some of his opponents are demanding to register a criminal case against him.  

George Santos: Dating History and Controversies 

Just like all other details of his life, Santos’s dating history is also controversial. George claims that he accepts his identity as Gay and will always stand for the LGBTQ community. But all his promises were again questioned when several media reports revealed shocking facts about him. 

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It was reported that he was married to a Brazilian woman, Uadla Vieira, in 2012. It also affirmed that they got a divorce in 2019. It was only 12 days before Santos’s first election of 2020. Santos finally approved the report in December 2022. 

He accepted his marriage and said that he had dated women in the past. George’s controversial dating history is not over yet. Pedro Vilarva was 18 when he dated Santos. He spoke to The New York Times and revealed that it was in 2014 when he was in a relationship with Santos. 

He said that Santos constantly lied to him. The Republican told Pedro that he is an investor who works at Citigroup. But, for the teenager, things went fishy when Santos never went to work. He even came to know that Santos was facing charges of theft in Brazil. Hence, he packed his belongings and left in early 2015. 

George Santos Partner 

George Santos is said to have married a pharmacist man. His name is Matt. Santos was even seen wearing a wedding ring during his election campaigns. He has posted pictures with Matt on Instagram

His New Year post of 2021 invited troubles for his partner. At that time, Santos and Matt were engaged to each other. Santos and his fiancé were enjoying Trump’s party at Mar-a-Lago. It was a maskless party organized when the coronavirus pandemic was ongoing. 

The event has a guest list of more than 500 people and was a potential COVID spreader. New York Times highlighted the issue. Right-wing politician George expressed his anger over the report. He took to Twitter and said that his fiancé, who had been working 12 hours per day for nine months, was fired due to this report. 

Santos even blamed the media organization for snatching away his partner’s livelihood. However, the netizens turned against him. They criticized him for being careless at such a crucial moment. It looks like George has a rough patch with his partner. 

George Santos in swearing-in ceremony

George Santos was seen without a partner in the swearing-in ceremony (Credits- New York Post)

The two were not spotted together after the fake resume scandal. The oath ceremony on 10th January 2023 has confirmed the speculations. Santos attended the event without his partner. Usually, the partners or family members accompany congressmen in the swearing-in ceremony. 

Also, he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring at the event. But there’s another twist to the story. A report by The Daily Beast says that there is no record of Santos’s marriage with Matt. What do you think? Is Santos lying about his marriage also? 

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