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Wednesday Release Date: Cast Members & What To Expect

Wednesday Release Date
Wednesday Release Date

Horror and nostalgia are trendy right now! With Rob Zombie doing a Herman Munster movie, Stranger Things reviving oldie songs from the 1980s, and æsthetics in TikTok amongst zoomers, it’s only logical that OTT platform Netflix keeps it up! Not only are they making Mike Flanagan do more work for next Halloween, but they managed to convince goth master Tim Burton to make a Wednesday Addams revival series on Netflix! So, here’s everything we know about Wednesday Release date!

In case you didn’t know, Netflix got Tim Burton to make the final transition from the big screen to streaming! Hey! If they got Scorsese to do it, why not this guy and with a project he adores? So, let’s take a look at this upcoming production soon to land on the streaming giant Netflix without further ado!

What Is Wednesday About?

The show will be a coming-of-age supernatural mystery comedy that centers on Wednesday Addams and her years as a high school student at the Nevermore Academy. There, she tries to develop her psychic abilities, put an end to a horrific killing spree of local residents, and solve the paranormal mystery that impacted her family 25 years ago—all while juggling her new relationships.

Wednesday Release Date

Jenna Ortega will play Wednesday Addams

What Is Wednesday Addams’ Profile?

Wednesday Addams is one of the characters in the Addams Family comics and television series. She is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams and sister of Pugsley Addams. Wednesday is characterized as being dark, gothic, and morbid. Often described as the “Goth girl” or “creepy kid”, Wednesday is a young girl who is passionate about dark and macabre things. Though she appears to be a sweet and innocent child, Wednesday has a mischievous side and is often seen plotting mischief or playing pranks on her family and friends. Wednesday’s favorite pastime is attending funerals, where she can indulge in her love of all things dark and morbid. In the Addams Family movies, Wednesday is played by Christina Ricci; for this production, she will be played by Jenna Ortega.

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Who Is Producing Wednesday?

As stated earlier, goth master Tim Burton —Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd— will be directing this series with MGM studios producing an adaptation into modern life of Wednesday Addams going about her daily life in high school. Miles Millar and Alfred Gough are the showrunners, with Jon Glickman, Andrew Mittman, and Gail Berman in the executive producer titles. Also, —and as usual— Danny Elfman will compose the original theme and score for the series, as he usually does with most Tim Burton productions. The series was filmed in Bucharest, Romania, from September 2021 to March 2022.

Wednesday Release Date

Expect lots of goth undertones from Tim Burton!

Who Is In The Cast Of Wednesday?

In the cast of this production, we have Jenna Ortega —from Scream— as Wednesday Addams, Luis Guzmán —from Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic— as Gomez Addams, Catherine Zeta-Jones —from Chicago— as Morticia Addams, Isaac Ordonez will play Pugsley Addams, Christina Ricci, —the Original Wednesday Addams from “The Addams Family”— will have a yet uncredited role. Riki Lindhome will play Dr. Valerie Kinbott, Percy Hynes White will play Xavier Thorpe, Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones, Larissa Weems, Moosa Mostafa will play Eugene Otinger, Hunter Doohan will play Tyler Galpin, Jamie McShane will play Sheriff Donovan Galpin.

Wednesday Release Date

Wednesday will release in late 2022 on Netflix. Firstly, Netflix will probably release this series in October as part of their package of content for the Halloween season. The reasoning behind our guess is that they have already confirmed another big title from Mike Flanagan for that date, and they plan to roll out the big guns to catch the viewer’s attention that month to compete with rival platform Hulu, which also does a bunch of Halloween horror specials and is preparing stuff like American Horror Story. On another point, the debut season of Wednesday will consist of eight episodes, and the first episode was written by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. With this information, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, happy streaming, and see you soon!

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