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How Much is a WWE Belt Worth? Everything You Should Know!

How Much is a WWE Belt Worth?
How Much is a WWE Belt Worth?

With millions of fans worldwide, WWE has become one of the most famous wrestling promotions. Moreover, this sport is very lucrative. The wrestlers also make a considerable profit in addition to the promoters and organizations. The primary revenue streams are championships and pay-per-view events. Along with receiving millions of cash, wrestlers also receive championship belts.

Any fan of the WWE is familiar with the recognizable diamond-shaped cap, which is only awarded to the hardest wrestlers and has among the finest histories in the sport. This has also made the audience think about the actual value of the WWE belt. So, How Much is a WWE Belt Worth? Let’s learn more about the championship belt in this article.

WWE Belt Historical Background

In terms of simplicity, the initial iterations of the WWE global title reflected the time. WWE wasn’t as spectacular as it is now when Sammartino embarked on his incredible world championship run from 1963 to 1971. It was more like a slower, straight-ahead version of sports that included two men fighting in the ring. It had changed by the time he captured the title for the second time. The strap now had additional gold covering it. Hogan, who was the first genuinely transcendent figure in WWE, would go on to win a new iteration of the championship. A silver plate was written in red characters. The new layout resembled the titles of several other promotions.

How Much is a WWE Belt Worth?

How Much is a WWE Belt Worth?

In 1986, WWE went for a more assertive style. The ends of the belt are now covered in international flags. The WWF emblem protruded from the top of a colored globe that was in the center. The “Winged Eagle” layout restored the recognizable globe and eagle components of earlier iterations in a more svelte, memorable packaging. It’s a label that fits today’s Superstars just as well as it suited Bret Hart, Randy Savage, and co. By rewriting history, Austin’s “Smoking Skull” name lacked a globe, an eagle, and any indication of its ancestors’ lineage.

They were replaced with snakes, smoke, and skulls. It seemed only right that a man who was so resistive to authority would defy convention and establish his own championship. The title’s central logo would no longer rotate, although WWE would retain the John Cena-inspired layout until early 2013. That championship’s existence paralleled Cena’s tenure as the organization’s focal point. The entirety of the belt was covered by the WWE logo, there was no space for the previous titles’ flags, globes, or birds. It had the appearance of clothing that a video game king might don.

How Much is a WWE Belt Worth?

The championship belt is made of imported diamond-studded leather alligators. The belt contains thousands of sapphires and emeralds. Italy is the source of all the materials. Here is a belt that makes great use of gold. This gold plating is what gives the belts their patterns and golden brilliance. The gold is 24-Karat grade. The cost of the WWE Championship belt, according to this assessment, was roughly $500,000. It will be the case if the piece of jewelry also features genuine diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and 24-karat gold. These are all the price information for the WWE Championship belt. The price varies based on the size of the competition. Only the winners receive the belt, and the defending champion is crowned in the following competition.

How Much is a WWE Belt Worth?

Apart from the normal belts, there are some legendary belts that the fans might already know about. The fabled “Money Belt” worn by Floyd Mayweather is one such extraordinarily expensive belt. Mayweather defeated Connor Mcgregor in 2017, taking home the title and a whopping $250 million. The belt was made of 1.5 kilos of solid, 24-karat gold, 1.5 kilograms of imported alligator leather from Italy, about 3,000 diamonds, hundreds of sapphires, and emeralds. The Multimillion Championship was developed by DiBiase as a non-WWE sanctioned belt. DiBiase made numerous trips to the jeweller to produce the new, gorgeous belt, which viewers got to see. DiBiase clarifies, “It was only gold plate, which isn’t much, but the cubic zirconia stones are all nearly diamond-quality. And the title lists over 700 of them.”

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