What Time Does Tencent Video Release New Episodes?

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Tencent Video/WeTV
Tencent Video

Tencent Video offers a great quality and quantity content. However, sometime viewers miss the episodes releasing. Thus, in this post, we shall see at what time Tencent Video releases new episodes of the show. As implied by the name, Tencent Video, often known as WeTV, is a Chinese online streaming website.

It is the fourth-biggest streaming service in the world and one of China’s top online video platforms, offering a wide variety of TV series, films, and Chinese drama. You can enjoy these top-rated series and dramas with a premium viewing experience. It originated in April 2011, whilst WeTV (the international version) debuted in 2018.

The website has seen a significant rise in users recently, especially since COVID. It is a well-known and really distinctive video streaming service that gives you access to all Chinese material. However, it offers many plans from basics to VIP as per your convenience and pockets. It has 123 million VIP customers and over 1.268 billion users.

What Time Does Tencent Video Release New Episodes?
Tencent Video / WeTV

On WeTV and YouTube, the Tencent Video series is available with English subtitles. Yes, Tencent Video has its official YouTube Channel (@TencentVideoOfficial) where can enjoy the shows as well. It has 7.32M subscribers. So, without any further ado, let us check out at what time Tencent Video releases new episodes. Let’s go!!

What Time Does Tencent Video Release New Episodes?

Tencent Video releases new episodes of the show mostly in the evening i.e., at 8:00 pm PH (Time in the Philippines). The release of new episodes doesn’t have a set day or hour. From show to show, it differs. This means, people in the US can watch the episodes at 7:00  am ET and 4:00 am PT. Look out the time as per your zone or country.

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Monday-Wednesday there is an episode update. Occasionally, Thursday through Saturday; it all depends on the show. Audiences can watch their favourite shows at various times depending on their personal time zones. Alternatively, you can view the episodes on the Tencent Video YouTube channel. Check the website frequently to avoid missing any releases.

How to watch shows on Tencent Video?
Shows On Tencent Video

Shows On Tencent Video

Tencent Video offers a variety of amazing dramas and movies that has just astonished viewers worldwide. Some of them are listed below.

Sweet First Love

The show’s cast is led by Ryan Ren, Kabby Hui, and Zheng Fan Xing. During Covid, the show experienced a huge surge in popularity, and viewers adored it. The story revolves around Zhuo Yifeng, who saw the deaths of both of her parents in a car accident.

As a result of this severe trauma, she suffers greatly and does her best to forget about her past in order to move on with her life. The plot all depends on how she manages her life with a few friends by her side, bringing out the best in her. It is a must watch show on Tencent Video.

Be My Princess

Jeremy Tsui and Zhou Jie Qiong play the lead roles in the show. The story revolves around Ming Wei played by Zhou Jie Qiong who is very passionate about acting. She works at a very basic translating company and she never thought that one day her destiny will call her up.

Unexpectantly, she was chosen to play the female lead opposite an acclaimed actor in a new drama. In it, she portrays a princess. However, things change after the movie’s star, Mu Ting Zhou has an accident. He has memory loss and only retains the image of Ming Wei as the drama’s princess.

Female CEO Love Me

This is the very recent addition to the website and it has potentially grabbed a lot of attention of the viewers. Cai Yi Jia (Gu Yan) and Yang Xin Ying (Xia Meng Wei) are the lead cast members of this drama. The show is entirely on the female CEO (Xia Meng Wei) and her life, as is abundantly evident from the title.

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Although she appears tough, she has a tender heart. Something on the outside, but a lovely person on the inside. She then meets Gu Yan, a salesman with a beautiful voice and excellent life skills. She eventually becomes infatuated with him, although things weren’t always easy. This show is wonderful since we get to witness everything, including the ideal procedure for falling in love.

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