What Time Does Rakuten TV Release New Episodes?

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What time does Rakuten TV release new episodes?
Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is a very vast platform where you can find any genre of a tv show, k-drama, movie, and whatnot. However, in this article, we will see at what time Rakuten TV releases new episodes of the show. In recent years, Rakuten TV has been able to provide viewers with a tonne of entertaining and intriguing stuff. This platform is very easy and suitable to operate.

Not just can you watch the shows and movies on it, but you can rent and buy movies and TV series or download them whichever way you like. There are several plans, packages, and services available on this streaming site. Within a relatively short period of time following their first release, many recent releases that are not available on any other platforms can be discovered here.

The combination of this typical digital channel and streaming content is interesting. The platform has 90 million household users, which is an insane number. The famous TV shows on Rakuten TV include Divorce, BreakPoint: A Davis Cup Story, American Horror Story, The Big Bang Theory, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and a lot more.

What time do new episodes of Rakuten TV premiere?
Homepage of Rakuten TV

Only after the trial period, Rakuten TV is £4.99 per month. Yes, there is also a free trial available. You can view as many of the free movies as you like, thanks to this. It’s quite simple and convenient to subscribe to the channel. You only need to go to the website, register using your basic login information, and select the package you want.

Applications that are available on authorized devices can also be used to log in. So, without any further ado, let us look at when new episodes on Rakuten TV are released. Let’s go!

Rakuten TV History

Rakuten TV was founded in 2009 by Josep Mitja and is owned by Rakuten, a Japanese business. Since then, Jacinto Roca has been serving as the CEO of the company. It is one of the most popular and successful Video On-Demand companies in Europe, and since its introduction, it has accrued a sizable user base.

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It provides a comparable service to other streaming providers in that its material may be seen on most devices. You may watch a wide variety of the top news, music, entertainment, culture, sports, and living movies and TV shows on Rakuten TV. It offers a variety of incredible services, including Free TV and Premium subscriptions.

Rakuten TV History
Shows & Movies on Rakuten TV

Initially, it was only intended for movies and a few television shows, but as time went on, the firm added a lot more things, including music and sports. As a result, this platform offers everything to everyone. It is created with consideration for every individual’s interests. Your favorite films and television series may be streamed via Rakuten TV. There is an extensive list of recent releases and titles. Plans for the platform change depending on the services offered.

What Time Does Rakuten TV Release New Episodes?

The vast majority of dramas, movies, and TV shows that are accessible on Rakuten TV are released in accordance with British Time, or Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT, and to be precise, they are released mostly in the morning at 10:00 am but something in the evening from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm for some specific shows.

This means if the episode is released in the morning at 10:00 am GMT, then the viewers in the US can watch it at 2:00 am PDT/4:00 am CDT. People in the Philippines can watch it at 5:00 pm PHT, and Koreans can watch it at 6:00 pm KST. Australians can watch the episode at 6:30 pm ACST, and also people in India can enjoy the episode at 3:30 pm IST.

Thus, it is advised to check the episode time as per your zone and the local time. Periodically, the times and dates may change for any assortment of reasons. You have to update yourself frequently by visiting the website. However, this was all we knew about when does new episodes release on Rakuten TV. Till then, stay connected and keep watching the space.

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