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Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 preview
Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2: Release Date,

Cutie Pie Season 2 episode 2’s air date is soon. Fans should explore everything before the upcoming episode of the BL drama drops. We will reveal Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2’s release date and streaming guide. But before that, a quick recap of episode 1 is needed for those who missed the same for some reason.

The episode flashes back to when Kuea and Nuer were apprentices at a mechanic shop a few months earlier. Lian and Yi are covertly observing them. One of Korea’s coworkers is overtly trying to mingle with Kuea, Yi observes as they are jokingly making fun of each other.

It is the final day of Kuea & Nuer’s job, which is coming to a close. For a celebratory drink, their employer extends an invitation. Sia, a coworker, insists on going to pick up Korea, although Nuer reassures him that it is unnecessary.

After Sia leaves, Nuer warns Kuea that Sia is attempting to get near him, but Kuea is mistaken in believing that he is merely being friendly. Nuer inform him that Sia is just cordial toward him. The group is having fun and enjoying drinks at the party when their employer gives Kuea and Nuer employment, but they refuse.

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Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 1’s Recap

Nuer is still trying to decide what he wants to do, while Kuea wants to concentrate on music. Syn calls Nuer and asks for a catch-up. While in the conversation, Nuer explains that he observes Kuea & Sia while sitting down to dinner with his colleagues.

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 preview

A still from the debut episode of s2 of Cutie Pie.

Syn abruptly hangs up the phone because Nuer appears to be preoccupied. He was hoping Nuer would give him a call, but instead, Nuer rejoined his squad. Sia puts his hands sensually on his hips as he attempts to make an impression on Kuea.

Kuea instantly calls him out for the impolite invasion of his personal space. Sia argues for himself by claiming he believes Kuea is interested in him. He tells Kuea whether he has a lover, and Kuea informs him about how fantastic his guy is in the bedroom and how gorgeous and beautiful he is.

I enjoy it when Kuea is angry! In addition, Lian is a fantastic boyfriend—he didn’t lie. Since Kuea has already been intoxicated, Nuer begs Kuea if he wants to drop him down before they depart. After meeting Lian, We see that Nuer departs when Kuea rejects his offer.

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 preview

Episode 1’s still from Cutie Pie Season 2.

Upon seeing Lian, Kuea rushes to offer him a hug. Kuea is thrilled to see Lian despite not being aware of his arrival. As Lian drives him back, he explains that he intended to surprise him. When Lian first gets home, she is taken aback by Kuea’s design choices, especially the sizable portrait of him.

Kuea replies that he missed him when Lian wonders if he remembered Kuea. Lian says he misses him, too, as they begin to make out. They tumble on the couch after a passionate kiss. Kuea admits to Lian as he enjoys being with him because the embraces become more passionate. Kuea is drunker than Lian first believed, but Lian understands.

To Kuea’s annoyance, he breaks off their kiss and informs him he wishes to make it home to him whenever he is conscious. Kuea can feel all of his kisses, hugs, and other touches in this way. Despite her frustration, Kuea consents to take a bath and get ready for sleep.

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 preview

Episode 1’s recap of Cutie Pie S2.

Lian made the right decision, demonstrating his respect and love for Kuea. Meanwhile, Yi picks up his lover Khondiao by returning to the town. Khondiao is taken aback because he didn’t anticipate Yi’s return from his vacation. Yi explains that he wants to be there to mark the end of his internship.

Khondiao inquires about their destination as they’re in the vehicle. Yi responds, “We’re going home,” and implies he loves Khondiao. They fail to make it home because their love for one another overpowers them as they begin making out in the vehicle.

The next day, Kuea gets up by himself and hurries to the mechanics to turn in his report from his apprenticeship. Across from the repair shop, he sees Lian ready for him, and he has bought rice porridge for the entire crew. Kuea & Nuer received recognition from their supervisor for their excellent teamwork, who was overjoyed.

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2: Release Date

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2’s release date is Friday, January 13, 2023. Cutie Pie Season 2 episode 2 will premiere on Tencent Video at 9.30 am EST in China. At the same time, the fans from other nations can stream at 8 pm IST, 1.30 am AEDT (January 14), and 2.30 pm GMT.

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 preview

The mian cast.

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2: Where to watch

Cutie Pie Season 2 episode 2 will air on Tencent video in China, but the fans from other countries can stream Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 via Rakuten Viki. Viki is affordable and might cost a viewer only around $5.

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